Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Card Review : Trap Eater

Hey guys! Been awhile since the last update! And since [Crimson Crisis] has been released for around 2 weeks or so now, I guess its time for a new card review that we have not been doing for quite some time! Today's review will be on a card from [Crimson Crisis]! And it is the... [Trap Eater]!


[Trap Eater]
Attribute: Dark, Type: Demon
Effect Monster, Tuner, 4 stars
Atk 1900 / Def 1600
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sending 1 Face-Up trap card that your opponent controls to the graveyard.

Well seeing that there is almost no easy way to summon this card nor use it for a Synchro Summon... What good is this monster?! True that it is a level 4 monster with nice fighter stats of an attack strength of 1900 points and a defense strength of 1600 points... But still, there is almost no easy way to summon it out except by sending a face-up trap that your opponent controls to the graveyard! But however people! There are easy ways to summon this card out in our current meta! There are quite alot of [Meta Beat] decks that are packed with [Royal Oppression] or [Skill Drain], which makes those cards nice food for this little guy here to be summoned out!

So hmmm... Are there anymore good points about this card? Well there sure is! This card's attribute is a DARK attribute, which might make it attractive to be placed inside [Dark Armed Synchro] decks, since that deck is a deck that is afraid of the two above mentioned continuous trap cards and also [Dark Absorbing Mirror], this card might just make your deck flow easier and not be that afraid of the above mentioned!

Overall, this card may be powerful. But I would advise placing this card in the side deck first instead of straight away putting it into your main deck. You wouldn't know if your opponent will be playing powerful continuous traps till you get to test play with them! So it is better to be placed inside the side deck. Alright then! Till then to my next post! Goulian Signing Off~!

Edited: Thanks to DS for the slight note about the effect! I think I've totally gotten drunk while I was doing this review! LOL! Joking guys, well I promise no more mistakes will appear from the next post onwards!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Deck Review: Junkyard Assault MK I

Hey! Been awhile since the last update! Today's post will be about a deck that I have been testing out recently! It proves to be quite successful at times unless you have an extremely bad hand!(What am I talking here! Every deck with an extremely bad hand has bad times!) And this deck was built out of boredom as I actually saw this pile of cards on my study table... So I decided to make a deck out of them! Below here is the decklist!


Deck Name: Junkyard Assault MK I

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 18

3x Junk Synchron
3x Bolt Hedgehog
2x Clevonce
2x Necro Gardna
2x Lightlord Paladin - Jean
2x Lightlord Hunter - Raikou
2x Lightlord Beast - Wulf
1x Card Gunner
1x Psycho Commander

Magic: 17

2x Reinforcement Of The Army
2x Dark Burst
2x Solar Exchange
1x Foolish Burial
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control
1x Swords Of Revealing Light
2x Emergency Teleport
1x Cyclone
1x Burial From A Different Dimension
2x Cards Of Safe Return

Traps: 5

2x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Torrential Tribute
2x Angel Lift

As you can see why is this deck called a [Junkyard] deck is because of all the cards that are somehow unrelated to each other! You have only seen 6 [Lightlord] monsters in the deck!
But oh well, basically this deck works by depending alot on the graveyard. So therefore cards that sends cards to the graveyard is heavily used in the deck! Such as [Lightlord Paladin - Jean], [Lightlord Hunter - Raikou], [Card Gunner] and etc are all cards that sends cards to the graveyard from your deck. And of course, cards that has their effect activated in the graveyard or targets the graveyard are also included! Like [Junk Synchron], [Bolt Hedgehog] and [Necro Gardna].

And the deck is also based on using your [Junk Synchron] on reviving a monster first before it is used for a Synchro Summon! So why not gain some benefit from such an effect first? [Cards Of Safe Return] allows you to draw cards whenever you revive a monster from your graveyard to the field. I'm sure that you guys have been exposed to such a card when you are up against decks like [Undead Synchro]. And in order to keep re-doing the cycle, cards like [Dark Burst] has been added in order for you to keep recycling your [Junk Synchron] for more Synchro Summon nonsense! And also to draw more cards out of [Cards Of Safe Return]!

As for the Extra Deck of this deck, I would recommend 3 [Mist Wurm] inside it because this deck is able to Synchro Summon out level 9 monsters quite easily. And also level 5 and level 6, more of the odd number level monsters I would say! So why not try this deck out? Its cheap and easy to play! And keep your eyes peeled because I think that MK II of this deck might be out really soon! I hope! =X

Till next time! Goulian Signing Off!

Monday, November 3, 2008

C.D.L Duel Kingdom Tournament on 2/11/08

Well participated in this awesome event yesterday in order to test my deck's new build with some pressure on it! However this was the results for yesterday's match-ups.

C.D.L Duel Kingdom Tournament 2/11/08
Deck Used : Light Gladial Beasts
Format: Swiss
(the above totally copies Baha's format right? =X)

First Match VS Joel (Meta Gadget)
XOX = Lose

Lost in the first round because my magic and trap cards were just not as much as the ones that he got in his starting hand! So of course... He took control of the game very quickly as expected and thus causing my lost to him in the first round. Won him in the second round due to him having a monster hand full of gadgets and only 1 trap card in his starting hand. So I just rushed him down and went in for the win! Lost to him in the third round due to the ever powerful [Royal Oppression] =(.... But It was a really nice match =D...

Second Match VS Luo Han (Undead Syncro)
OO- = Win

Won in the first round due to the luckiest crow on earth! The [D.D Crow] that is always in my hand!(P.S. I did not cheat!) Won in the second round because fortunately, the lucky crow was also in my starting hand!(P.S. I really did not cheat!)

Third Match VS Kenneth [not this blog's master] (Beast Syncro)
OO- = Win

Actually I would think that he could have won me since he was already in control with [Cold Wave] and [Dark Armed Dragon] on his field! But I saw the light and managed to turn the tables! That was just luck though! In the second round, I tried to control with [Raiou]! But however he keeps using my monsters as Syncro Materials!(P.S. I blame [Mind Control]!) Managed to win by gaining back control... One of the nicest match I had that day. Hurry find your [Natural Beast] and add it into your extra deck =D!

Fourth Match VS Desmond (Meta Gadget)
XOX = Lose

Lost in the first round as usual I had bad hand again.... Which resulting in me having lost control against his deck. Won in the second round due to [Cold Wave] and [Gladial Beast Heraklonis]. Lost in the third round because I had 2 [E-HERO Prismer] in my hand with [Raiou] , [Gladial Beast Chariot], [Solemn Judgment]. Then I drew the 3rd [E-HERO Prismer] as my 6th card! The thing was, all of my [E-HERO Prismer] got wiped out by [Bottomless Trap Hole] or either [Compulsory Evacuation Device]! Oh ya I also drew [Gladial Beast Chariot] as my 2nd turn's 7th card!( I think Baha passed on to me his Casino De Baha luck! Oh noes!) Well it was quite a nice match!

So I died-ed in this tournament! Will have to improve my deck further! Might also be participating next week, who knows? Well its time to sign off now! Till next time!