Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Soon!

Alright guys! Gotta apologise for the lack of updates these days. Busy working and.... Wowing during my holidays, so I hadn't had much time to update. Yes yes I will try to update on something really soon! Well lets hope that our readers will continue to support us in the coming new year too!

Wishing from Duel Society....

A Merry BELATED Christmas and A ADVANCED Happy 2009!

Updates coming up soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Card Review : Trap Eater

Hey guys! Been awhile since the last update! And since [Crimson Crisis] has been released for around 2 weeks or so now, I guess its time for a new card review that we have not been doing for quite some time! Today's review will be on a card from [Crimson Crisis]! And it is the... [Trap Eater]!


[Trap Eater]
Attribute: Dark, Type: Demon
Effect Monster, Tuner, 4 stars
Atk 1900 / Def 1600
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sending 1 Face-Up trap card that your opponent controls to the graveyard.

Well seeing that there is almost no easy way to summon this card nor use it for a Synchro Summon... What good is this monster?! True that it is a level 4 monster with nice fighter stats of an attack strength of 1900 points and a defense strength of 1600 points... But still, there is almost no easy way to summon it out except by sending a face-up trap that your opponent controls to the graveyard! But however people! There are easy ways to summon this card out in our current meta! There are quite alot of [Meta Beat] decks that are packed with [Royal Oppression] or [Skill Drain], which makes those cards nice food for this little guy here to be summoned out!

So hmmm... Are there anymore good points about this card? Well there sure is! This card's attribute is a DARK attribute, which might make it attractive to be placed inside [Dark Armed Synchro] decks, since that deck is a deck that is afraid of the two above mentioned continuous trap cards and also [Dark Absorbing Mirror], this card might just make your deck flow easier and not be that afraid of the above mentioned!

Overall, this card may be powerful. But I would advise placing this card in the side deck first instead of straight away putting it into your main deck. You wouldn't know if your opponent will be playing powerful continuous traps till you get to test play with them! So it is better to be placed inside the side deck. Alright then! Till then to my next post! Goulian Signing Off~!

Edited: Thanks to DS for the slight note about the effect! I think I've totally gotten drunk while I was doing this review! LOL! Joking guys, well I promise no more mistakes will appear from the next post onwards!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Deck Review: Junkyard Assault MK I

Hey! Been awhile since the last update! Today's post will be about a deck that I have been testing out recently! It proves to be quite successful at times unless you have an extremely bad hand!(What am I talking here! Every deck with an extremely bad hand has bad times!) And this deck was built out of boredom as I actually saw this pile of cards on my study table... So I decided to make a deck out of them! Below here is the decklist!


Deck Name: Junkyard Assault MK I

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 18

3x Junk Synchron
3x Bolt Hedgehog
2x Clevonce
2x Necro Gardna
2x Lightlord Paladin - Jean
2x Lightlord Hunter - Raikou
2x Lightlord Beast - Wulf
1x Card Gunner
1x Psycho Commander

Magic: 17

2x Reinforcement Of The Army
2x Dark Burst
2x Solar Exchange
1x Foolish Burial
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control
1x Swords Of Revealing Light
2x Emergency Teleport
1x Cyclone
1x Burial From A Different Dimension
2x Cards Of Safe Return

Traps: 5

2x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Torrential Tribute
2x Angel Lift

As you can see why is this deck called a [Junkyard] deck is because of all the cards that are somehow unrelated to each other! You have only seen 6 [Lightlord] monsters in the deck!
But oh well, basically this deck works by depending alot on the graveyard. So therefore cards that sends cards to the graveyard is heavily used in the deck! Such as [Lightlord Paladin - Jean], [Lightlord Hunter - Raikou], [Card Gunner] and etc are all cards that sends cards to the graveyard from your deck. And of course, cards that has their effect activated in the graveyard or targets the graveyard are also included! Like [Junk Synchron], [Bolt Hedgehog] and [Necro Gardna].

And the deck is also based on using your [Junk Synchron] on reviving a monster first before it is used for a Synchro Summon! So why not gain some benefit from such an effect first? [Cards Of Safe Return] allows you to draw cards whenever you revive a monster from your graveyard to the field. I'm sure that you guys have been exposed to such a card when you are up against decks like [Undead Synchro]. And in order to keep re-doing the cycle, cards like [Dark Burst] has been added in order for you to keep recycling your [Junk Synchron] for more Synchro Summon nonsense! And also to draw more cards out of [Cards Of Safe Return]!

As for the Extra Deck of this deck, I would recommend 3 [Mist Wurm] inside it because this deck is able to Synchro Summon out level 9 monsters quite easily. And also level 5 and level 6, more of the odd number level monsters I would say! So why not try this deck out? Its cheap and easy to play! And keep your eyes peeled because I think that MK II of this deck might be out really soon! I hope! =X

Till next time! Goulian Signing Off!

Monday, November 3, 2008

C.D.L Duel Kingdom Tournament on 2/11/08

Well participated in this awesome event yesterday in order to test my deck's new build with some pressure on it! However this was the results for yesterday's match-ups.

C.D.L Duel Kingdom Tournament 2/11/08
Deck Used : Light Gladial Beasts
Format: Swiss
(the above totally copies Baha's format right? =X)

First Match VS Joel (Meta Gadget)
XOX = Lose

Lost in the first round because my magic and trap cards were just not as much as the ones that he got in his starting hand! So of course... He took control of the game very quickly as expected and thus causing my lost to him in the first round. Won him in the second round due to him having a monster hand full of gadgets and only 1 trap card in his starting hand. So I just rushed him down and went in for the win! Lost to him in the third round due to the ever powerful [Royal Oppression] =(.... But It was a really nice match =D...

Second Match VS Luo Han (Undead Syncro)
OO- = Win

Won in the first round due to the luckiest crow on earth! The [D.D Crow] that is always in my hand!(P.S. I did not cheat!) Won in the second round because fortunately, the lucky crow was also in my starting hand!(P.S. I really did not cheat!)

Third Match VS Kenneth [not this blog's master] (Beast Syncro)
OO- = Win

Actually I would think that he could have won me since he was already in control with [Cold Wave] and [Dark Armed Dragon] on his field! But I saw the light and managed to turn the tables! That was just luck though! In the second round, I tried to control with [Raiou]! But however he keeps using my monsters as Syncro Materials!(P.S. I blame [Mind Control]!) Managed to win by gaining back control... One of the nicest match I had that day. Hurry find your [Natural Beast] and add it into your extra deck =D!

Fourth Match VS Desmond (Meta Gadget)
XOX = Lose

Lost in the first round as usual I had bad hand again.... Which resulting in me having lost control against his deck. Won in the second round due to [Cold Wave] and [Gladial Beast Heraklonis]. Lost in the third round because I had 2 [E-HERO Prismer] in my hand with [Raiou] , [Gladial Beast Chariot], [Solemn Judgment]. Then I drew the 3rd [E-HERO Prismer] as my 6th card! The thing was, all of my [E-HERO Prismer] got wiped out by [Bottomless Trap Hole] or either [Compulsory Evacuation Device]! Oh ya I also drew [Gladial Beast Chariot] as my 2nd turn's 7th card!( I think Baha passed on to me his Casino De Baha luck! Oh noes!) Well it was quite a nice match!

So I died-ed in this tournament! Will have to improve my deck further! Might also be participating next week, who knows? Well its time to sign off now! Till next time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Card Rulings: Burial From A Different Dimension


[Burial From A Different Dimension]
Quick-Play Magic
Select up to 3 Monster cards that are removed away from the game. And return them to their owner's graveyard.

Hey, there seems to be a little confusion among the players out there between when [Dimension Fissure] is face-up on the field and [Burial From A Different Dimension] is activated, the monsters will be removed away from the game again. As what seems to be from the upperdeck side. But through some researching of the FAQ page and the UDE forum. I got the answer that the monsters will be returned to the graveyard, and will not be removed away from the game again. As the monster is not "Sent" to the grave, but "Returned" to the grave instead. Link below for reference. Thanks to upperdeck community for helping me out with this.

Link To The Forum Right HERE

Hope this helps the duelists that are confused out there. Till next time!

P.S : Hey readers out there! Mind helping out by clicking on the ads on this blog? A Million thanks!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deck Review: Destiny Diamond Carrier

Hey! Its been awhile since my last update. Well today's update will also be on a deck that I've been playing for quite a long time while I was pondering whether to review the deck or not. Between the 3 people of Baha, Kenneth and Me. I was the last person playing this deck lol! So ya, its perhaps like I'm actually continuing their ideas. However, there might already be people that has created this deck long long ago. And I do not claim credit for the creation of this deck too. Just putting up the decklist to share with everyone =X.

This is actually almost the same as a normal standard [Destiny Dark Armed] deck. Just that it has more draw power. And thus sometimes with even faster draw power, comes more speed but giving up control power as well. If you want to win, you'd better perform an OTK most of the time while you'd still have a chance. Or not don't regret when the deck runs out of steam! Okay below here is the decklist for the deck [Destiny Diamond Carrier]!


Deck Name: Destiny Diamond Carrier

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 19

2x Dark Armed Dragon
2x Wicked Emperor Gaius
3x D-HERO Diabolicguy
1x E-HERO Airman
1x Dark Grepher
1x Magical Warrior - Breaker
3x D-HERO Diamondguy
3x Clevonce
3x Zombie Carrier

Magic: 19

3x Allure Of Darkness
2x Beginning Of The End
1x Brain Control
3x Destiny Draw
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reborn
1x Magical Stone Excavation
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
2x Burial From A Different Dimension
3x Emergency Teleport

Traps: 2

1x Deck Destruction Virus Of Death
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force

Well okay! Have you readers read the decklist properly already? Well the system for this deck is actually very simple. Draw till you have your killing move set in place. Same killing move as Baha's or anyone's [Syncro Dark Armed] deck. Just Syncro Syncro Syncro and then GYAAAAAAAAAAA! to win. Simple right? This deck might just be a little faster at times because of a certain combo like this.

Step 1: Activate [Zombie Carrier] effect, select from your hand either of these 2 cards. [Destiny Draw] or [Beginning Of The End] to be placed at the top of your deck. Preferably these 2 cards rather than [Allure Of Darkness]. Why? Lets see Step 2!

Step 2: Summon [D-HERO Diamondguy] and activate its effect to look at the top card of your deck and go "Oh noes! I just overturned a [Beginning Of The End]/[Destiny Draw]! Looks like I will be able to draw for free in the next turn!" Now why did I say that I prefer these 2 cards instead of [Allure Of Darkness] for this? Its because [Allure Of Darkness] will still have you to remove a Dark Attribute monster from your hand away from the game. While the other 2 just allows you to draw cards for no costs or drawbacks at all! Its free!

Step 3: Syncro! If you are able to kill your opponent in that turn, it would be great. However if you can't....

Step 4: There is no worries! Your hand is refilled once again by either [Beginning Of The End] or [Destiny Draw] effect! And then try to kill your opponent in that turn! I would applaud for you if you still have not drawn anything to kill your opponent after such a successful stunt! However ya.. There are bad luck sometimes... So ya... lol.. Just watch out for cards like [D.D Crow] which would remove the magic card in the grave before it will be able to activate its effect on the next turn!

So yup! That is how the deck "works"! However, it still is able to run out of steam pretty fast though. So becareful on how you are going to play your cards. Like what Kenneth once told me while he played this deck "This deck kills your brain cells!". So you get what is he trying to say to all of you readers out there too right? You have to think think think when using this deck!

The cards that totally disrupts this deck's systems would be cards like [Royal Oppression] or cards that totally stops Special Summoning as you won't be able to Syncro Summon to make a killing move against your opponent. And as I said before, cards like [D.D Crow] will also be able to stop this deck's super draw engine by removing the magic card in the grave before it can be activated in the next turn! However, you might want the [D.D Crow] to remove the magic instead of some important cards sometimes....(Some tricking skills is required!)... But all that aside, the card [Macro Cosmo] will just destroy this deck totally! So beware of these cards! Some side-decking is required if you are against decks with such cards.

But still, the good points about this deck is the drawing engine that can make you happy while at the same time, make your opponent rather irritated at your big hand size lololololol. It can be a competitive deck. But how well will it go? Perhaps I will be using this deck soon in some tournament in my country. And if anyone has more ideas on how to improve this deck, don't be scared and just tag us at our tagboard!

Okay! Till next time for my next update! Goulian Signing Off~!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Deck Review: Inferno Celestial

Hey guys! Sorry for the slow updates! Just finished my exams recently so I'll have more time to update already! Today's post will not be on a card review but on a deck that I played quite awhile ago but was just a little lazy to post it up! =X... The deck is the [Inferno Celestial] deck that I made. Perhaps some people might have thought about the deck idea already but ya lol. And do note about this: Failure to have the consistency in the deck is no problem of mine! This deck is only made for the fun of playing it. Not for competition purposes! Okay! Below here is the decklist!

Inferno Celestial banner 1

Deck Name: Inferno Celestial

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 15

3x The Splendid VENUS
3x Sky Paladin - Neo Parshath
3x Honest
3x Victoria
2x Calling Nova
1x Hectares

Magic: 16

1x Monster Reborn
1x Golden Sacrophagus
1x Giant Trunade
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control
1x Creature Swap
3x Celestial Transformation
3x Inferno Reckless Summon
3x Vahalla - Hall Of The Fallen
2x Card Trader

Traps: 9

3x Dimension Imprisonment
3x Royal Decree

3x Solemn Judgment

Alright lets get started! This deck's idea is to swarm your field with big-sized monsters such as [The Splendid VENUS] and [Sky Paladin - Neo Parshath] to rush your opponent into the core! You can swarm your field with them easily by doing this combo! Firstly, activate the quick-play magic card [Celestial Transformation] to special summon from your hand, an Angel type monster onto your side of the field. However, the special summoned Angel type monster will have its attack halved! And during the Endphase of the turn, it will be destroyed. Not such a strong effect right? But how about using the "halving attack points" effect to a better use? Lets say that we used the [Celestial Transformation] on [The Splendid VENUS]. It'll have its attack points halved to 1400. And since its attack is 1400, we can activate another quick-play magic card called [Inferno Reckless Summon] onto the 1400 attack [The Splendid VENUS]! And by the effect of [Inferno Reckless Summon], we are able to special summon from our deck, hand or the graveyard. All copies of [The Splendid VENUS]! But in order to start off the above combo, your opponent will also need to have a face-up monster on his/her field too.

The above combo can be countered easily by the latest meta-killing cards such as [Royal Oppression] or even [Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo]. Or in the worst case scenario, you might just even get the jackpot of having your opponent using [Bottomless Trap Hole] when you've special summoned all of your normal 2800 attack [The Splendid VENUS]! However in this deck, there are cards that might just prevent all the above! We have cards like [Solemn Judgment] and [Royal Decree] for them! But not everyday is a sunday too right? I played this deck against Baha and his [Meta-Beat] deck and I died horribly! Anyway this was a fun deck to play LOL =X...

And speaking about the [Inferno Reckless Summon] combo, this deck is also able to allow the deck user to fully spam all of your [Honest] turn after turn!(Note: May not always be true). Since [Honest] by itself is already a 1100 attack monster. Special summoning it by either of the special summoning cards in the deck will allow you to activate [Inferno Reckless Summon] for mass [Honest] spamming usage!

This deck might also be able to fight well against Dragon type monsters sometimes because of the 3 copies of [Victoria]! Use it to take control of Dragon Type monsters such as [Stardust Dragon], [Dark End Dragon], [Red Daemon Dragon], [Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] or... [Blue Eyes White Dragon] and so on so forth. Nothing is really too big for this deck because of the [Honest] spamming ability. But if you are up against a [Macro Cosmo] deck.. Then it may be quite hard to use [Honest] for offensive or defensive measures! So watch out for it!

And remember the card review that I did for [The Splendid VENUS]? We could also use the [Royal Decree] for the "only your opponent's traps" combo! I managed to win Baha's [Meta-Beat] deck twice because of the [Royal Decree], but that was just all luck =X

This deck doesn't have much consistency so I placed 2 copies of [Card Trader] inside to shuffle back those extra copies of the big-sized angels such as [The Splendid VENUS] or [Sky Paladin - Neo Parshath] into the deck. And I think that this deck can be further made stronger if I had [Athena] to place inside the deck =X But ya there is always Duel Online, but did not have time to play... (oops! Gonna get scolded by Baha)

In anyways, this deck's good point is being able to swarm the field fast and having high offensive and defensive strength at times. But the bad point about it is its inconsistency. Well this is just to provide a fun decklist for you people out there to try it out and have some fun! If you have anymore ideas on how to improve this deck, you can always tag us at our tagboard. Or even send us an email towards our email account at . Okay! I think thats all folks! This post ain't that good but I promise a better one soon! Perhaps another decklist since I have not seen any nice cards to review yet! =X... Goulian Signing off~!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

OCG Extra Pack!

Hi, I noticed this blog is rather dead cuz neither Colin or I have the time to update.
(Colin is mugging for his exams while I'm busy with my project at school and with the guitar).

Anyway, here's a post for my random comments on the lastest OCG extra pack which will probably come to your nearest Comic Connection or wadever 2moro although its already available at some places.

For starters, I think the rarity of some cards ought to be laughed at.

- Gate Watcher of Hell Ill Blood(OCG)/ Il Bud(TCG)
Congrats to those who spent a bomb to buy this secret rare TCG card a year ago, now its common wtf! and I was speculating it'd be a super rare foil or something. Bleh~

- Dark Grepher
Another card which I had expected it to be at least a super rare. Became another common card.

- Gladial-Beast Oktavius
Why is this even a foil? I think u'd rather use Gladial-Beast - Bestorourii instead? For contact fusion purposes too. Argh! I nearly tore this when I opened it from a pack.

Cards worth getting from this really really small set:

- Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
I hope to see Six Samurai decks soon! =D

- Fallen Angel Zerato
A very TCG thing in the typical Dark Arm decks.

- Allure of Darkness
I think this is what everyone has been waiting for.

- Slave Tiger
Now the OCG Gladial Beasts are complete. I think E-Hero Prismer is much useful though.

- Lonefire Blossom
Very cool plant card!

- Flame Emperor Imperial Guard
Although Fire/Pyro themed decks were nvr a really big thing, maybe this card helps!

Well, thats about it. The rest of the cards are just...... oh well.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Full List Of The Banlist (September 2008 - March 2009)

Okay people, below here is the full list of the banlist that is going to take effect right after today! So duelists that are still confused about the banlist.... Take a look and keep yourself updated!

Legend - * is newly added cards.

Forbidden/Banned Cards 「禁止カード」:
The following cards cannot be put into a deck:

Victory Dragon 「ヴィクトリー・ドラゴン」
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 「混沌帝龍 -終焉の使者-」
Chaos Sorcerer 「カオス・ソーサラー」
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」
Sinister Serpent 「キラー・スネーク」
Witch of the Black Forest 「黒き森のウィッチ」
Dark Magician of Chaos 「混沌の黒魔術師」 *
Thousand-Eyes Restrict 「サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス」
Cyber Jar 「サイバーポッド」
Makyura the Destructor 「処刑人-マキュラ」
Tsukuyomi 「月読命」
Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 「D-HEROディスクガイ」 *
Cyber-Stein 「デビルフランケン」
Tribe-Infecting Virus 「同族感染ウィルス」
Fiber Jar 「ファイバーポッド」
Magical Scientist 「魔導サイエンティスト」
Yata-Garasu 「八汰烏」
Magician of Faith 「聖なる魔術師」
Mirage of Nightmare 「悪夢の蜃気楼」
Delinquent Duo 「いたずら好きな双子悪魔」
Temple of the Kings 「王家の神殿」
Painful Choice 「苦渋の選択」
The Forceful Sentry 「強引な番兵」
Pot of Greed 「強欲な壺」
Change of Heart 「心変わり」
Raigeki 「サンダー・ボルト」
Dimension Fusion 「次元融合」 *
Butterfly Dagger - Elma 「蝶の短剣-エルマ」
Graceful Charity 「天使の施し」
Harpie's Feather Duster 「ハーピィの羽根帚」
Premature Burial 「早すぎた埋葬」 *
Dark Hole 「ブラック・ホール」
Last Will 「遺言状」
Confiscation 「押収」
Snatch Steal 「強奪」
Metamorphosis 「突然変異」
Imperial Order 「王宮の勅命」
Exchange of the Spirit 「現世と冥界の逆転」
Sixth Sense 「第六感」
Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
Time Seal 「刻の封印」
Last Turn 「ラストバトル!」
Ring of Destruction 「破壊輪」

Restricted Cards 「制限カード」:
Only 1 copy of the following cards can be put into a deck:

D. D. Warrior Lady 「異次元の女戦士」
Elemental Hero Stratos 「E・HEROエアーマン」
Sangan 「クリッター」
Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」 *
Spirit Reaper 「魂を削る死霊」
Dandelion 「ダンディライオン」
Twin-Headed Behemoth 「ドル・ドラ」
Raiza the Storm Monarch 「風帝ライザー」
Night Assailant 「深淵の暗殺者」
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole 「N・グランモール」
Exodia the Forbidden One 「封印されしエクゾディア」
Right Leg of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右足」
Right Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右腕」
Left Leg of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左足」
Left Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左腕」
Marshmallon 「マシュマロン」
Breaker the Magical Warrior 「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」 *
Envoy of Hades - Gors 「冥府の使者ゴーズ」
Morphing Jar 「メタモルポット」
Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest 「森の番人グリーン・バブーン」
Treeborn Frog 「黄泉ガエル」
Card Trooper 「カードガンナー」
Snipe Hunter 「スナイプ・ストーカー」
Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
Overload Fusion 「オーバーロード・フュージョン」
Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」
Advanced Ritual Art 「高等儀式術」
Scapegoat 「スケープ・ゴート」
United We Stand 「団結の力」
Card Destruction 「手札抹殺」
Swords of Revealing Light 「光の護封剣」
Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
Giant Trunade 「ハリケーン」
Gold Sarcophagus 「封印の黄金櫃」
Future Fusion 「未来融合-フューチャー・フュージョン」
Reasoning 「名推理」 *
Monster Gate 「モンスターゲート」 *
Limiter Removal 「リミッター解除」
Level Limit - Area B 「レベル制限B地区」
Megamorph 「巨大化」
Brain Control 「洗脳-ブレイン・コントロール-」
Smashing Ground 「地砕き」
Fissure 「地割れ」
Return from the Different Dimension 「異次元からの帰還」 *
Ojama Trio 「おジャマトリオ」
Gravity Bind 「グラヴィティ・バインド-超重力の網-」
Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
Crush Card Virus 「死のデッキ破壊ウイルス」
Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア -ミラーフォース-」
Ultimate Offering 「血の代償」
Ceasefire 「停戦協定」
Mind Crush 「マインドクラッシュ」
Magic Cylinder 「魔法の筒」
Trap Dustshoot 「ダスト・シュート」
The Transmigration Prophecy 「転生の予言」
Wall of Revealing Light 「光の護封壁」

Semi-Restricted Cards 「準制限カード」:
Only 2 copies of the following cards can be put into a deck:

Manticore of Darkness 「暗黒のマンティコア」
Judgement Dragoon 「裁きの龍」 *
Summon Priest 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」 *
Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」 *
Necroface 「ネクロフェイス」
Phantom of Chaos 「ファントム・オブ・カオス」 *
Mask of Darkness 「闇の仮面」
Rescue Cat 「レスキューキャット」 *
Foolish Burial 「おろかな埋葬」
Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」 *
Chain Strike 「連鎖爆撃」 *
Book of Moon 「月の書」
Nobleman of Crossout 「抹殺の使徒」 *
Magical Stone Excavation 「魔法石の採掘」

Released from the Banlist/No longer restricted 「準制限」:
3 copies per deck allowed:

Light and Darkness Dragon 「光と闇の竜」
Destiny Hero - Malicious 「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」
Mage Power 「魔導師の力」
Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」

Hope this helps! Goulian signing off! Play well people!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thoughts on Banlist (09/2008) Part 2!

Yoz guys! I think its my turn to post about my views on the latest banlist that is going to take effect on the 1st of September 2008!

Newly Banned:

Dark Magician of Chaos 「混沌の黒魔術師」
- Quite expected in the sense because of the [Arms Hole] and [D.D.R] infinity loop. And also quite power in the Return from out of game decks. Like the Destiny Blade decks. And perhaps because [Allure of Darkness] is coming out in OCG soon?

Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 「D-HEROディスクガイ」
- Another expected card. Because of cards like [Limit Reverse] and [Angel Lift] that has appeared, revival has became quite an easy job for this card. And the drawing cards ability is just pure win!

Dimension Fusion 「次元融合」
- Since TCG decided to ban this card in their banlist. It would be alright for OCG to follow the banlist too. Able to stop all kinds of FTK and OTK decks that relies on the "Out of Game" pile.

Premature Burial 「早すぎた埋葬」
- Sometimes I would prefer this over [Monster Reborn], perhaps it is because that this card can be taken back by [Arms Hole]? Oh well at least Konami is kind enough to still let us have [Monster Reborn]...?

Newly Restricted to 1:

Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」
- Trying to slow down Syncro Summoning? Or even the summoning of [Chimeratech Fortress Dragon]?(But its rather rarely seen these days =X) .

Breaker the Magical Warrior 「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」
- Not as strong as [Lightlord Magician - Laila] , but a great fighter with a great effect! Put them together = Magician decks anyone?

Reasoning 「名推理」
- Oh well... Yes Kenneth.. Poor DS =(

Monster Gate 「モンスターゲート」
- Same as the above, [Reasoning]

Return from the Different Dimension 「異次元からの帰還」
- Same as [Dimension Fusion].

Newly Restricted to 2:

Judgement Dragoon 「裁きの龍」
- Uh.... Whats the point? Its not making [Lightlord] decks any slower? Like what DS said, there are tons of [Monster Reincarnation] and [Beckoning Light] around. So... Whats the point? O_O?

Summon Priest 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」
- Trying to slow down Syncro Summoning decks? Hey wait.. Correction.. Its [Rescue Cat] syncro summoning decks. =X

Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」
- Um..... 2 is still... VERY PLAYABLE! With [Allure Of Darkness] coming out. The draw power is still there for this card to be added into the hand quickly!

Phantom of Chaos 「ファントム・オブ・カオス」
- I'm not sure on why they banned it. Hmmm... Time to investigate!

Rescue Cat 「レスキューキャット」
- Further slowly down this card's "built for it" deck!

Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」
- Draw power is getting weaker in Zombie decks! But there is still draw power....

Chain Strike 「連鎖爆撃」
- Ooooooooo! Time for Burn decks to revive?!

Nobleman of Crossout 「抹殺の使徒」
- Lots of flip effect monsters hate seen here.

Newly Unrestricted/Released from Banlist

Light and Darkness Dragon 「光と闇の竜」
- People rarely play it now... However, will it return to its glorious days?

Destiny Hero - Malicious 「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」
- Many people has gotten 3 of these in their hands before... But there is still [Zombie Carrier] to try to help solve the problem for you. =D

Mage Power 「魔導師の力」
- [Gem Beast] is getting more firepower! [Arms Hole] also has more targets! Cool!

Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
- Yes! I'm loving it! Its time to search search and more search!

Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」
- Oh! New deck ideas inside my head!

Thoughts on the banlist:

Actually I think that the banned part of this list is making it quite balanced for the game. Or just a little?

The restricted to 1 cards is actually quite focusing on the special summoning cards that are in OTK or FTK decks. Or just to slow down Syncro Summoning decks. I am actually quite glad that they didn't touch on [E-HERO Prismer] like they should! (just for the [Gladial Beast] decks =X) And they did not touch on [Wicked Emperor Gaius] too! Awwww...

As for the restrict to 2 section.. It makes [Lightlord] and [Dark Armed Dragon] decks a little slower, but there is still support cards for them that makes them just as fast as last time.

As for the cards that were released from the list. It ain't really that surprising. And ya.. I'm hoping to see more new decks soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thoughts on Banlist (09/2008)

Hi all! Its the 2nd time of the year to be doing this LOL

Newly Banned:
Dark Magician of Chaos 「混沌の黒魔術師」
- No more Armshole, DDR loop T_T
Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 「D-HEROディスクガイ」
- No more free cards to draw!
Dimension Fusion 「次元融合」
- No more RFG abuse!
Premature Burial 「早すぎた埋葬」
- No more armshole and Brionac abuse!

Thoughts on banned:
Everything on this part of the banlist was rather expected.
No more cycling combos now that the above 2 monsters are gone.
And with Premature Burial gone, I think we've all wasted quite abit on Armshole don't you think?
Dimension Fusion was a banned on the TCG, I guess OCG adapted it; I guess there were decks abusing it too.

Newly Restricted to 1:
Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」
- Lol?
Breaker the Magical Warrior 「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」
- Yay, everybody's favourite is back.
Reasoning 「名推理」
- Poor DS
Monster Gate 「モンスターゲート」
- Same as Reasoning
Return from the Different Dimension 「異次元からの帰還」
- Same as Dimension Fusion

Thoughts on RT1:
Seriously didn't expect Cyber Dragon to get restricted? Maybe cuz of the fast summoning with tuners to synchro summon stuff.
Rejoice that Breaker's back! Everyone can start taking it out from their albums...
Reasoning & Monster gate... Condolences to most OTK users esp DS...

Newly Restricted to 2:
Judgement Dragoon 「裁きの龍」
- =_=
Summon Priest 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」
- =_=
Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」
- =_=
Phantom of Chaos 「ファントム・オブ・カオス」
- =_=
Rescue Cat 「レスキューキャット」
- =_=
Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」
- =_=
Chain Strike 「連鎖爆撃」
- O . o
Nobleman of Crossout 「抹殺の使徒」
- ?_?

Thoughts on RT2:
Seriously, imba cards should have been restricted to 1 and not just 2.
2 copies are still drawable and still won't make much of a difference.
Well, except for the Phantom of Chaos, did they put it here just to make the list longer? No idea on its restriction...
For Chain Strike... I didn't know Chain burn decks were still an IN thing... Maybe I'm just blind.
Nobleman of Crossout... I nvr played much of this card anyway.

Newly Unrestricted/Released from banlist:
Light and Darkness Dragon 「光と闇の竜」
- Seldom seen
Destiny Hero - Malicious 「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」
- Casino De Baha anyone?
Mage Power 「魔導師の力」
- Gem Beasts boost! LOL
Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
- Faster search!
Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」
- Hmmm

Thoughts on RFB:
L&DD has not been popular already, wonder if it'll make a comeback or something hmm.
Diabolic guy... I used to have 3 of them on the hand, always.
Mage power, other than Gem Beast usage and more armshole targets... I not sure how this would fit into many other decks now. Ben-Kai otk?
Reinforcements, boost to Warrior decks like COLIN'S
Royal Decree, isit a good or bad thing?

Thoughts on overall ban:
Konami has did it again! Make us spend the $ on the cards and ban them!
Oh well whats new. Although they really did do a good job on this ban, for the banned part only.
I'll hope to see other nicer combo decks soon!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Card Review : Pedigree Of The Destruction God

Hey guys! Its time for a new card review for one of the cards inside the [Crossroad Of Chaos] booster pack! The card that I'm reviewing today is.... [Pedigree Of The Destruction God]! So sit back and enjoy reading!


[Pedigree Of The Destruction God]
Normal Trap
Activate only by selecting a face-up level 8 monster that you control during the turn that a defense position monster your opponent controls is destroyed. During this turn, the selected monster is able to attack twice in the Battle Phase.

Okay this trap looks abit hard to use huh? Being have to select only a level 8 monster and also when your opponent's defense position monster is destroyed, will then you are able to activate this trap! However certain combos are able to secure an easy usage for this card! Lets go through the various methods of using it now!

Cards that are able to combo quite well with this card will be [Shield Crush], [Tradegy] , [Red Daemon's Dragon] , [Mystic Swordsman LV 2] , [Drillroid] or just any card that has an effect to destroy defense position monsters!

Cards that are able to help the above cards start the combo are like [Enemy Controller] , [Jutte Knight], [Book Of Moon] which is able to change the mode of your opponent's monsters. Change them to defense mode for you to activate the above cards like [Shield Crush] and [Tradegy]! Do note that [Book Of Moon] will not help you in activating [Tradegy], as your opponent's Face-Up attack position monster has to be changed to Face-Up defense position in order to activate it.

Another good thing about [Pedigree Of The Destruction God] is that the opponent's defense position monster need not be sent to the graveyard after being destroyed! Which means that when you destroy opponent's defense position token-type monsters, it can be activated then. Which makes it even easier to use! Token-type monsters like [Scapegoat] tokens, [Ojama] tokens are good targets!

And some people might also be asking.

"Oh My God! We can only use it on level 8 monsters! Isn't it too restricting for us?! As level 8 monsters are quite hard to summon out!"

Well actually in these days, having to summon out a level 8 monster ain't that hard as it seems! With that much Special Summoning cards running around. You don't really need to Normal Summon your level 8 monsters! Special Summon them instead! However, certain level 8 monsters are easy to normal and special summon! [God Beast King - Barbaros] is able to be summoned without any sacrifices by halving its attack points! But its still a level 8 monster! And also by sacrificing 3 monsters to it to activate its field destruction effect, it will be able to clear away the defense position monsters on your opponent's side of the field! Thus also enabling you to use [Pedigree Of The Destruction God]!

Some bad points about this card is also that the controller has to make the first move in order to activate it! [Stardust Dragon] , [My Body As A Shield] and [Prime Material Dragon] will be able to stop the destruction effects of the cards like [Shield Crush] and [Tradegy]! So watch out for them!

Well thats the end for my review today! Look out for more reviews that will be coming soon! Till next time! Goulian Signing Off!

Edit: Found out through some serious thinking and came to a conclusion that [Pedigree Of The Destruction God] cannot be activated during damage step. As reference to the trap card [Soul Rope].

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Look!

Hi guys, enjoy the new look!

It happens we've suddenly became rather patriotic and decided to add the National Flag in.

Please try to support our site by clicking on the adverts! It will encourage us bloggers to blog more and for you readers to read more!

So as promised, expect new reviews soon!

Blog under Renovation!

Hi guys!

As you can see, our links, tagboard, blah blah and everything has been taken down because of blogger and stuff.

Our blog is currently undergoing a change of look, so do bear with it until the new layout is up!

Do look out for it soon! We'll have plenty of updates with our new look so do visit us often =)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deck Review: Wrath Of Neos MK IV

Yo people! Goulian here since the last update like for so long! >.< .... Very sorry guys as we had our school lives interfering with our dueling lives too! And oh ya! Today's post will be about my signature deck that had been upgraded till the [MK IV] version! Due to help from alot of my great friends around me! This version can be said the best version among the five versions I have. So take a look! Decklist is right below!


Deck Name: Wrath Of Neos MK IV

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 17

3x E-HERO Neos
2x E-HERO Another Neos
1x E-HERO Airman
3x E-HERO Prismer
1x E-HERO Voltech
2x Freed The Brave Wanderer
3x Honest
2x Lightlord Hunter - Raikou

Magic: 16

3x Wrath Of Neos
3x O - Oversoul
2x E - Emergency Call
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
2x Shrink
1x Cyclone
1x Premature Burial

Traps: 7

3x Hero Blast
3x Commoner's Charity
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force

Extra Deck: 4

3x Rainbow Neos
1x E-HERO Dark Brightman

Well here goes! This deck basically makes full use of [E-HERO Prismer] effect on being able to grab hold the names of the fusion material monsters that it sends to the graveyard! And of course, what do we do with the name of the fusion material monster that [E-HERO Prismer] has got hold of? We will also be using it to our full advantage! As in my previous [Shining Dragoon] decklist. I had [E-HERO Prismer] copy the name of [Blue Eyes White Dragon] in order for me to activate the magic card [Burst Stream Of Destruction]. Those that tried out the deck with me should know how powerful when a magic card like that destroys the opponent's field totally!

But in this deck, the name that [E-HERO Prismer] is going to copy is not [Blue Eyes White Dragon] but as what the deck name sounds like... The name that [E-HERO Prismer] is going to copy will be [E-HERO Neos]. Why? Well just for the sake of activating [E-HERO Neos] strongest magic card! [Wrath Of Neos] of course! It packs a total field destruction effect, and easy to use with [E-HERO Prismer] helping you.

But other than being able to use [Wrath Of Neos] easily, this deck is also able to revive [E-HERO Neos] even faster because of [E-HERO Prismer] effect of sending it to the graveyard. And that is what the 3 copies of [O - Oversoul] is there for! Being able to revive your [E-HERO Neos] from the graveyard to smack your opponent in the face for 2500 damage right after the aftermath of [Wrath Of Neos] effect!

And not to say even without the help of [O - Oversoul] of reviving your [E-HERO Neos] and [E-HERO Another Neos] in the graveyard. There is another card that works well with the both of them! As well as it is very compatible with [E-HERO Prismer] effect. [Hero Blast] will be that trap card's name! Being able to retrieve an Normal [E-HERO] monster in your graveyard to destroy a face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field whose attack is equal or lower than the card you've retrieved is no small joke! Though the highest attack monster that you can possibly destroy will be at the max of 2500 attack points... =(.. (Sometimes I wonder why couldn't Konami make [E-HERO Neos] a 3000 attack monster?! Ignore this as I'm only joking!)

And what do you do when you have a [E-HERO Neos] stuck in your hand? A good way would be to actually use it for the card [Commoner's Charity] as what this deck lacks sometimes is draw power! Though the draw speed is slow, but at least its also quite compatible with a special [E-HERO] inside this deck too! [E-HERO Voltech] totally revives the removed away from game [E-HERO Neos] that was being used by [Commoner's Charity]! Another card to be combo with [E-HERO Voltech] would be [Freed The Brave Wanderer]... This card can be quite a lifesaver at times when you have monsters such as [Dark Armed Dragon] that your [Hero Blast] cannot kill!(That is why I said that Konami should make [E-HERO Neos] a 3000 attack monster! Joking!)

What if sometimes you do have the power to search for [E-HERO Prismer] to fill your grave with [E-HERO Neos]? And you are also stuck in a almost unable-to-turn-the-tables situation? This card might actually save your life and also help fill the grave for you! [Lightlord Hunter - Raikou] is able to destroy any card on the field and then overturn the top 3 cards of your deck to the graveyard.. Though some luck is greatly needed here to overturn monsters like [E-HERO Neos] , [E-HERO Another Neos] or just any Light Attribute monsters needed for [Freed The Brave Wanderer] to use his effect!

And since every single monster in this deck belongs to the attribute of Light.. Why not ask for the help of [Honest]? This card acts as a defensive as well as an offensive card for this deck! Needless to say what wonders it can do right? Well in my [Wrath Of Neos MK V] , the deck had the combo of [E-HERO Neos] + [Assault Armor] + [Honest] = oh my god your opponent is almost dead or already dead combo! Credits goes to Baha for showing me the video about Dian Zhang! That inspired me to search for my third copy of [Assault Armor]!

This deck is quite good on the defense as well as on the offensive. But cards like [D.D Crow] , [Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer] or even [Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo] can destroy this deck inside out! As this deck mostly relies on the cards in the graveyard and special summonings in order to perform its stunts! Well sorry for the long review about this deck! Well it IS my signature deck....*cough cough*.... Anyways! Its been a long while since I did a review that is this long! Hope you guys didn't get too tired in reading it.. =(... And I hope that the standard didn't drop =X? LOL! Well anyway to my next review! Goulian signing off!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Thoughts on M'sian Championships

Hey all! This is Goulian here! The champion from M'sian was a duelist using a [Emperor] deck as from what I heard from Yan Shen. Thanks for the info! Though I do not have the decklist =(...
Anyway from the trip to M'sia, we can see alot of duelists having alot of different ideas! Of course on alot of their different decks!

- Earth Syncro Deck:

Uses [Gigantes] to special summon itself and also to use [Jutte Knight] for syncro! Quite a nice idea!

- Dark Calling Special Version:

Now this was used by Yan Shen, and another duelist which I forgot the name >.<... Both of theirs was extremely fast! I got OTKed quite quickly by them too!

Well these are the decks that are worth looking and building too! The cards they had inside were sorta fresh ideas to me lol... And I also found out that the most feared Syncro Monster in M'sia is.... [Red Daemon Dragon]! Because they have like alot of face down defense position monsters de ar... Well okay! Till next time! Goulian signing off! And oops... New card review will be coming up!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thoughts on World Championship 08

Hi! Its Kenneth here finally doing a report on today's World Championship that took place at Kallang Leisure Park.

Colin - 48th
Me - 43rd

Yes omg we've became noobs!

I probably won't talk about my matches since all of them are practically crappy.
Its either a Dark Armed variant or Lightlord. Nothing else. I only won 3 and lost 2 matches in the swiss rounds and since everyone I play with has imbalanced luck (ppl summoning afew Dark Armed Dragons/Judgement Dragoon in a turn)I am quite speechless about my lost. lol.

A pic of the top 8 winners:

Don't ask me who are all of them, I can only recognise Sebestian, Fish, Baha, Wan Xin & Eu Yong Siang. Ok thats actually quite alot... and one guy seems to be missing from the picture.

I only know Baha was 1st and Fish was 2nd.

Grats to Bahamut84 from Dueling Days for winning this year's 2008 World Championship tournament.

To those who didn't do well (esp me and Colin), lets just try harder next time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Card Review: Junk Synchron

It's been a real while since I've done my card review so I guess it's about time I do one. (I think all my card reviews starts with this sentence)

Today lets talk about Fuudou Yuusei's most godlike topdecked card.

Junk Synchron
Dark/Lv 3/Warrior/Tuner
Atk: 1300/Def: 500
Effect: When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, Special Summon a Level 2 or lower Monster in your Graveyard in face-up Defense Position to your field. Effects of the Special Summoned monster by this effect are negated.

This card is really quite a good card on itself.
Searchable by
- Reinforcements of an Army
- Sangan
- Mystic Tomato

Its effect to special summon monster only works when its normal summoned though.
The drawback for such an effect is to have the summoned monster's effect negated, so no diskguy abuse for those who always loves to draw cards.
There always [Card of Safe Return] though.
Normal summoning this card itself would be summoning out a LV5 Synchro already, provided you already have a lv2 monster in the grave and it doesn't get dd crowed away.

Lv5 Synchro
- Junk Warrior (Only Junk Synchron can summon this)
- A.O.J Catastor

Alternatively, u can always use this card to synchro with other non tuner monsters to summon even better or bigger synchro monsters to your liking or based on your field situation.

So, to play this card or not really is up to you. Unless its for the dark or warrior attribute or for its effect, otherwise if you're looking for it just cause its a 3 star tuner monster, I'd rather you have a look at Emergency Teleport and Pyscho Commander.

Till next time!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Card Review : Emergency Teleport

Hey all! As promised, its another card review today! As the 101th post for Duel Society! Though the card being reviewed today is quite a late news already ar? lol =X Oh well in order not to keep you guys in suspense, the card being reviewed today is [Emergency Teleport] from the most "recent" booster pack [The Duelist Genesis] !


[Emergency Teleport]
Quick-Play Magic
Special Summon a level 3 or lower psychic type monster from your hand or deck. The monster summoned by this way is removed away from the game at the end phase of the turn.

Well this card is mainly used in the [Dark Syncro Shokan!] decks in Singapore as well as in Japan! We all know the extent of the gayness of this card do we? So lets see what is the powers of this card that made it so powerful!

The ability to Special Summon out a level 3 Psychic-Type monster from your hand or from your deck is a very good source of monster sacrifices for monsters like [Wicked Emperor Gaius] or [Wind Emperor Raiza]! Although there is a drawback of it being only able to Special Summon level 3 and below Psychic-Type monsters only... But to top it all off.. Its a Quick-Play magic card! Which means that it can also be used during your opponent's turn if you had set if face-down in order to activate in your opponent's turn to do some freaky stunts! Examples will be Special Summoning Psychic-Type monsters like [Clevonce] that is able to block quite an amount of enemy attacks! (Of course some life points is at stake here! Ugh!)

And since it is able to Special Summon out monsters like [Clevonce] which is another important point for this card! 3 of the Psychic-Type monsters in there which are level 3 and below are also tuners! Monsters like as said before a level 2 tuner [Clevonce] , level 1 tuner [Mental Master] and level 3 tuner [Psycho Commander]. Which in return you are able to do Syncro Summoning at very high speeds! Depending on the situations of course =D.... But the most appreciated and most usable Psychic-Type tuner will be [Clevonce]! Why? I'm sure you guys know why! For those that don't, I'll do another review on it soon! =)! However you can check for their review on [Emergency Teleport] and [Clevonce]! They'll tell you why!

And of course there are cards that totally counter [Emergency Teleport]! Cards like... [Royal Oppression] , [Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo] or just to make it simple.. Cards that totally cripples Special Summonings! And just one [Magic Seal] will just kill the [Emergency Teleport] too! T_T... But ya these are just some of the cards that can render your [Emergency Teleport] useless! So do watch out for them!

Okay short review =D.. Because gay cards like this actually do not need so much explanation! Hope that it is good enough this time though! (duelist author job at stake here!) Well will do another review soon! Stay Tuned to us! Till next time.. Goulian Signing off!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Well today is a Special day for this blog! Why? Its because that this is the day which this blog was borned! I still remember about the moment when me and Kenneth were thinking about a name for this blog lol. At first I thought about [Duel Academy].. But well... Abit too... Uh nevermind =X.. And then suddenly due to the influence by the Anime [Bleach]... I came up with the name [Duel Society]! And that is how the blog was borned! Well we as the authors of Duel Society, promise more exciting reviews and updates in new beginning of this new year for this blog! And to top it all off... THIS IS THE 100TH POST FOR DUEL SOCIETY!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Double Card Review! [Goyou Guardian] and [Dragon Of The Ice Boundary - Brionac]

Hey all! Its my turn to update a card review on the latest Syncro type monsters! They are a new force to be reckoned with! With fast summoning speed and amazing effects.. These new Syncro monsters can prove to be a new threat in our metagame! The 2 new Syncro monsters that I will be reviewing about are from the latest [The Duelist Genesis] and the newest [Duel Terminal] cards! They are the [Goyou Guardian] and [Dragon Of The Ice Boundary - Brionac]!

First up is the [Goyou Guardian] Syncro monster!

Goyou Guardian 1

[Goyou Guardian]
Attribute: Earth , Type: Warrior
Effect Monster , Syncro , 6 stars
Atk 2800 / Def 2000
1 Tuner + 1 or more Non-Tuner monster
When this card destroys your opponent's monster as a result of battle , you can Special Summon that monster onto your side of the field in face-up Defence Position.

This card is obviously GAY. Why is it GAY? We shall see why it is GAY!

- Level 6 Syncro monster! Easy to summon out! GAY!

- 2800 attack strength and 2000 defence strength for just a level 6 monster! GAY!

- Use this to rape your opponent's [D-HERO Diskguy] ! And then drag it onto your side of the field! Enabling you to draw 2 cards from your deck since it was revived onto your side to the field from the graveyard! GAY!

- Use it to destroy monsters such as [Stardust Dragon] which you will be able to Release it to block certain Destruction Effects! GAY!

- Kill more monsters like [Dark Creator] ! Revive it to your side of the field to use its revival effects! GAY!

This is an extremely short review for this GAY card , because its effect is well self-explained! And ITS JUST SO GAY! (forced to use the GAY words because Kenneth thinks that it is too GAY! )

Okay onto the next review!

Brionac - Dragon Of The Ice Boundary

[氷結界の竜 ブリューナク]
[Dragon Of The Ice Boundary - Brionac]
Attribute: Water , Type: Sea-Dragon
Effect Monster , Syncro , 6 stars
Atk 2300 / Def 1400
1 Tuner + 1 or more Non-Tuner monsters
Discard any number of cards from your hand. Which after that, return the same amount of cards on either field back to the owner's hand equal to the amount of cards that you discarded.

Now onto a serious card review. This card is from the newest [Duel Terminal] thats in Japan for now though lol. Ok being a level 6 monster with an attack strength of 2300 and a defense strength of 1400 makes this card a strong fighter but quite a weak defender! But most of the time that when this card arrives onto the field. You'd probably be able to fend off any strong monsters for your [Dragon Of The Ice Boundary - Brionac] to make a direct attack! Why is that so? Lets take a look onto its effect!

"Discard any number of cards from your hand. Which after that, return the same amount of cards on either field back to the owner's hand equal to the amount of cards that you discarded"

Quite an amazing effect I will say, being able to discard any amount of cards to bounce back on the field the equal amount of cards that was discarded from your hand! And the best of all is that, It ain't a once per turn effect! Which means that you are able to use it as many times as you like a turn! And what kind of cards are worth bouncing back on the field? Lets take a look shall we?

[Premature Burial] - Bounce it to revive as many monsters as you like to swarm your field! Reviving [D-HERO Diskguy] sounds like its going to be a big abuse!

Opponent's strong monsters! Makes sure that your opponent will have to make extra effort to summon them out again!

Or simply just do the [Rescue Cat] + [Premature Burial] combo thats on Dueling Days, Baha did that combo quite nicely and swiftly! Killing quickly too!

Being a level 6 monster allows it to be summoned out quite easily using the above combo! Repeat till your opponent falls dead to your field full of Syncro Monsters!

Well thats the end of the review for this time, Sorry that it wasn't that fantastic guys! Actually they are too broken to be further reviewed lol, we all know what kind of brokeness they do right? I promise that I will do better next time! Till then to our next update! Goulian Signing off!

P.S. Thanks to Baha of for the High Quality Pic of [Dragon Of The Ice Boundary - Brionac] !

Monday, May 12, 2008

Double Decks! : [Wrath Of Neos MK II] and [Gladiator Return]!

Hey all! Its been awhile since I posted! Since it was Kenneth's turn to bug me... Then it will be my turn to post something le! Today's post will be about my deck and "....'s" deck! And both of our deck names are... For mine it will be the [Wrath Of Neos MK II] and for "....'s" de it will be [Gladiator Return] ! Okay so lets get this post rolling on!

Deck Name: Wrath Of Neos MK II

Deck Size: 40

Monsters: 15

3x E-HERO Neos
2x E-HERO Necro Darkman
3x E-HERO Another Neos
1x E-HERO Airman
3x E-HERO Prismer
3x Honest

Magic: 20

3x Wrath Of Neos
3x O - Oversoul
2x E - Emergency Call
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
1x Arms Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Heavy Storm
2x Shrink
1x Cyclone
1x Assault Armor
1x Early Burial

Traps: 5

2x Hero Blast
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
1x Raigeki Break
1x Karma Cut

Side Deck: 15

Monsters: 6

1x Dark Magician Of Chaos
1x Envoy Of Hades - Gors
1x D-HERO Dashguy
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Knight Of The End

Magic: 4

1x Golden Sacrophagus
1x Arms Hole
2x D.D.R

Traps: 5

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Karma Cut
1x Divine Wrath
2x Solemn Judgement

Extra Deck: 15

3x Rainbow Neos
2x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
2x E-HERO Dark Brightman
1x E-HERO Ground Neos
1x E-HERO Black Neos
1x Stardust Dragon
3x Red Daemon's Dragon
1x Gouyou Guardian
1x Mental Sphere Daemon

Well this deck got me 4th place in the recent Himura's A.K.A Banana's tournament! I lost to "...'s" deck during the fight in top 8! It was a great match and we were also making lots of noise! So ya...As requested by "....." , below here is his decklist!

Deck Name: Gladiator Return

Deck Size: 40

Monsters: 15

3x Gladial Beast Darius
3x Gladial Beast Bestiari
3x Gladial Beast Laquer
2x Gladial Beast Murmillo
2x Gladial Beast Dichaeri
1x Gladial Beast Hiplomous
1x Gladial Beast Equite

Magic: 10

3x Gladiator Beast Proving Ground
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
3x Shrink
1x Cyclone
1x Early Burial

Traps: 15

3x Dimension Imprisonment
3x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Raigeki Break
3x Dark Bribe
3x Solemn Judgement

Side Deck : 15

Monsters: 4

3x D.D Crow
1x Jinzo

Magic: 2

2x D.D.R

Traps: 9

3x Dust Tornado
3x Light Imprisonment Mirror
3x Dark Imprisonment Mirror

Ah okay! So these are the 2 decks for the post today! If you guys have any more ideas on how to further improve our decks here on Duel Society.. Do chat with us on our Duel Chat! tagbox on the right hand side of this blog! Thanks! Have fun "net-decking"! Till next time to our updates! Goulian signing off!

Edit: Added new colours to the [Extra Deck] section in the decklist.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Card Review: Stardust Dragon

Hi all its been awhile since I've actually posted something on this blog due to my laziness and being "busy" on Cabal and since Colin has been bugging me for this, might as well take some precious time off to write this review for Stardust Dragon.

Stardust Dragon 2

[Stardust Dragon]
Attribute: Wind
Type: Dragon
Synchro/Effect Monster
Level: 8 stars
Atk 2500/Def 2000
Effect: 1 Tuner Monster + 1 or more Non-Tuner Monster(s)
When an effect of a Magic, Trap or Effect Monster that includes [Destroy the cards on the field] is activated, you can release this card to Negate and Destroy the card. During the End Phase that this effect was activated. And this card is in the graveyard due to being released for the activation of this effect. Special Summon this card back to your field.

Ok I'm sure we all know of this lastest card from the lastest Duelist Genesis pack and its one of the newest types of monsters in the game: Synchro. So why is everyone wanting this card? Thats because
- it doesn't need specific tuner monster to summon
- it can easily prevent destruction cards like Mirror Force & Tidal Wave
- 2500 attack can kill many things like Emperor monsters
- it looks cool enough to pawn your opponent

Baha from Dueling Days & I have been testing this card out in our decks and it sure is able to be summoned pretty quickly in a synchro based deck. In fact, everyone could probably get one for their Extra Deck as you'd never know if you get your opponent's Tuner Monster through Brainwash or something. And synchro really works fast with Psychic monsters as it has the gayest summoning card called [Urgent Teleport]. However, it can easily die to Gaius, Raiza, Ground Mole and even Death Calibur Knight(my Stardust recently died to it) or anything you can think of that uses non destruction effect to remove monsters on the field.

Overall playing this card is definitely for situational based. Of course, sometimes other Synchro monsters are worth summoning than this, but being able to stop a mass field destruction card and returning to your field(provided ur Stardust doesn't get DD Crowed or Propecy or Soul Released away) is gay. I'd still give this card a 8/10 rating cuz its my fav card of the set. =x

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Card Review : Divine Fowl King Alector

Hey guys! As requested by the readers out there, I'm going to do a card review about the latest promo card released in the [Yu-Gi-Oh! R Volune 5 ] comic book! The card reviewed today is.... [Divine Fowl King Alector]! So sit back and relax while reading!


[Divine Fowl King Alector]
Attribute: Wind , Type: Winged Beast
Effect Monster , 6 stars , Atk 2400/Def 2000
If your opponent controls 2 or more face-up monsters with the same Attribute, you can Special Summon this card from your Hand. Once per turn select 1 face-up card on the field. Negate the effect(s) of the selected card during this turn. Only 1 [Divine Fowl King Alector] can be face-up on the field at the same time.

On watching the stats about this card. It has a decent 2400 attack strength for a level 6 monster. And also a much more superior defense of 2000 rather than the 1000 defense of the [Emperor] monsters. And by being a level 6 monster, it will be a cinch to normal summon this monster with 1 monster sacrifice! Hmmm, guessed that I should change my way about [Normal Summon] or [Sacrifice]... Okay! This card can be Advanced Summoned quite easily by Releasing cards like [Treeborn Frog] or [Dandelion].

For this card being a Wind attribute as well as a Winged Beast type allows a couple of combos to perform with it. The Wind attribute part allows this card to be a ingredient to special summon monsters like [Dark Simorgh]. While the Winged Beast type allows this card to be released for the condition to use [God Bird Attack] to destroy 2 cards on the field in the case of an "Emergency" LOL!

Well about the effects for this card. The first effect about able to Special summon this card from your hand when your opponent controls 2 or more monsters with the same attribute makes it easy for this condition to be fufilled! When your opponent activates cards like [Flames Of Demise] , [Scapegoat] , [Stray Lambs] or even [Inferno Reckless Summon] that will be able to swarm their own field with monsters of the same attribute. To be able to fufill the condition of special summoning your own [Divine Fowl King Alector] !

As for the second part of the effect for this card. Enabling this card to have the ability to negate a face-up card's effect on the field can be quite powerful at some situations. Even if the situations is about targetting your own cards on your own side of the field. Situations simliar like about targetting your own cards that can benefit you a whole lot will be like.... Targetting your own monsters like [God Beast King - Barbaros] which allows it to resume its enormous attack strength of 3000 points! Or another situation can be that you will be able to target [Beast God Machine King Barbaros UR] to allow it to actually inflict battle damage to your opponent's life points! (Do note that some of these ideas are actually suggested to me by some people that I know. I've compiled some of these information in this review =D)

Continuing on the second effect about [Divine Fowl King Alector] , using it to target cards that disallows you from using of your monsters to declare an attack against your opponent! Target cards like [Gravity Bind] , [Wall Of Revealing Light] , [Swords Of Revealing Light] , [Messenger Of Peace] or even allowing your monsters to revert back to their original positions from cards like [Level Limit - B] or [Level Limit - A]! Or even releasing yourself from lock effects like [Jinzo] or [Spell Canceller] , [Royal Decree] and so on so forth. Allowing you to continue your stunts with these card locking effects negated!

And for the third effect of this card. There can only be one [Divine Fowl King Alector] on the field at all times. This means that the early bird catches the worm! Whoever summons out [Divine Fowl King Alector] first will most probably get the upperhand earlier!

Well thats all for today people! Hope that this review is good enough! And also thanks to those people that provided me with ideas to complete this review! Okay then till next time to our next update! Goulian Signing Off~!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thoughts On The Asian Championships 2008!

Hey all! Its been awhile again since we last updated! Well today was a day of fun and excitement! The Asian Championships held in Singapore were well planned and very organised. Much better than I had expected. Well before the tournaments were fired off... There was a side event about letting our local players pit their skills against the 4 foreign players from Taiwan , Korea , Malaysia and Hong Kong. Below are some pictures! Don't blame me if my camera skills are bad! =X

taiwan rep 2
Taiwan Representative

korea rep 2
Korea Representative

m'sia rep 2
Malaysia Representative

hong kong rep 2
Hong Kong Representative

Well lets hope that they had a great time in Singapore playing with our local players! There was really a very long queue today! All waiting to challenge the 4 representatives! LOL! Hope our local players also have their share of the excitement challenging them!

Well as for myself.. I got into the top 8 players for SG but did not get a chance to get into the top 4 placings. Only the top 4 placings will be able to play with the foreign players for the title of Asian Champion!
After all the fighting. It would seem that all 4 of our representatives managed to win their foreign opponents after a big struggle! Congratulations to them! And this year's Asian Champion is also from Singapore! Below are the pics for the prize giving session

shui kai 1
Our Red Boy for today! Grats Sui Kai on getting 4th place in SG!

hong li 1
Grats Hong li on getting 3rd Place in SG! Smile man!

fish 1
Grats Fish for 2nd place in SG! Great Job!

shi fu 1
Grats Shi Fu for being 1st in SG!!!!!! Good For You!

Now for the Asian Championships..... You will see that its like the order is in reverse or something.. LOL!

shi fu 2
4th in Asia! Shi Fu!

fish 2
3rd in Asia! Fish!

shui kai 2
2nd in Asia! Sui Kai!

hong li 2

all the reps 2
And all the foreign players and our top 4 local players!

Well here is the decklist for my deck in this tournament! Was going to play [E-HERO Prismer] deck actually but.. Since Kenneth was helping me build deck too so, I decided to play our version of the [Emobc] deck! Think Baha also lent us some aura ar! LOL! At least made it to top 8 =X

Decksize : 41

Monsters : 19

1x Dark Magician Of Chaos
1x Envoy Of Hades - Gors
2x Dark Armed Dragon
2x Wicked Emperor Gaius
1x Sky Scourge - Norreras
2x Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
1x Priestess Ohm
3x Knight Of The End
1x Sangan
2x Necro Guardner
1x Spirit Reaper
1x D-HERO Diskguy
1x Phantom Of Chaos

Magic : 14

2x Reinforcement Of The Army
2x Arms Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Golden Sacrophagus
1x Heavy Storm
1x Foolish Burial
1x Brain Control
1x Cyclone
1x Enemy Controller
2x D.D.R
1x Early Burial

Traps : 8

1x Crush Card Virus
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
3x Dimension Imprisonment
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Karma Cut
1x Divine Wrath

Side Deck : 15

Monster : 5

1x White Horn Dragon
2x Cyber Dragon
1x E-HERO Prismer
1x D.D Crow

Magic : 3

1x Soul Exchange
2x Shrink

Traps : 7

1x Karma Cut
2x Limit Reverse
1x Dark Dimension Release
1x Divine Wrath
2x Solemn Judgement

Fusion : 3

3x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Well above here is my decklist for this Asia Tournament! Ain't that strong but if there are anymore ways that I can improve on this deck to make it better.. Do email us at or just tag us at our Duel Chat! box on the right hand side of the blog! Thanks! Till then to another of our updates... Goulian Signing Off!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Card Review : Honest

Phew! Its been awhile since Duel Society last gave a review to the readers that visits this site! Sorry about that as we are still as busy as usual.. Cabaling that is! LOL! Anyway today's review will be on the cover card of [Light Of Destruction] ! The card is... [Honest] !


Attribute: Light , Type: Angel
Effect Monster, 4 stars, Atk 1100/Def 1900
During your main phase, you can return this face-up card from your side of the field to your hand. When a LIGHT Attribute monster you control battles, during the damage step, you can send this card from your hand to the graveyard to have your monster's attack points increased by your opponent's monster's attack points until the end phase of this turn.

Hmmm.. Onto seeing the stats of this card.. It ain't really a fighter but quite a defender because of the stats Atk 1100/Def 1900. Being able to defend against some monsters that can be quite a killer for your level 4 and below monsters. Such as... [Vorse Raider], [Raiou] , our famous [E-HERO Airman] and many more! And since being a 1100 attack points LIGHT attribute monster... It can be searched out by [Sangan] and also being able to be special summoned out onto the field by [Shining Angel] and [Calling Nova].

Lets get onto the first effect of this awesome monster. Being able to return this face-up card from your side of the field to your hand might be quite useful sometimes. At least you'll know that you will be able to use the second effect no matter what happens! Unless your opponent has itchy hands and placed cards like [Divine Wrath] or [Mind Crash] into their decks just to counter your [Honest]!

As for the second effect of this monster. Whenever your LIGHT attribute monster battles. You can send this card from your hand to the graveyard to have the opponent's monster's attack points added onto your monster's attack points! As most of our decks are being splashed with quite alot of LIGHT Attribute monsters such as... [Cyber Dragon] , [E-HERO Prismer] , [Lightning Emperor Zaborg], [Light Emperor Kreis] , [Freed The Brave Wanderer] and the newly released [LightLord] monsters!

This card allows you to be able to fend off against any monsters that has incredibly high attack points such as.... [Five God Dragon] , [Dark Magician Of Chaos] , [Blue Eyes White Dragon] and so on so forth. And of course you can also use this card's effect on low attack points monsters to get their attack points added onto your monster just to go in for the kill!

And 1 combo that is quite impossible to do unless you have extremely powerful luck will be like this...


Your [Cyber Dragon] Battles

Chain 1:You Activate [Limiter Removal]
Chain 2:You Activate [Honest]
Chain 3:You Activate [Honest]
Chain4:You Activate [Honest]

Conclusion: You get a very big fat [Cyber Dragon] that most probably will smack your opponent upside down and senseless! But this is just a thought! It might and might not happen LOL!
And yes... Whoever activated [Honest] effect first will gain the most Attack points at the end of the resolution. Always remember that Chain 1 will resolve the last. Thus the [Honest] that was activated in Chain 1 will gain the most attack points. Ouch?!

Okay thats the end for the review today! Lets hope that we will have more time to bring you readers out there even more reviews in times to come! Till then to our next update! Goulian Signing off!