Friday, November 7, 2008

Deck Review: Junkyard Assault MK I

Hey! Been awhile since the last update! Today's post will be about a deck that I have been testing out recently! It proves to be quite successful at times unless you have an extremely bad hand!(What am I talking here! Every deck with an extremely bad hand has bad times!) And this deck was built out of boredom as I actually saw this pile of cards on my study table... So I decided to make a deck out of them! Below here is the decklist!


Deck Name: Junkyard Assault MK I

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 18

3x Junk Synchron
3x Bolt Hedgehog
2x Clevonce
2x Necro Gardna
2x Lightlord Paladin - Jean
2x Lightlord Hunter - Raikou
2x Lightlord Beast - Wulf
1x Card Gunner
1x Psycho Commander

Magic: 17

2x Reinforcement Of The Army
2x Dark Burst
2x Solar Exchange
1x Foolish Burial
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control
1x Swords Of Revealing Light
2x Emergency Teleport
1x Cyclone
1x Burial From A Different Dimension
2x Cards Of Safe Return

Traps: 5

2x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Torrential Tribute
2x Angel Lift

As you can see why is this deck called a [Junkyard] deck is because of all the cards that are somehow unrelated to each other! You have only seen 6 [Lightlord] monsters in the deck!
But oh well, basically this deck works by depending alot on the graveyard. So therefore cards that sends cards to the graveyard is heavily used in the deck! Such as [Lightlord Paladin - Jean], [Lightlord Hunter - Raikou], [Card Gunner] and etc are all cards that sends cards to the graveyard from your deck. And of course, cards that has their effect activated in the graveyard or targets the graveyard are also included! Like [Junk Synchron], [Bolt Hedgehog] and [Necro Gardna].

And the deck is also based on using your [Junk Synchron] on reviving a monster first before it is used for a Synchro Summon! So why not gain some benefit from such an effect first? [Cards Of Safe Return] allows you to draw cards whenever you revive a monster from your graveyard to the field. I'm sure that you guys have been exposed to such a card when you are up against decks like [Undead Synchro]. And in order to keep re-doing the cycle, cards like [Dark Burst] has been added in order for you to keep recycling your [Junk Synchron] for more Synchro Summon nonsense! And also to draw more cards out of [Cards Of Safe Return]!

As for the Extra Deck of this deck, I would recommend 3 [Mist Wurm] inside it because this deck is able to Synchro Summon out level 9 monsters quite easily. And also level 5 and level 6, more of the odd number level monsters I would say! So why not try this deck out? Its cheap and easy to play! And keep your eyes peeled because I think that MK II of this deck might be out really soon! I hope! =X

Till next time! Goulian Signing Off!

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