Sunday, August 31, 2008

Full List Of The Banlist (September 2008 - March 2009)

Okay people, below here is the full list of the banlist that is going to take effect right after today! So duelists that are still confused about the banlist.... Take a look and keep yourself updated!

Legend - * is newly added cards.

Forbidden/Banned Cards 「禁止カード」:
The following cards cannot be put into a deck:

Victory Dragon 「ヴィクトリー・ドラゴン」
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 「混沌帝龍 -終焉の使者-」
Chaos Sorcerer 「カオス・ソーサラー」
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」
Sinister Serpent 「キラー・スネーク」
Witch of the Black Forest 「黒き森のウィッチ」
Dark Magician of Chaos 「混沌の黒魔術師」 *
Thousand-Eyes Restrict 「サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス」
Cyber Jar 「サイバーポッド」
Makyura the Destructor 「処刑人-マキュラ」
Tsukuyomi 「月読命」
Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 「D-HEROディスクガイ」 *
Cyber-Stein 「デビルフランケン」
Tribe-Infecting Virus 「同族感染ウィルス」
Fiber Jar 「ファイバーポッド」
Magical Scientist 「魔導サイエンティスト」
Yata-Garasu 「八汰烏」
Magician of Faith 「聖なる魔術師」
Mirage of Nightmare 「悪夢の蜃気楼」
Delinquent Duo 「いたずら好きな双子悪魔」
Temple of the Kings 「王家の神殿」
Painful Choice 「苦渋の選択」
The Forceful Sentry 「強引な番兵」
Pot of Greed 「強欲な壺」
Change of Heart 「心変わり」
Raigeki 「サンダー・ボルト」
Dimension Fusion 「次元融合」 *
Butterfly Dagger - Elma 「蝶の短剣-エルマ」
Graceful Charity 「天使の施し」
Harpie's Feather Duster 「ハーピィの羽根帚」
Premature Burial 「早すぎた埋葬」 *
Dark Hole 「ブラック・ホール」
Last Will 「遺言状」
Confiscation 「押収」
Snatch Steal 「強奪」
Metamorphosis 「突然変異」
Imperial Order 「王宮の勅命」
Exchange of the Spirit 「現世と冥界の逆転」
Sixth Sense 「第六感」
Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
Time Seal 「刻の封印」
Last Turn 「ラストバトル!」
Ring of Destruction 「破壊輪」

Restricted Cards 「制限カード」:
Only 1 copy of the following cards can be put into a deck:

D. D. Warrior Lady 「異次元の女戦士」
Elemental Hero Stratos 「E・HEROエアーマン」
Sangan 「クリッター」
Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」 *
Spirit Reaper 「魂を削る死霊」
Dandelion 「ダンディライオン」
Twin-Headed Behemoth 「ドル・ドラ」
Raiza the Storm Monarch 「風帝ライザー」
Night Assailant 「深淵の暗殺者」
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole 「N・グランモール」
Exodia the Forbidden One 「封印されしエクゾディア」
Right Leg of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右足」
Right Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右腕」
Left Leg of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左足」
Left Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左腕」
Marshmallon 「マシュマロン」
Breaker the Magical Warrior 「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」 *
Envoy of Hades - Gors 「冥府の使者ゴーズ」
Morphing Jar 「メタモルポット」
Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest 「森の番人グリーン・バブーン」
Treeborn Frog 「黄泉ガエル」
Card Trooper 「カードガンナー」
Snipe Hunter 「スナイプ・ストーカー」
Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
Overload Fusion 「オーバーロード・フュージョン」
Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」
Advanced Ritual Art 「高等儀式術」
Scapegoat 「スケープ・ゴート」
United We Stand 「団結の力」
Card Destruction 「手札抹殺」
Swords of Revealing Light 「光の護封剣」
Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
Giant Trunade 「ハリケーン」
Gold Sarcophagus 「封印の黄金櫃」
Future Fusion 「未来融合-フューチャー・フュージョン」
Reasoning 「名推理」 *
Monster Gate 「モンスターゲート」 *
Limiter Removal 「リミッター解除」
Level Limit - Area B 「レベル制限B地区」
Megamorph 「巨大化」
Brain Control 「洗脳-ブレイン・コントロール-」
Smashing Ground 「地砕き」
Fissure 「地割れ」
Return from the Different Dimension 「異次元からの帰還」 *
Ojama Trio 「おジャマトリオ」
Gravity Bind 「グラヴィティ・バインド-超重力の網-」
Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
Crush Card Virus 「死のデッキ破壊ウイルス」
Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア -ミラーフォース-」
Ultimate Offering 「血の代償」
Ceasefire 「停戦協定」
Mind Crush 「マインドクラッシュ」
Magic Cylinder 「魔法の筒」
Trap Dustshoot 「ダスト・シュート」
The Transmigration Prophecy 「転生の予言」
Wall of Revealing Light 「光の護封壁」

Semi-Restricted Cards 「準制限カード」:
Only 2 copies of the following cards can be put into a deck:

Manticore of Darkness 「暗黒のマンティコア」
Judgement Dragoon 「裁きの龍」 *
Summon Priest 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」 *
Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」 *
Necroface 「ネクロフェイス」
Phantom of Chaos 「ファントム・オブ・カオス」 *
Mask of Darkness 「闇の仮面」
Rescue Cat 「レスキューキャット」 *
Foolish Burial 「おろかな埋葬」
Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」 *
Chain Strike 「連鎖爆撃」 *
Book of Moon 「月の書」
Nobleman of Crossout 「抹殺の使徒」 *
Magical Stone Excavation 「魔法石の採掘」

Released from the Banlist/No longer restricted 「準制限」:
3 copies per deck allowed:

Light and Darkness Dragon 「光と闇の竜」
Destiny Hero - Malicious 「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」
Mage Power 「魔導師の力」
Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」

Hope this helps! Goulian signing off! Play well people!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thoughts on Banlist (09/2008) Part 2!

Yoz guys! I think its my turn to post about my views on the latest banlist that is going to take effect on the 1st of September 2008!

Newly Banned:

Dark Magician of Chaos 「混沌の黒魔術師」
- Quite expected in the sense because of the [Arms Hole] and [D.D.R] infinity loop. And also quite power in the Return from out of game decks. Like the Destiny Blade decks. And perhaps because [Allure of Darkness] is coming out in OCG soon?

Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 「D-HEROディスクガイ」
- Another expected card. Because of cards like [Limit Reverse] and [Angel Lift] that has appeared, revival has became quite an easy job for this card. And the drawing cards ability is just pure win!

Dimension Fusion 「次元融合」
- Since TCG decided to ban this card in their banlist. It would be alright for OCG to follow the banlist too. Able to stop all kinds of FTK and OTK decks that relies on the "Out of Game" pile.

Premature Burial 「早すぎた埋葬」
- Sometimes I would prefer this over [Monster Reborn], perhaps it is because that this card can be taken back by [Arms Hole]? Oh well at least Konami is kind enough to still let us have [Monster Reborn]...?

Newly Restricted to 1:

Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」
- Trying to slow down Syncro Summoning? Or even the summoning of [Chimeratech Fortress Dragon]?(But its rather rarely seen these days =X) .

Breaker the Magical Warrior 「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」
- Not as strong as [Lightlord Magician - Laila] , but a great fighter with a great effect! Put them together = Magician decks anyone?

Reasoning 「名推理」
- Oh well... Yes Kenneth.. Poor DS =(

Monster Gate 「モンスターゲート」
- Same as the above, [Reasoning]

Return from the Different Dimension 「異次元からの帰還」
- Same as [Dimension Fusion].

Newly Restricted to 2:

Judgement Dragoon 「裁きの龍」
- Uh.... Whats the point? Its not making [Lightlord] decks any slower? Like what DS said, there are tons of [Monster Reincarnation] and [Beckoning Light] around. So... Whats the point? O_O?

Summon Priest 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」
- Trying to slow down Syncro Summoning decks? Hey wait.. Correction.. Its [Rescue Cat] syncro summoning decks. =X

Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」
- Um..... 2 is still... VERY PLAYABLE! With [Allure Of Darkness] coming out. The draw power is still there for this card to be added into the hand quickly!

Phantom of Chaos 「ファントム・オブ・カオス」
- I'm not sure on why they banned it. Hmmm... Time to investigate!

Rescue Cat 「レスキューキャット」
- Further slowly down this card's "built for it" deck!

Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」
- Draw power is getting weaker in Zombie decks! But there is still draw power....

Chain Strike 「連鎖爆撃」
- Ooooooooo! Time for Burn decks to revive?!

Nobleman of Crossout 「抹殺の使徒」
- Lots of flip effect monsters hate seen here.

Newly Unrestricted/Released from Banlist

Light and Darkness Dragon 「光と闇の竜」
- People rarely play it now... However, will it return to its glorious days?

Destiny Hero - Malicious 「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」
- Many people has gotten 3 of these in their hands before... But there is still [Zombie Carrier] to try to help solve the problem for you. =D

Mage Power 「魔導師の力」
- [Gem Beast] is getting more firepower! [Arms Hole] also has more targets! Cool!

Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
- Yes! I'm loving it! Its time to search search and more search!

Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」
- Oh! New deck ideas inside my head!

Thoughts on the banlist:

Actually I think that the banned part of this list is making it quite balanced for the game. Or just a little?

The restricted to 1 cards is actually quite focusing on the special summoning cards that are in OTK or FTK decks. Or just to slow down Syncro Summoning decks. I am actually quite glad that they didn't touch on [E-HERO Prismer] like they should! (just for the [Gladial Beast] decks =X) And they did not touch on [Wicked Emperor Gaius] too! Awwww...

As for the restrict to 2 section.. It makes [Lightlord] and [Dark Armed Dragon] decks a little slower, but there is still support cards for them that makes them just as fast as last time.

As for the cards that were released from the list. It ain't really that surprising. And ya.. I'm hoping to see more new decks soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thoughts on Banlist (09/2008)

Hi all! Its the 2nd time of the year to be doing this LOL

Newly Banned:
Dark Magician of Chaos 「混沌の黒魔術師」
- No more Armshole, DDR loop T_T
Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 「D-HEROディスクガイ」
- No more free cards to draw!
Dimension Fusion 「次元融合」
- No more RFG abuse!
Premature Burial 「早すぎた埋葬」
- No more armshole and Brionac abuse!

Thoughts on banned:
Everything on this part of the banlist was rather expected.
No more cycling combos now that the above 2 monsters are gone.
And with Premature Burial gone, I think we've all wasted quite abit on Armshole don't you think?
Dimension Fusion was a banned on the TCG, I guess OCG adapted it; I guess there were decks abusing it too.

Newly Restricted to 1:
Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」
- Lol?
Breaker the Magical Warrior 「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」
- Yay, everybody's favourite is back.
Reasoning 「名推理」
- Poor DS
Monster Gate 「モンスターゲート」
- Same as Reasoning
Return from the Different Dimension 「異次元からの帰還」
- Same as Dimension Fusion

Thoughts on RT1:
Seriously didn't expect Cyber Dragon to get restricted? Maybe cuz of the fast summoning with tuners to synchro summon stuff.
Rejoice that Breaker's back! Everyone can start taking it out from their albums...
Reasoning & Monster gate... Condolences to most OTK users esp DS...

Newly Restricted to 2:
Judgement Dragoon 「裁きの龍」
- =_=
Summon Priest 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」
- =_=
Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」
- =_=
Phantom of Chaos 「ファントム・オブ・カオス」
- =_=
Rescue Cat 「レスキューキャット」
- =_=
Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」
- =_=
Chain Strike 「連鎖爆撃」
- O . o
Nobleman of Crossout 「抹殺の使徒」
- ?_?

Thoughts on RT2:
Seriously, imba cards should have been restricted to 1 and not just 2.
2 copies are still drawable and still won't make much of a difference.
Well, except for the Phantom of Chaos, did they put it here just to make the list longer? No idea on its restriction...
For Chain Strike... I didn't know Chain burn decks were still an IN thing... Maybe I'm just blind.
Nobleman of Crossout... I nvr played much of this card anyway.

Newly Unrestricted/Released from banlist:
Light and Darkness Dragon 「光と闇の竜」
- Seldom seen
Destiny Hero - Malicious 「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」
- Casino De Baha anyone?
Mage Power 「魔導師の力」
- Gem Beasts boost! LOL
Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
- Faster search!
Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」
- Hmmm

Thoughts on RFB:
L&DD has not been popular already, wonder if it'll make a comeback or something hmm.
Diabolic guy... I used to have 3 of them on the hand, always.
Mage power, other than Gem Beast usage and more armshole targets... I not sure how this would fit into many other decks now. Ben-Kai otk?
Reinforcements, boost to Warrior decks like COLIN'S
Royal Decree, isit a good or bad thing?

Thoughts on overall ban:
Konami has did it again! Make us spend the $ on the cards and ban them!
Oh well whats new. Although they really did do a good job on this ban, for the banned part only.
I'll hope to see other nicer combo decks soon!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Card Review : Pedigree Of The Destruction God

Hey guys! Its time for a new card review for one of the cards inside the [Crossroad Of Chaos] booster pack! The card that I'm reviewing today is.... [Pedigree Of The Destruction God]! So sit back and enjoy reading!


[Pedigree Of The Destruction God]
Normal Trap
Activate only by selecting a face-up level 8 monster that you control during the turn that a defense position monster your opponent controls is destroyed. During this turn, the selected monster is able to attack twice in the Battle Phase.

Okay this trap looks abit hard to use huh? Being have to select only a level 8 monster and also when your opponent's defense position monster is destroyed, will then you are able to activate this trap! However certain combos are able to secure an easy usage for this card! Lets go through the various methods of using it now!

Cards that are able to combo quite well with this card will be [Shield Crush], [Tradegy] , [Red Daemon's Dragon] , [Mystic Swordsman LV 2] , [Drillroid] or just any card that has an effect to destroy defense position monsters!

Cards that are able to help the above cards start the combo are like [Enemy Controller] , [Jutte Knight], [Book Of Moon] which is able to change the mode of your opponent's monsters. Change them to defense mode for you to activate the above cards like [Shield Crush] and [Tradegy]! Do note that [Book Of Moon] will not help you in activating [Tradegy], as your opponent's Face-Up attack position monster has to be changed to Face-Up defense position in order to activate it.

Another good thing about [Pedigree Of The Destruction God] is that the opponent's defense position monster need not be sent to the graveyard after being destroyed! Which means that when you destroy opponent's defense position token-type monsters, it can be activated then. Which makes it even easier to use! Token-type monsters like [Scapegoat] tokens, [Ojama] tokens are good targets!

And some people might also be asking.

"Oh My God! We can only use it on level 8 monsters! Isn't it too restricting for us?! As level 8 monsters are quite hard to summon out!"

Well actually in these days, having to summon out a level 8 monster ain't that hard as it seems! With that much Special Summoning cards running around. You don't really need to Normal Summon your level 8 monsters! Special Summon them instead! However, certain level 8 monsters are easy to normal and special summon! [God Beast King - Barbaros] is able to be summoned without any sacrifices by halving its attack points! But its still a level 8 monster! And also by sacrificing 3 monsters to it to activate its field destruction effect, it will be able to clear away the defense position monsters on your opponent's side of the field! Thus also enabling you to use [Pedigree Of The Destruction God]!

Some bad points about this card is also that the controller has to make the first move in order to activate it! [Stardust Dragon] , [My Body As A Shield] and [Prime Material Dragon] will be able to stop the destruction effects of the cards like [Shield Crush] and [Tradegy]! So watch out for them!

Well thats the end for my review today! Look out for more reviews that will be coming soon! Till next time! Goulian Signing Off!

Edit: Found out through some serious thinking and came to a conclusion that [Pedigree Of The Destruction God] cannot be activated during damage step. As reference to the trap card [Soul Rope].

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