Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Card Review: Fortune Slip

Right after a long wait, finally a card review! Lets not slow this down and get on with it! Today's card review will be on a card from the latest booster pack "Ancient Prophecy"! The card we are reviewing today is [Fortune Slip]!

Fortune Slip

[Fortune Slip]
Normal Trap
Activate only when your opponent declares an attack with a monster, negate that attack and remove the attack target of that monster away from the game till the standby phase of your next turn.

Right reading from the text, although this card protects your monster from your opponent's attacks, it doesn't destroy the attacking monster and removes your own monster away from the game too! So how does this actually help you turn the tables around if you are up against a high powered and irritating monster that your opponent is controlling?

So here goes, how about letting [Fortune Slip] remove some kind of monsters that has an effect while being removed away from the game? Or when leaving the field too! Monster cards like [Fortune Lady Lighty] and [E-HERO Absolute Zero] has a effect that is to be activated when they leave the field. [Fortune Lady Lighty] has an effect to special summon another [Fortune Lady] when it leaves the field and as for [E-HERO Absolute Zero], an absolute destruction to your opponent's monsters can be assured when it leaves the field.

Or how about powering up monsters that has been powered down by their effects? Using this card to remove away from the game a 1900 attack strength [God Beast King Babaros] will return it back to the field during the end phase to its normal 3000 attack strength! Or... How about using [Fortune Slip] on a 800 attack strength [Light And Darkness Dragon]? You will be able to use its negating effect again once it has returned to your side of the field with a full 2800 attack strength!

There can also be a very very lame or funny combo to be done with [Fortune Slip]! Here goes nothing!

Step 1: Your opponent has 2 monsters, one of them focus its attack on your [Necro Gardna]

Step 2: Activate [Fortune Slip] and remove your [Necro Gardna] away from the game!

Step 3: Your opponent's second monster declares an attack!

Step 4: Activate [Burial From A Different Dimension] and return [Necro Gardna] to the graveyard!

Step 5: Remove [Necro Gardna] away from the graveyard and block that attack =/...

Now from the above, you can also see that [Burial From A Different Dimension] can also be a threat against your monster that has been removed away from the game by [Fortune Slip]. Returning your [God Beast King Babaros] or even [Light And Darkness Dragon] and not allowing it to return to the field can be a very big loss. So do watch out for it!

Well thats all for today's card review! Will be doing another one on time next week! Gotacha! Goulian Signing off~!