Saturday, March 15, 2008

Card Review : Honest

Phew! Its been awhile since Duel Society last gave a review to the readers that visits this site! Sorry about that as we are still as busy as usual.. Cabaling that is! LOL! Anyway today's review will be on the cover card of [Light Of Destruction] ! The card is... [Honest] !


Attribute: Light , Type: Angel
Effect Monster, 4 stars, Atk 1100/Def 1900
During your main phase, you can return this face-up card from your side of the field to your hand. When a LIGHT Attribute monster you control battles, during the damage step, you can send this card from your hand to the graveyard to have your monster's attack points increased by your opponent's monster's attack points until the end phase of this turn.

Hmmm.. Onto seeing the stats of this card.. It ain't really a fighter but quite a defender because of the stats Atk 1100/Def 1900. Being able to defend against some monsters that can be quite a killer for your level 4 and below monsters. Such as... [Vorse Raider], [Raiou] , our famous [E-HERO Airman] and many more! And since being a 1100 attack points LIGHT attribute monster... It can be searched out by [Sangan] and also being able to be special summoned out onto the field by [Shining Angel] and [Calling Nova].

Lets get onto the first effect of this awesome monster. Being able to return this face-up card from your side of the field to your hand might be quite useful sometimes. At least you'll know that you will be able to use the second effect no matter what happens! Unless your opponent has itchy hands and placed cards like [Divine Wrath] or [Mind Crash] into their decks just to counter your [Honest]!

As for the second effect of this monster. Whenever your LIGHT attribute monster battles. You can send this card from your hand to the graveyard to have the opponent's monster's attack points added onto your monster's attack points! As most of our decks are being splashed with quite alot of LIGHT Attribute monsters such as... [Cyber Dragon] , [E-HERO Prismer] , [Lightning Emperor Zaborg], [Light Emperor Kreis] , [Freed The Brave Wanderer] and the newly released [LightLord] monsters!

This card allows you to be able to fend off against any monsters that has incredibly high attack points such as.... [Five God Dragon] , [Dark Magician Of Chaos] , [Blue Eyes White Dragon] and so on so forth. And of course you can also use this card's effect on low attack points monsters to get their attack points added onto your monster just to go in for the kill!

And 1 combo that is quite impossible to do unless you have extremely powerful luck will be like this...


Your [Cyber Dragon] Battles

Chain 1:You Activate [Limiter Removal]
Chain 2:You Activate [Honest]
Chain 3:You Activate [Honest]
Chain4:You Activate [Honest]

Conclusion: You get a very big fat [Cyber Dragon] that most probably will smack your opponent upside down and senseless! But this is just a thought! It might and might not happen LOL!
And yes... Whoever activated [Honest] effect first will gain the most Attack points at the end of the resolution. Always remember that Chain 1 will resolve the last. Thus the [Honest] that was activated in Chain 1 will gain the most attack points. Ouch?!

Okay thats the end for the review today! Lets hope that we will have more time to bring you readers out there even more reviews in times to come! Till then to our next update! Goulian Signing off!

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