Thursday, October 18, 2007

Card Review: Gem Release

Well guys, its been awhile since the last card review.
This time its gonna be about the new Duelist Pack cards.
I've been getting rather lazy so thats why I'm going to start with such a simple card to review.

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DP07-JP023 Gem Release [Rare]
This card can only be equipped to a monster with the name [Gem Beast] on the field. Increase the attack points of the equipped monster by 800. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can select 1 [Gem Beast] monster from your Deck, and place it face-up in one of your Magic & Trap Card Zones.

Yes, being a mad hardcore fan of Johan and his Gem Beasts, I'm going to start with a Gem Beast support card, Gem Release.

So what so good about this card? Well, as all of you may have noticed long ago, Gem Beasts were not very high attack monsters to begin with. Giving it a 800 attack boost is really good as it actually enables monsters like Sapphire Pegasus, Topaz Tiger and Amber Mammoth to actually overun those monarchs. Even the Amythest Cat scratches your face for 1000 damage! Ouch!

Second effect of the card is rather good too. Allowing you to select 1 [Gem Beast] monster from your Deck, and place it face-up in one of your Magic & Trap Card Zones is one of the ways to fufilling the effects of Rainbow Ruins and would quicken the summoning cost of Rainbow Dragon.
This effect is good as, a Gem Beast destroyed with this card would automatically mean that you would get 2 Magic & Trap slot Gem Beasts at one go! And we all know Gem Beasts could do many stunts with 2 Gems in the M/T slots.

Well, thats about it. Short review. I felt that this card should have been a super rare instead of Counter Gem as it is much better. Expect more card reviews on the duelist packs. 1 down, 15 new cards more to go. This card is good to use in any typical Gem Beast build. I would suggest running 3 in your gem beast decks! Watch out people! There could even be a 4200 attack Sapphire Pegasus with 3 equipped onto it! Omfg?!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Duelist Pack Thoughts 2

Hey all! Went out with Kenneth and Poh Choon yesterday to get some Duelist Packs! Well we mostly bought the Judai Pack.. And so below here are our share of the new harvest! =D

Yuki Judai's Pack

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Starting from the left... [2x Hero's Rule 2], [E-HERO Hell Sniper], [E-HERO Malicious Devil], [E-HERO Wild Cyclone] and [Armor Breaker].

Johan Anderson's Pack

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Starting from the left... [Grave Squirmer], [Torch Golem] and [Counter Gem]

Do get your share of the Duelist Packs now!

Duelist Pack Thoughts

I personally find that the DP this time is better than the previous ones. Judai's pack this time offers various playable cards. Johan's pack is more for Gem Beast users unless u're going for the Phantom Gunman or Torture Golem only which can be greatly abused with Bloo-D and Ravel. Hand severing would be Colin's favourite to play wif his Protector of the Sanctuary.
The shocking commons for the two packs is:

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Swing of Remininsce and Torrential Tribute.

Yay! =D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Duelist Pack 6 & 7 Is OUT!!!!

Hey all! Duelist Pack 6 & 7 being Judai Volume 3 and Johan pack will be out today at all World Of JJ outlets! Grab them now! Visit your nearby card shops for more information =D! Expect a bunch of brand new and powerful cards from these 2 packs!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Duel Chat! IS BACK!!!!!!

Guys the Duel Chat! box is back for you guys to talk here! =D Do not abuse it ya!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Duel Chat! Taken Off Till Further Notice.

Hi ! Goulian Here! Sorry for the inconvenience as we will be taking down the Duel Chat! box until further notice. As we noticed that the board is being abused in creating conflict among some people. So We are again sorry for the inconvenience. Any questions you may email to us at . And we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!