Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thoughts on World Championship 08

Hi! Its Kenneth here finally doing a report on today's World Championship that took place at Kallang Leisure Park.

Colin - 48th
Me - 43rd

Yes omg we've became noobs!

I probably won't talk about my matches since all of them are practically crappy.
Its either a Dark Armed variant or Lightlord. Nothing else. I only won 3 and lost 2 matches in the swiss rounds and since everyone I play with has imbalanced luck (ppl summoning afew Dark Armed Dragons/Judgement Dragoon in a turn)I am quite speechless about my lost. lol.

A pic of the top 8 winners:

Don't ask me who are all of them, I can only recognise Sebestian, Fish, Baha, Wan Xin & Eu Yong Siang. Ok thats actually quite alot... and one guy seems to be missing from the picture.

I only know Baha was 1st and Fish was 2nd.

Grats to Bahamut84 from Dueling Days for winning this year's 2008 World Championship tournament.

To those who didn't do well (esp me and Colin), lets just try harder next time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Card Review: Junk Synchron

It's been a real while since I've done my card review so I guess it's about time I do one. (I think all my card reviews starts with this sentence)

Today lets talk about Fuudou Yuusei's most godlike topdecked card.

Junk Synchron
Dark/Lv 3/Warrior/Tuner
Atk: 1300/Def: 500
Effect: When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, Special Summon a Level 2 or lower Monster in your Graveyard in face-up Defense Position to your field. Effects of the Special Summoned monster by this effect are negated.

This card is really quite a good card on itself.
Searchable by
- Reinforcements of an Army
- Sangan
- Mystic Tomato

Its effect to special summon monster only works when its normal summoned though.
The drawback for such an effect is to have the summoned monster's effect negated, so no diskguy abuse for those who always loves to draw cards.
There always [Card of Safe Return] though.
Normal summoning this card itself would be summoning out a LV5 Synchro already, provided you already have a lv2 monster in the grave and it doesn't get dd crowed away.

Lv5 Synchro
- Junk Warrior (Only Junk Synchron can summon this)
- A.O.J Catastor

Alternatively, u can always use this card to synchro with other non tuner monsters to summon even better or bigger synchro monsters to your liking or based on your field situation.

So, to play this card or not really is up to you. Unless its for the dark or warrior attribute or for its effect, otherwise if you're looking for it just cause its a 3 star tuner monster, I'd rather you have a look at Emergency Teleport and Pyscho Commander.

Till next time!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Card Review : Emergency Teleport

Hey all! As promised, its another card review today! As the 101th post for Duel Society! Though the card being reviewed today is quite a late news already ar? lol =X Oh well in order not to keep you guys in suspense, the card being reviewed today is [Emergency Teleport] from the most "recent" booster pack [The Duelist Genesis] !


[Emergency Teleport]
Quick-Play Magic
Special Summon a level 3 or lower psychic type monster from your hand or deck. The monster summoned by this way is removed away from the game at the end phase of the turn.

Well this card is mainly used in the [Dark Syncro Shokan!] decks in Singapore as well as in Japan! We all know the extent of the gayness of this card do we? So lets see what is the powers of this card that made it so powerful!

The ability to Special Summon out a level 3 Psychic-Type monster from your hand or from your deck is a very good source of monster sacrifices for monsters like [Wicked Emperor Gaius] or [Wind Emperor Raiza]! Although there is a drawback of it being only able to Special Summon level 3 and below Psychic-Type monsters only... But to top it all off.. Its a Quick-Play magic card! Which means that it can also be used during your opponent's turn if you had set if face-down in order to activate in your opponent's turn to do some freaky stunts! Examples will be Special Summoning Psychic-Type monsters like [Clevonce] that is able to block quite an amount of enemy attacks! (Of course some life points is at stake here! Ugh!)

And since it is able to Special Summon out monsters like [Clevonce] which is another important point for this card! 3 of the Psychic-Type monsters in there which are level 3 and below are also tuners! Monsters like as said before a level 2 tuner [Clevonce] , level 1 tuner [Mental Master] and level 3 tuner [Psycho Commander]. Which in return you are able to do Syncro Summoning at very high speeds! Depending on the situations of course =D.... But the most appreciated and most usable Psychic-Type tuner will be [Clevonce]! Why? I'm sure you guys know why! For those that don't, I'll do another review on it soon! =)! However you can check for their review on [Emergency Teleport] and [Clevonce]! They'll tell you why!

And of course there are cards that totally counter [Emergency Teleport]! Cards like... [Royal Oppression] , [Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo] or just to make it simple.. Cards that totally cripples Special Summonings! And just one [Magic Seal] will just kill the [Emergency Teleport] too! T_T... But ya these are just some of the cards that can render your [Emergency Teleport] useless! So do watch out for them!

Okay short review =D.. Because gay cards like this actually do not need so much explanation! Hope that it is good enough this time though! (duelist author job at stake here!) Well will do another review soon! Stay Tuned to us! Till next time.. Goulian Signing off!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Well today is a Special day for this blog! Why? Its because that this is the day which this blog was borned! I still remember about the moment when me and Kenneth were thinking about a name for this blog lol. At first I thought about [Duel Academy].. But well... Abit too... Uh nevermind =X.. And then suddenly due to the influence by the Anime [Bleach]... I came up with the name [Duel Society]! And that is how the blog was borned! Well we as the authors of Duel Society, promise more exciting reviews and updates in new beginning of this new year for this blog! And to top it all off... THIS IS THE 100TH POST FOR DUEL SOCIETY!