Thursday, January 31, 2008

Card Review : Arms Hole

Hiya people! Its been awhile since the last card review! Really sorry as I'm busy with work and did not have much time to do the updates! But at last there is a update today? Okay today's card review will be on one of the cards in the Latest [Osiris Red Academy Duel Disk] ! The card is.. [Arms hole]!

Arms Hole

[Arms Hole]
Normal Magic
Activate only by sending the top card of your deck to the graveyard. Search your deck or graveyard for an Equipment Magic card and add it to your hand. During the turn that this card is activated, you cannot perform any normal summons or set of monsters.

Hmmm! In my opinion.. This card is the gayest card in the [Osiris Red Academy Duel Disk] set! By being able to search out for any Equipment Magic card from your deck or from the grave would mean alot of advantages! Even that small little cannot normal summon or set this turn drawback would mean nothing! Example of some Equipment Magic cards that are very powerful with [Arms Hole] would be.. Our favourite revival Equipment Magic card [Premature Burial], or a powerful element of Ha-Oh sama's Emobc deck combo.. The [D.D.R] Equipment Magic card!

Or even... If you did spy upon a [D-HERO Diskguy] in your opponent's graveyard, you can always search out a [Autonomous Action Unit] from your deck and pay 1500 lifepoints just for that [D-HERO Diskguy] , or if there are also powerful monsters in their grave like [Keeper Of The Forest - Green Baboon] and so on so forth! Another great revival card will be the [Battle Warfront Revival] Equipment card! It has a [Monster Reborn] effect and the only cost would be to send a normal monster from your field to the grave in order to activate! So why not? =D

Another strong card to search out would be... [Snatch Steal]! But too bad that its already banned! I guess with the existence of [Arms Hole], unbanning [Snatch Steal] will be like quite impossible? LOL! Okay back to topic again, cards that can boost the attack strength of your monsters would also be quite handy with [Arms Hole]. Cards like... [United We Stand], [Mage Power], [Axe Of Despair], [Fusion Weapon], [Ritual Weapon] and so on so forth. They'll surely give a punch to the monsters thats equipped with them! Ouch?!

But ya there are weak points towards even the gayest cards! [Arms Hole] can be easily countered by [D.D Crow] if you are targetting the Equipment Magic card in the graveyard. And [Raiou] can just stop you from searching from your deck for the Equipment Magic card that you wanted! And by having [Macro Cosmo] on the field, you would not be able to activate [Arms Hole] at all! So these are all the weak points of [Arms Hole] that can put you at a disadvantage at some situations when you really need those Equipment Magic cards to save you.

Overall this card is pretty useful in almost every deck! It allows you to reuse Equipment Magic cards like [Premature Burial] , [United We Stand] and so on so forth! And its been awhile since Konami printed some extremely powerful cards for us to use in our OCG metagame! But I guess it'll most probably be restricted in the upcoming banlist =( ... I shall follow Ha-Oh sama's teachings! Please do not restrict [Arms Hole] , Its not gay, Its just a good card. =D... Okay then! Thats the end for today's update! Till my next update.. Goulian Signing off!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Deck: Shining Dragoon And Looking Back On Tournament on 13/1/07

Hey guys! Its been a long time since I posted a decklist! Well since I've got quite a few deck ideas up my sleeve, I decided to try 1 of it out! But this deck was built already by a Japanese guy on frontier! Lost the page so.. Maybe try finding it yourselves when you have the time guys! Okay! I shall post my decklist now lol!

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 17

3x Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
1x Dark Magician Of Chaos
1x Envoy Of Hades - Gors
1x E-HERO Airman
3x E-HERO Prismer
1x Knight Of The End
1x Magical Warrior Breaker
1x Dandelion
1x D-HERO Diskguy
1x Treeborn Frog

Magic: 18

2x Burst Stream Of Destruction
2x Arms Hole
2x Trade In
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Foolish Burial
1x Warrior Returning Alive
1x Golden Chest Of Sealing
1x Dragon's Mirror
1x Heavy Storm
1x Cyclone
1x Enemy Controller
1x Early Burial
1x D.D.R

Traps: 5

1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
1x Waboku
1x Cry Of Living Dead
2x Solemn Judgement

Fusion: 6

1x Master Of Dragon Knight
3x Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
2x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Side Deck: 15

Monsters: 5

1x D-HERO Bloo-D
3x Cyber Dragon
1x Card Gunner

Magic: 8

1x E- Emergency Call
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Warrior Returning Alive
1x Foolish Burial
1x Future Fusion
1x Scapegoat
1x D.D.R

Traps: 2

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Divine Wrath

Okay! This deck combos [E-HERO Prismer] and [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] together to give the opponent some headache and some smacking! But of course cards like [Bottomless Trap Hole] does the job fully of destroying the whole deck! And this deck also has some elements for Baha's Emobc deck! It can also do the [Dark Magician Of Chaos] , [Arms Hole] and [D.D.R] combo! *Evil Laughter* Okay time for some looking back!

First Round Swiss VS Jeff(Emperor Light And Darkness Dragon)
OXX 1:2 Lose

LOL! Won him in the first round because I managed to do the deck's combo of summoning out [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] ! He was just a little stunned but ya... After he side decked a few cards. He managed to kill me in the next ongoing 2 rounds. And I didn't even draw my [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] for the next 2 rounds lor T_T

Second Round Swiss VS Wen Xian(Light And Darkness Dragon)
OO- 2:0 Win

Won him because I did the combo straight in the 2 matches! Quite a friendly guy! =D

Third Round Swiss VS Fish(Destiny Dark Armed Dragon)
OO- 2:0 Win

Woot... This might be the toughest match that day! His [Dark Armed Dragon] really stressed me alot lor! I had to [Solemn Judgement] every single [Dark Armed Dragon] that he played! Manage to win the second round due to the ever consisting Emobc combo!(I think that Baha at least left some of his aura with me! LOL!)

Fourth Round Swiss VS Kenneth(Ocean Beat)
OXO 2:1 Win

Quite a tough match too! Got a little stressed on seeing his set cards! And as we were playing... It seems the heavens started to whip up a storm! Got lightning ar... Thunder ar... Rain ar... Wind ar... Almost everything you can expect to see in a storm! Friendship battles! Anyway I won with [Burst Stream Of Destruction] And [Dragon's Mirror]. Almost Succeeded in calling out [Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon] T_T... Thanks Ken for the excitement!

Top 8 First Round Elimination VS Yong Siang(Special Deck!)
OXX 1:2 Lose

Won him in the first round due to the Shining Dragoon combo again! Died the next 2 rounds because of all his [Solemn Judgement] and I din get to draw my own lor! Nevermind.. It was a nice match! And a challenging one too!

Okay... Overall this deck has very little defenses and quite a high offense.. Depending on the draw rate of the deck.. Doing the [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] combo is quite easy if you are able to get them in your hand in the first place! So ya... Do try out the deck if you guys can.. And if there is anymore improvements for this deck... Do send us a email! Or just tag at the Duel Chat! box at the right hand side of the blog! Thanks! Till then to my next update.. Goulian Signing Off!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Card Review : Emperor Order

Ok! We've been really hardworking for these couple of days trying to rush our reviews to the most updated cards! And we know we are far way back behind schedule >.< .... Ok! Today's review from me will be another and the last card from the structure deck [Advent Of The Emperor] ! The Card is... [Emperor Order]! Here goes!

Emperor Order 1

[ エンペラー・オーダー]
[Emperor Order]
Continuous Trap
You may negate the activation of an effect monster that activates when a monster is normal summoned. The controller of that monster draws 1 card from his/her deck.

So lets see..... Whats good about negating certain monster card's effects when being activated after a monster was normal summoned? Well if you are able to negate monsters like [Wicked Emperor Gaius] , [Wind Emperor Raiza] and so on so forth. It will at least be able to save yourself from being controlled by your opponent's devasting effects that are casted down by those powerful monsters! Even though it allows the controller of those monsters to draw a card from his/her deck. Its quite a small cost if it is able to help you gain back control of the field.

What about the other good points about this card? Lets see again.... If you are a player using a [Gadget] deck... Whenever your [Gadget] monsters are unable to continue searching from the deck.. This card continues to help you fliter the deck! It will negate your [Gadget] monster's effects and allows you to draw 1 card from your deck! Same theory that can be able to applied to monsters like our famous [E-HERO Airman]!

Combos for this card... Hmmm.... This might sound silly but... Perhaps a [Appropriate] deck can use this card inside I think. After negating those extremely powerful monster effects, and allowing your opponent to draw 1 card. It also is able to let yourself gain even more from the [Appropriate] card!

What this card cannot negate are monsters that has built in effects when they're on the field.. Such as.. [Jinzo] , [Spell Canceller] , [King Mist] and so on so forth! Overall this card can be placed inside a side deck as it almost works like a [Pulling The Rug] except that it doesn't destroy the monster. There are quite a few ruling issues concerning this card. I shall try to find them and post it here too! Short review but ya! Thats all that I can think of for this card!

If you have anymore ideas... Like always... You can email us or tag us at the Duel Chat! box there! Till then to our next update! Goulian Signing off!

Card Review: Different Dimension Revival


TCG Name: Different Dimension Revival
OCG Name: ディファレント・ディメンション・リバイバル (D・D・R)
SD14 - JP017
Card Type: Equipment Spell Card
Card Effect: Discard 1 card from your hand. Special Summon 1 of your monsters that is removed from play, and equip it with this card. If this card leaves the field, destroy the equipped monster.

Ok, if you have noticed me & Colin has been hardworking enough to review so many cards these few days! We're trying to rush through the Structure Deck cards, Duel Disk Promos and then PTDN!

So we're going to skip [Kaiser Sacrifice] for obvious reasons and move on the [D.D.R].

It really is something like a [Premature Burial] except the cost to activate it is to discard a card.

Do take note this card doesn't work like [Premature Burial] though, [Giant Trunade] would not leave the monster equipped to [D.D.R] on the field.

[D.D.R] can be used together with many other cards.
There's your [Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu] or [Arms Hole] to search for it.
Revival wise, there are many monsters!
- Magician of Black Chaos (will talk about an infinite combo later)
- Important monsters for the deck engine that were removed by the opponent
E.g. E-Hero Airman in an Ocean Control Deck or Treeborn Frog in an Emperor/Monarch Deck

So how do we use this in combos? Easy. Michael-Sama from Dueling Days has already taught us how to!

Step1: Use [Arms Hole] & search for [D.D.R].
Step 2: Use [D.D.R] to revive [Magician of Black Chaos] from the out of game pile.
Step 3: Use [Magician of Black Chaos]'s effect and take back [Arms Hole].
Repeat as much as you want!

Here's a clearer view of the combo!


Remember to Reduce, Reuse & RECYCLE!

I'm not going to talk about alot about [Arms Hole] as it's supposed to be Colin's review but ya. It can be used in this never ending recycling combo! Well, unless your opponent somehow [D.D. Crow] your [D.D.R] in the grave or negates something in the recycling combo.

Well, overall you can say this card is a pretty useful card. I always never fail to put this in the side deck. You might never know what kind of deck you will be playing against!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Card Review : Dimension Chemistry

Ok guys! Time for another review from Goulian! Have you all been waiting long? Well today's card review will be on.. [Dimension Chemistry]! Its another card from the latest structure deck [Advent Of The Emperor]! So lets roll it up!

Dimension chemistry 1

[Dimension Chemistry]
Attribute: Light, Type: Angel
Effect Monster, 4 stars, Atk 1300/Def 200
Once per turn, you can remove the top card from your deck away from the game and this card gains 500 attack points till the end phase of this turn. When this card from your field is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, you may select a monster card from your out of game pile and add it to your hand.

So what is nice about this card? A 1300 attack points and 200 defend monster doesn't seems to be attractive as a fighter. But wait! This card can increase its attack points by 500 when you activate its effect to remove the top card of your deck away from the game.

Well the card that you removed will have to depend on your luck! Well its not always a must to remove the top card of your deck away from the game. A situational effect then =D.. But cards that has powerful effects when removed from the game will be like... [D.D Scout Plane], [Necroface] and alot more! It depends on what kind of deck will this card be in.

As for the second effect of this card, which is actually the strongest point about this card! Its effect of being able to retrieve a monster card from your out of game pile and add it to your hand! Quite a monster life saver! As decks these days uses quite alot of [Bottomless Trap Hole] , [Dimensional Imprisonment] and so on so forth that removes your monsters away from the game.

The only cards that [Dimension Chemistry] will be useless against are cards like [Macro Cosmo] , [Dimension Fissure] , [Banisher Of The Radiance] and [Banisher Of The Light] as [Dimension Chemistry] needs to be destroyed and sent to the graveyard to activate its effect!

As for certain nice monster cards to take back from the out of game pile to add into your hand are your key monster cards like [D-HERO Diabolicguy] ? Enables you to use its effect again if there are still [D-HERO Diabolicguy] in your deck. [E-HERO Airman] sounds nice to add it back to the hand when it is affected by [Bottomless Trap Hole], [Dimensional Imprisonment] and so on so forth.

As for its attribute, being a light type is quite playable with cards that power ups light type monsters and searchable by [Shining Angel] since its attack points is only 1300! And also for it to be a Angel Type monster... [Calling Nova] can also search it out very easily! Allowing you to call upon [Dimension Chemistry] alot faster.

There are more than meets the eye for this card, it depends on your luck and how you use this card to be able to unleash it to its fullest potential. If you people have more ideas... Don't be scared and email us a ! Or just leave a question at the Duel Chat! box. Do not leave anything remarks in the comments below the post though, cause its gonna take us forever to notice! lol!

Card Review: Gaius the Wicked Monarch


TCG Name: Gaius the Wicked Monarch
OCG Name: 邪帝ガイウス
Card Attribute: Dark
Card Type: Fiend/Effect
Card Level: 6
ATK/DEF: 2400/1000
SD14 - JP001

Card Effect: When this card is Tribute Summoned, remove from play 1 card on the field. If the removed card was a DARK monster, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.

Its time for another card review!
There'll be many card reviews this week as I seriously have nothing else better to do.

Ok, this time its the cover card for the newest Structure Deck - Advent of Emperors, Gaius.

It has the normal stats for an Emperor/Monarch so it really isn't anything new for an Emperor/Monarch.
Its a fiend type too! Meaning you could always play this card with the normal fiend supports like Hate Buster or even use it for Dark Gaia food.
What's gay about this card that would probably make it the best Emperor/Monarch out of all of them is it's effect.

Removing a card from play always means you won't get to see it again. Unless your opponent plays stuff like D.D.R, Dimension Fusion, blah blah blah.
Great opponent stuff to remove from game
- Treeborn Frog, prevents the usual Frog Abuse.
- Dandelion, No tokens.
- D-Hero Diskguy, No drawing engine shyt!
- Any Dark Monster, Eat 1k you b*tch!
- Anything monster you can't seem to kill
- Magic/Trap you really wish to get rid of. Stuff like Rainbow Ruins or Gravity Bind.

Its not always a good thing to remove stuff though, monsters like D.D. Survivor n D.D. Scout Plane would definitely return but before that, you could always allow the opponent to recieve some damage from Gaius's effect and attack!

Overall, its a really really gay Emperor/Monarch as its effect is rather universal. Its even better than Raiza! Sry Raiza fans. Lol.

Here are some Q & A taken from Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia about Gaius.






Q: When removing a DARK attribute monster when it is equipped to a monster on the field, does the opponent recieve 1000 damage?
A: No, as the DARK attribute monster would have been removed from game as an Equipment card instead of a Monster Card.

Q: Is there any effect of applying 1000 damage even when the dark attribute monster is in the face down defense position?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: Even if this card doesn't exist on the field when resolving its effect of removing a dark monster, is the effect of applying 1000 damage to the opponent applicable?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Is the effect of removing the card from game & dealing non effect damage done simultaneously?
A: Yes, it is simultaneous.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Card Reviews: Armor Breaker, Dark Calling, Grave Squirmer, Gem Tree & Counter Gem

Ok. This card reviews are actually due very very late considering how long the lastest Duelist Packs were released. And since Colin has been bugging me like forever for this, I'm finally going to do them!

DP06-JP010 Armor Breaker
EARTH/Warrior - Union/3/800/800
Once per turn, if you control this monster on the field, you can equip it to a face-up Warrior-Type monster on your side of the field as an Equip Card, OR unequip it and Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position. If the equipped monster inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you can destroy 1 card on the field. (1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union monster at the same time. If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle, destroy this card instead)

First off, lets look at the cute little warrior that Judai actually used to pwn Asuka. Unions are forever one of the types of monsters that are always left out and not always being played as they are always not so playable. However, Armor Breaker is actually one of the easiest!

Can be searched by
- Reinforcements of the Army
- Sangan
- Giant Rat
- Female Warrior of Wilderness (from SD5)

Easily equipped to
- [E.Hero Airman] or any gay E-Hero u can think of.
- [Spell Striker], direct attack and destroy! No damage even if attacked and your [Spell Striker] lives for another turn!
- Card Blocker! But obviously no one would want to attack one wif an equipped Armor Breaker. Can be combo-ed wif [Get Ride!] though.

Well, it still IS a union. So whether or not to play it is totally up to you. I might start testing this in my Ocean Control becuz its quite filled wif Warriors. If u're going to play this card too, make sure you have a sufficient amount of Warriors in the deck!

DP06-JP024 Dark Calling
Normal Magic
Remove from play from your hand and/or your Graveyard, Fusion Material Monsters that are written on a Fusion Monster Card that cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon with "Dark Fusion", and Special Summon that Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon with "Dark Fusion".)

This card doesn't need much card reviews as I have already done a similiar one to [Dark Fusion] which can be found in our archieves. (Yes Ken is Lazy! =x)

There are some rullings about it though, like monsters that were Dark Calling have Dark Fusion's effect. Well, no it doesn't. Because Dark Fusion has its own effect if you actually used it while Dark Calling just makes it being fusion summoned by Dark Fusion and nothing else.

[Dark Calling] also is alot better than [Dark Fusion] as it doesn't waste as much resources as your fusion materials can be from the Graveyard. Take it as a miracle fusion or dragon mirror for Evil Heroes, only from Hand and/or Grave. So you can fusion with 1 material in the hand, the other in the grave or 2 in the hand or 2 in the grave.
You can combo this card with [Future Fusion] too. Somehow read this on the Tips card they gave along with the Duelist Pack. You can [Future Fusion] a E.Hero and Dark Calling an Evil Hero!
But not for Rock and Demon types though if u're thinking [Future Fusion] works for [Evil Hero Dark Gaia].

Pontentially, this card is one of the gayest cards out of the Judai Duelist Pack. Many people have already started playing Dark Calling variants as they are easy to play especially with [Evil Hero Dark Gaia].

DP07-JP010 Grave Squirmer
DARK/Demon - Effect/1/0/0
When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, destroy 1 card on the field.

The review for this card is going to be really short.

This card goes without saying, is definitely 10 times better than your [Nyudoria].
- DDV-able
- ANY card. Not just monsters like Nyudoria.

- Force Rotation (The best way to gain advantage over opponent)

Other Uses:
- Suicide. You always know, when all else fails and you have no other way out, just take and ram your opponent's monster!

DP07-JP024 Gem Tree
Continuous Magic
When a "Gem Beast" monster(s) is placed in the Magic & Trap Card Zone, place 1 Gem Counter on this card. You can send this card to the Graveyard to place a number of "Gem Beast" monsters from your Deck to your Magic & Trap Card Zone as Continuous Magic Cards equal to the number of Gem Counters on this card.

Yes! The moment I've been waiting for! My favourite card out of the entire Duelist Pack set.

Going by the name and the effect of the card, it obviously only works in Gem Beast decks.
So, what so gay about it?
It makes the Sapphire Pegasus engine to flood the field with Gem Beasts twice as fast!!!

Cards that combo well with Gem Tree:
- Gem Beast Sapphire Pegasus
- Rare Value (Drawing cards is forever the gayest thing in Yu-Gi-Oh!)
- Gem Blessing, one turn 4 gem beasts in the M/T slot all ready for Gem Abundance!
- Gem Guidance, usually works well if you summon Ruby Carbuncle from the deck with many Sapphire Pegasus in your M/T slots.
- Ancient City Rainbow Ruin. For effects 1 to 5. Self Explainatory.
- Descending Thunder Emperor - Hamon. I know it really isn't a link... but since its a continous magic and it works wif Gem Beasts too so... why not?

This card is really useful in ANY gem beast deck be it for control or aggro. However, this card should be used in the early game and not in the late game as it wouldn't have as much usages as mentioned in the above combos.

DP07-JP029 Counter Gem
Normal Trap
Send all cards in your Magic & Trap Card Zone to the Graveyard, then place as many "Gem Beast" monsters as possible from your Graveyard to your Magic & Trap Card Zone as Continuous Magic Cards. During this turn's End Phase, destroy all face-up "Gem Beast" cards you control.

Ok finally the last card review.

I'm going to be lazy and say that this card is not really useful and give a really brief description of how to use it and go sleep!

Ok just kidding.

Only workable in the Gem Beast deck. Slap yourself if you don't understand why!

For the first effect of the card, it is a cost for you to activate this card. Meaning this card goes to the grave before it resolves too. Meaning, you can do that Goblin House Keeping Combo again with this card.
For the second effect of the card, is really abusive with Rainbow Ruins unless you have less than 5 Gem Beasts in your M/T slot after resolving this card.
Its another way to summon your Descending Thunder Emperor - Hamon and clear the rest with Rare Value or whatever you can think of!

So thats it. I know the reviews are not as longggg as Colin's but hey, Quality over Quantity. Hehe. Dun kill me Colin =P
Happy 2008 again Duelists! =)

2008 - A Brand New Year!

Yo duelists! Happy new year! Lets hope everyone has great wishes and dreams in this new year!!

-New Starter Deck And Duelist Genesis
Like what Ken said, there is going to be a new monster type making its appearance into the game pretty soon! Lets hope that those new types will be really cool!

-March Banlist 2008
Well, this might be the most exciting part of our Yu-Gi-Oh! Life right? Hoping what broken cards will be banned/restricted, or cards that will be unbanned/unrestricted. Lets hope that this time, the banlist will affect one of the strongest deck in the current metagame. The [Light And Darkness Dragon] deck.

-Asia/World Championships
Lets hope that everyone will do their best in the upcoming championships this year. Sure will hope that a few expected players will make it into the top of the country/world! Everyone do your best!

-Light Of Destruction
Hmmmm... This pack sure does looks powerful for Light Attribute or Angel type decks. Will it give us another deep impression about it's impact on the current metagame? Lets see then!

-Premium Pack 11
Quite a good pack to buy, I personally like the [E-HERO Voltech] because I have some deck ideas for it already hehe =X... The angel support cards are quite powerful. People using angel deck.. Do try to get ur hands on those cards? It'll help alot.. But... Its still is quite expensive nowdays T_T...

And in this coming new year... We Duel Society... Will bring you more fun and exciting cards reviews! Combos! Decklists! Anything out of your mind! In this little blog of ours... We will bring you further into the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game... In this year 2008!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - Happy New Year!

Happy new year all duelists!

Ok. Its 2008 already... so what are we supposed to look forward to about Yu-Gi-Oh?

- Premium Pack 11 (Its out already btw)
Has afew gay cards. Well, the roids are alittle ........
But the Angels support cards are gay! E-Hero Voltech has potential, just alittle too small.

- March Banlist
I'm sure many are waiting for this! There are currently many abusive stuff waiting to be listed onto this list, whether or ban or restricted, I'm sure we can even speculate that already.

- Light of Destruction
LODT should have many cards to boost angels and light type decks. So we might never know what is going to happen to the game again. Look at PTDN and think if LODT would make the same amount of impact to the game.

- The Duelist Genesis & The New 08 Starter Deck
What does Konami have up its sleeve?
New type monsters? Might be good enuff to change the current game alittle.
Lets hope for Double Subtypes like : Dragon/Machine or Demon/Angel... lol

And of course gayer promos be it from the V Jump, Weekly Jump or Value Books! =D

Well, hope everyone would have another fun year of dueling!