Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been a long while.

Hi guys, this is the gonna be the rarest post you'd ever get to see by me. LOL.

Yes I haven't posted anything in years. Yes years. So recently I'm back in the game, just in case not many of you have seen me playing Yugioh around and yes, my current decks are Blackfeather variants. I actually don't understand much of the game now as I literally disconnected from the game about 2 years ago. Currently, I'm trying to relearn much of what I've missed out so don't mind me being a noob all over again k!

And if you ask me, I'd prefer to play Whirlwind BF in comparison to the current trend of playing Graveyard BF. I'm not sure but, I find myself with a really small hand size after a few turns and I don't really like playing decks with small hand (yes I like playing drawhore decks like you know who from duelingdays) but I didn't have the cards to form the Librarian + Formula decks. Give me another few months and I might just eventually convert!

That aside, Colin & I has started playing Vanguard too! So, if you guys happen to play and see us, just say hi and we could enjoy a game together!

Till next time!

Tournament Report on Weekly Card Master Tournament 09/04/2011

Hi guys! Been awhile since I last updated on this old blog of mine. 7 Months have passed hasn't it? Well enough reminiscing and time to get the post running off!

Weekly Tournament at Card Master J cube
Deck Used: Quickdraw Quasar

First Match VS Ting Jun (Scrap)

First Match - I practically had a bad hand with all the tuners in it and nothing to use for synchro-ing any synchro monsters out for turning the tide =/

Second Match - Practically got owned by [Forbidden Lance]! My [Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Boundary] attack power was reduced by half, thus losing control of the field and scrubbed! T_T

Second Match VS Vishal (Black Feathers)

First Match - First Turn [Shooting Quasar Dragon] is awesome!!!!

Second Match - [D.D Crow] is also very awesome! Removing away [Grow-Up Bulb] in my graveyard from the game makes life very sad!

Third Match - Although I did a first turn [Shooting Quasar Dragon], He managed to remove it away from the field and also removing away my [Shooting Star Dragon] as well! Thou I won by trying to summon [Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Boundary]

Third Match VS Kkbz/Jeff (Debris Dandy)

First Match - Again I activated [Giant Trunade] and attempted to perform a first turn [Shooting Quasar Dragon] stunt again. Apparently it went through smoothly and so I went in for the kill!

Second Match - With all the [D.D Crow]s flying around, it was really hard for me to pull off any stunts. Although I was able to defend off the [D.D Crow]s using [Imperial Iron Wall], however that wasn't enough because when it was up to his turn. He [Cyclone]d the [Imperial Iron Wall] and summoned both [Dark Armed Dragon] and [Chaos Sorcerer] to go in for the kill!

Third Match - We both stalled for a few turns till I had all the materials I needed to do the Quasar Stunt. But with the stalling of although only a few turns, I had to gamble whether he had [D.D Crow]s in his hand. Apparently He didn't draw the [D.D Crow]s and I managed to summon [Shooting Quasar Dragon] to try to gain control. He had only 2 set cards left and I had also a [Card Gunner] and a [Black Feather - Zephyros of the Elite] on my field. He managed to remove my [Shooting Quasar Dragon] and when it's effect activates to summon out [Shooting Star Dragon], He negated it with [Divine Warning]! But I still had 2 monsters on my field to go for 2 more direct attacks. Jeff had no other cards left to defend himself so I was able to go in for the kill! Nice Match Jeff!

Fourth Match VS Milton (Gravekeepers)

First Match - I managed to survive a few turns of until I was able to draw upon [Giant Trunade] to allow me to get rid of Milton's set cards and his field magic [Necro Valley]! This then allowed me to pull off the Quasar Stunt and go in for the kill!

Second Match - [Lightlord Lyla] was the one trying to help me to remove all of his [Necro Valley]s! Though she always has trouble facing off against [Bottomless Traphole] Again this made Milton use up some resources. And when I finally drew upon [Giant Trunade] again, I summoned out [Shooting Quasar Dragon] to again go in for the kill!

Results for the day: 3 wins 1 lost but unable to head up to top 8!!!! = Scrub =/

Well at least most of the results of the day was winning instead of losing so at least that's some consolation for me =P Below here is the decklist for the deck I was using. Its a little different in the build from Bahamut84 of Dueling Days but the idea originated from him.

Deck Name: Quickdraw Quasar
Monsters: 24

3x Junk Synchron
3x Doppel Warrior
2x Quickdraw Synchron
2x Magic Striker
2x Lightlord Hunter - Raikou
2x Lightlord Magician - Lyla
1x Effect Veiler
1x Grow-Up Bulb
1x Spore
1x Level Stealer
1x Dandelion
1x Sangan
1x Card Gunner
1x Black Feather - Zephyros of the Elite
1x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Envoy of Hades - Gorz

Magic: 13

2x Tuning
2x Pot of Avarice
1x Monster Reborn
1x One for One
1x Reinforcement of the Light
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Foolish Burial
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Giant Trunade
1x Dark Hole
1x Cyclone

Traps: 3

2x Bottomless Traphole
1x Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck: 15

1x Shooting Quasar Dragon
1x Shooting Star Dragon
1x Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Boundary
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Junk Destroyer
1x Blackrose Dragon
1x Junk Berserker
1x Brionac - Dragon of the Ice Boundary
1x Drill Warrior
2x Tech Genus - Hyper Librarian
1x Arms Aid
2x Formula Synchron

This deck the same as the [Junk Doppel] deck, being able to perform many synchro summons on a turn and also allowing you to have a hand advantage over your opponent if performed successfully. It goes like this.....

Step 1: Summon Junk Synchron and attempt to revive Grow-Up Bulb from your graveyard if you have already one inside

Step 2: Special Summon from your hand Doppel Warrior after reviving Grow-Up Bulb

Step 3: Synchro Junk Synchron and Doppel Warrior for Tech Genus - Hyper Librarian and synchro Grow-Up Bulb with one of the doppel tokens for Formula Synchron

Step 4: Assumoing you have Magic Striker in your hand, remove away from game on magic card in your graveyard and special summon magic striker from your hand. Synchro both Formula Synchron and Magic Striker for another Tech Genus - Hyper Librarian

Step 5: Revive Grow-Up Bulb again from your graveyard by using it's own effect(provided that you haven't already used its own effect). And synchro the last doppel token along with it for another Formula Synchron

Step 6: Synchro 2x Tech Genus - Hyper Librarian and 1x Formula Synchron for Shooting Quasar Dragon! By the time you have this done. You should have quite alot of cards in your hand. It will then be your choice on how you want to continue the turn from then depending on what you have drawn.

For the original variation of the decklist. Please do visit Dueling Days for more information! Till then to my next post... Cya all! =D