Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thoughts about the Upcoming World Championships Singapore Qualifiers

Hi guys! I've more free time these days so I decided to post a little bit more here.

Well i've been pondering what deck should I play for my nationals here in Singapore. And here i've quite a few deck choices in mind. Though My decision is most likely made up on which deck to play. What are your suggestions people? =D

- Gladial Beast
- Junk Doppel
- Machina Gadgets
- Agent Angel

So what are your views? =)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dogchain exploring the trend of Dueling Network!

Well its been quite awhile since I've ventured into the world of Dueling Network! Met lots of awesome, fun players with some of their very creative decks. But not to mention that there were some spoil sport players around who just ain't that friendly at all.

Apart from all the above, I've noticed alot of the trendy cards and decks used in Dueling Network, cards like [Reborn Tengu] a TCG exclusive card from the TCG version of Extreme Victory and also players play-testing decks like the upcoming [Dark World] deck with [Grapha - Dragon God of the Dark World] inside it.

I wouldn't say [Grapha - Dragon God of the Dark World] is all that powerful, however it does have a decent effect to special summon itself from the graveyard by returning one face-up [Dark World] monster from your field to the hand. And no, it does not have the ability like its other [Dark World] friends to special summon itself immediately when being discarded from the hand to the graveyard. However, it does have an effect when being discarded by cards effects into the graveyard. It is as follows,

- When being discarded by an effect, select one card your opponent controls and destroy it

- When being discard by your OPPONENT'S card effect, you will have the above number 1 effect PLUS the ability to randomly look at one of your opponent's hand cards. If the selected card is a monster card, you can special summon it to your side of the field.

And I kinda have a card in mind that makes [Grapha - Dragon God of the Dark World] a lil' bit more powerful in its abilities. This perhaps would come to anyones' mind too,


[Dark Deal]
Normal Trap
Activate only when your opponent activates a Normal Magic card. Pay 1000 life points.
The effect of the Normal Magic card that your opponent activated becomes "Your opponent randomly discards one card from his/her hand".

Now this is quite a good card in my opinion, although it only allows usage against normal magic cards. So cards like [Mystical Space Typhoon](Quick-Play), [Ancient Gear Town](Field) or even [Black Whirlwind](Continuous) will not be able to have their effects changed by [Dark Deal].

So by paying 1000 lifepoints, your opponent's whatever normal magic effect will be erased and changed into [Dark Deal]'s designated card effect. Your opponent will then discard one card from your hand at random. So do not be confused. Although you are the one that activated [Dark Deal], your opponent will discard one card from your own hand instead. And this is counted as your opponent's card effect! If he so luckily selected your [Grapha - Dragon God of the Dark World] in your hand. You can activate both of his discarding abilities!

Well that's all for today's post. Do tune in for more next time! =D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dogchain in Dueling Network!

Hi guys! Its been awhile hasn't it! Well been busy with lots of camp stuff here and there.

Well the excitement for me now is Dueling network. Lots of fun playing with people all around the world. Not to mention that the system is quite updated to the latest booster cards.

So I recommend for you people to try Dueling Network to test up your decks or just for fun. Wouldn't hurt to visit it! Here's the link!


K its time to book in! Bye!