Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thoughts on Banlist (09/2010)

Right! Been awhile since my last update on the World championships 2010 singapore qualifiers during June. So this coming post will be about the latest changes to the banlist that will be taking effect from the start of this coming September 2010. Below will be my thoughts for it. Let it roll!

Newly Banned

Rescue Cat 『レスキューキャット』
- No more abusing it on pair with [Summon Priest]! No more calling on two copies of [X-Saber Airbellum] to go for double directo attack! Resulting in 2 hand card loss for your opponents! No more quick synchro summoning of [Arcanite Magician] resulting in most of the time, a 2 cards loss on your opponent's side of the field almost instantly. Poor cat =( *pats*

Substitoad 『イレカエル』
- With this "toad" banned from the game for at least 6 months before it might be released into the light again. This probably will just stop the FTK or OTK of different kinds of frog variation decks. I haven't had much time to experience an all out OTK or FTK by a frog deck. So I hadn't had much idea on what to say for this toad. But by all the rumors and also a frog deck winning this year's world championships 2010. It would seem that this card has caused a very big impact in the game. Banning this card will stop the repeatable cycle of being to summon out different frogs for synchro summoning or for feeding it to [Mass Driver] for FTK purposes.

Brain Control 『洗脳-ブレインコントロール』
- I'm gonna cry, its my favourite card that wins games! But surely enough, no easy grabbing of your opponent's monsters in hope of gaining a swift victory! Scenarios like.....

1) Grab your opponents low level monster, use it for a synchro summon and then ponch ponch!

2) Grab your opponent's monster with high attack and aim for a directo attack. Most probably killing him if without any defenses.

3) Grab your opponent's monster! Use the "Hit and Release" technique!

Heavy Storm 『大嵐』

- Following Bahamut84 of dueling days on this: Stupid control decks can now set 5 M/T without fear of [Heavy Storm]! How to touch myself! Though ya there is still [Giant Trunade] around! And probably good because there is now one lesser card for [Starlight Road] to negate! *cough cough*

Newly Restricted to 1

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Boundary 『氷結界の龍 トリシューラ』
- Summoning one copy of it is already capable of giving your opponent quite a big disadvantage! Imagine being able to summon 3 copies till your opponent gets pretty screwed up by its powerful effect of removing 3 cards away from the game. Restricting this card to a single copy is a pretty good idea though! (I only have one copy thats why! =D)

Monster Reborn 『死者蘇生』
- Yes Konami has seen the light! Favourite card of all time! Guess in this new banlist, as what Bahamut84 of dueling days said. This will be the new card that win games! Witness the prowress of reviving your opponent's [Goyou Guardian] then using it to snatch another of your opponent's superior monster to be at your disposal! This is getting me pretty much excited!

Dark Hole 『ブラック・ホール』
- Woo! It doesn't matter to me whether [Heavy Storm] is banned! Usually I would rather the monsters get destroyed so that I can still declare attacks! Regardless of my opponent's magic and trap cards. That is actually how reckless I am while playing =X. Oh come on! But even so, more [Starlight Road] love anyone? Or is anyone willing to find their [White Hole]s to counter-attack [Dark Hole]? =P

Black Whirlwind 『黒い旋風』
- Slows down the theme monsters [Black Feathers], however they are still going strong in this metagame with their support cards and all. Usually some [Black Feather] themed decks will win even without the support of [Black Whirlwind]. Lets just see how much will it affect them in this banlist shall we?

Infernity Gun 『インフェルニティガン』
- With this card restricted to a single copy per deck, this lowers the possibility of allowing [Infernity] decks to be able to OTK their opponents in an instant. However still with the help of [Monster Reborn], things are still possible! So by limiting this card... Ok, at least it lowers the violence level of the deck.

Royal Oppression 『王宮の弾圧』
- Being at one copy? Lesser worries of a special summon seal!

Newly Restricted to 2

Chaos Sorcerer 『カオス・ソーサラー』
- Being at 2 copies brings back more hope and violence for Twilight decks. Can see this card being abused in the near future. Lets just see how it'll fare then!

Snipe Hunter 『スナイプストーカー』
- More [Fabled/Demon Roar God] love? Easier filling your graveyard of light and dark monsters to feed to [Chaos Sorcerer]. Its un-confirmed destruction effect makes it able to "most probably" snipe the all-famous [Stardust Dragon]

Mystical Space Typhoon 『サイクロン』
- I always preferred this card than [Dust Tornado]. Reason being that it is a quick-play magic card. Able to activate at almost anytime! Now with two copies of [Mystical Space Typhoon], who needs so many [Wild Tornado] or [Twister]? Just destroy all the [Royal Oppression]s, [Black Whirlwind]s, [Royal Decree]s and [Infernity Gun]s away with [Mystical Space Typhoon]!

Magic Cylinder 『魔法の筒』
- Orz okays, its really not that safe to try to directo attack your opponents even with [Dimension Prison] and [Mirror Force] out of the way. Although this card does not remove your monsters' prescence. It can still kill you if your superior monsters fall into this trap. Being at 2 copies now means it will be able to deal even bigger damage to you or your opponent! More [Mental Sphere Demon] in your extra decks anyone?

Ojama Trio 『おジャマトリオ』
- Easy, activate and summon the tokens to your opponent's side of the field. [Dark Hole] for easy 900 damage to your opponent's lifepoints! =D

Newly Unrestricted/Released from Banlist

Black Rose Dragon 『ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン』
- Woo! More [Starlight Road] love people! Junk and Debris decks will surely love the comeback of this card at 3 copies. Pair it up with [Monster Reborn] for better results =D

Cyber Dragon 『サイバー・ドラゴン』
- Who now really needs [Vice Dragon] when [Cyber Dragon] is back at 3? Faster synchro summoning, big beatstick, faster advance summoning too. Combo with [Super Fusion] and [E-HERO Prisma] for better results? =P

Goblin Zombie 『ゴブリンゾンビ』
- Enables more searching of your zombie type monsters! Doesn't really happen to have much impact on this metagame yet from my opinion.

Treeborn Frog 『黄泉ガエル』
- Yes yes, taking one out with [D.D Crow] isn't enough anymore! More [Crack of the Different Dimension] people!

United We Stand 『団結の力』
- Nowdays we like to flood our field with [Dandelion Tokens]! So with so many in flooding, how about giving them some love to deal some damage to our opponents? Sounds good? =D

Royal Decree 『王宮のお触れ』
- So much trap card hatred! But with 2 copies of [Mystical Space Typhoon] around. It shouldn't be that much of a problem.

Overall Review: From this new format, all we can see are more and more mass destruction that will probably rain on every match that you will be playing coming this september? This will also probably just increase the sales of [Starlight Road]! Do remember that [Starlight Road] is being reprinted soon in the latest [Fudou Yusei Duelist Pack 3]! So Konami will mostly want more love for this card since it will be made available for usage for the grand tournaments in the asia countries excluding Japan in the near future. So guys... Get more [Starlight Road]! =D