Monday, September 15, 2008

Deck Review: Inferno Celestial

Hey guys! Sorry for the slow updates! Just finished my exams recently so I'll have more time to update already! Today's post will not be on a card review but on a deck that I played quite awhile ago but was just a little lazy to post it up! =X... The deck is the [Inferno Celestial] deck that I made. Perhaps some people might have thought about the deck idea already but ya lol. And do note about this: Failure to have the consistency in the deck is no problem of mine! This deck is only made for the fun of playing it. Not for competition purposes! Okay! Below here is the decklist!

Inferno Celestial banner 1

Deck Name: Inferno Celestial

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 15

3x The Splendid VENUS
3x Sky Paladin - Neo Parshath
3x Honest
3x Victoria
2x Calling Nova
1x Hectares

Magic: 16

1x Monster Reborn
1x Golden Sacrophagus
1x Giant Trunade
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control
1x Creature Swap
3x Celestial Transformation
3x Inferno Reckless Summon
3x Vahalla - Hall Of The Fallen
2x Card Trader

Traps: 9

3x Dimension Imprisonment
3x Royal Decree

3x Solemn Judgment

Alright lets get started! This deck's idea is to swarm your field with big-sized monsters such as [The Splendid VENUS] and [Sky Paladin - Neo Parshath] to rush your opponent into the core! You can swarm your field with them easily by doing this combo! Firstly, activate the quick-play magic card [Celestial Transformation] to special summon from your hand, an Angel type monster onto your side of the field. However, the special summoned Angel type monster will have its attack halved! And during the Endphase of the turn, it will be destroyed. Not such a strong effect right? But how about using the "halving attack points" effect to a better use? Lets say that we used the [Celestial Transformation] on [The Splendid VENUS]. It'll have its attack points halved to 1400. And since its attack is 1400, we can activate another quick-play magic card called [Inferno Reckless Summon] onto the 1400 attack [The Splendid VENUS]! And by the effect of [Inferno Reckless Summon], we are able to special summon from our deck, hand or the graveyard. All copies of [The Splendid VENUS]! But in order to start off the above combo, your opponent will also need to have a face-up monster on his/her field too.

The above combo can be countered easily by the latest meta-killing cards such as [Royal Oppression] or even [Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo]. Or in the worst case scenario, you might just even get the jackpot of having your opponent using [Bottomless Trap Hole] when you've special summoned all of your normal 2800 attack [The Splendid VENUS]! However in this deck, there are cards that might just prevent all the above! We have cards like [Solemn Judgment] and [Royal Decree] for them! But not everyday is a sunday too right? I played this deck against Baha and his [Meta-Beat] deck and I died horribly! Anyway this was a fun deck to play LOL =X...

And speaking about the [Inferno Reckless Summon] combo, this deck is also able to allow the deck user to fully spam all of your [Honest] turn after turn!(Note: May not always be true). Since [Honest] by itself is already a 1100 attack monster. Special summoning it by either of the special summoning cards in the deck will allow you to activate [Inferno Reckless Summon] for mass [Honest] spamming usage!

This deck might also be able to fight well against Dragon type monsters sometimes because of the 3 copies of [Victoria]! Use it to take control of Dragon Type monsters such as [Stardust Dragon], [Dark End Dragon], [Red Daemon Dragon], [Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] or... [Blue Eyes White Dragon] and so on so forth. Nothing is really too big for this deck because of the [Honest] spamming ability. But if you are up against a [Macro Cosmo] deck.. Then it may be quite hard to use [Honest] for offensive or defensive measures! So watch out for it!

And remember the card review that I did for [The Splendid VENUS]? We could also use the [Royal Decree] for the "only your opponent's traps" combo! I managed to win Baha's [Meta-Beat] deck twice because of the [Royal Decree], but that was just all luck =X

This deck doesn't have much consistency so I placed 2 copies of [Card Trader] inside to shuffle back those extra copies of the big-sized angels such as [The Splendid VENUS] or [Sky Paladin - Neo Parshath] into the deck. And I think that this deck can be further made stronger if I had [Athena] to place inside the deck =X But ya there is always Duel Online, but did not have time to play... (oops! Gonna get scolded by Baha)

In anyways, this deck's good point is being able to swarm the field fast and having high offensive and defensive strength at times. But the bad point about it is its inconsistency. Well this is just to provide a fun decklist for you people out there to try it out and have some fun! If you have anymore ideas on how to improve this deck, you can always tag us at our tagboard. Or even send us an email towards our email account at . Okay! I think thats all folks! This post ain't that good but I promise a better one soon! Perhaps another decklist since I have not seen any nice cards to review yet! =X... Goulian Signing off~!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

OCG Extra Pack!

Hi, I noticed this blog is rather dead cuz neither Colin or I have the time to update.
(Colin is mugging for his exams while I'm busy with my project at school and with the guitar).

Anyway, here's a post for my random comments on the lastest OCG extra pack which will probably come to your nearest Comic Connection or wadever 2moro although its already available at some places.

For starters, I think the rarity of some cards ought to be laughed at.

- Gate Watcher of Hell Ill Blood(OCG)/ Il Bud(TCG)
Congrats to those who spent a bomb to buy this secret rare TCG card a year ago, now its common wtf! and I was speculating it'd be a super rare foil or something. Bleh~

- Dark Grepher
Another card which I had expected it to be at least a super rare. Became another common card.

- Gladial-Beast Oktavius
Why is this even a foil? I think u'd rather use Gladial-Beast - Bestorourii instead? For contact fusion purposes too. Argh! I nearly tore this when I opened it from a pack.

Cards worth getting from this really really small set:

- Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
I hope to see Six Samurai decks soon! =D

- Fallen Angel Zerato
A very TCG thing in the typical Dark Arm decks.

- Allure of Darkness
I think this is what everyone has been waiting for.

- Slave Tiger
Now the OCG Gladial Beasts are complete. I think E-Hero Prismer is much useful though.

- Lonefire Blossom
Very cool plant card!

- Flame Emperor Imperial Guard
Although Fire/Pyro themed decks were nvr a really big thing, maybe this card helps!

Well, thats about it. The rest of the cards are just...... oh well.