Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deck Review: Revived! Kuriboh Emperors!

Right yes I know I know, it has been 10 days! Since I last said that I would want to update this blog =X, and I haven't had much time these days so.... Oh well! Lets forget about that and concentrate on this newly formed deck of mine! Today's deck review will be on the return of one of my best decks during the era where there was [Graceful Charity] and [Magician of Faith]... Oh how I missed them! But hey! This deck has been improved because of the latest cards also! Here goes nothing! Presenting the [Kuriboh Emperors] deck!


Deck Name: Kuriboh Emperors

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 22

2x Hane Kuriboh
3x Kuriboh
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Mental Master
2x Clevonce
1x Psychic Commander
1x Cyber Dragon
3x Wicked Emperor Gaius
2x Wind Emperor Raiza
2x Ice Emperor Mobius
1x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Envoy Of Hades - Gorz
1x Tragoedia

Magic: 13

2x Pot Of Avarice
1x One For One
2x Allure Of Darkness
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control
1x Monster Reborn
3x Kuriboh Calling Flute
1x Emergency Teleport
1x Cyclone

Traps: 5

1x Mirror Force
1x Deck Destruction Virus Of Death
1x Torrential Tribute
2x Waboku

Well above is the decklist for the [Kuriboh Emperors]! Its been awhile since I last had a new deck idea in my mind. Till then which I thought that there were extremely no draw power for this deck until... The card [Allure of Darkness] came to my mind! The combo of activating [Kuriboh Calling Flute] to add a [Kuriboh] to your hand and then using it as a bait for [Allure Of Darkness] seems tempting! So I decided to try it out! Who knows it does work well! However inconsistency does happens in this deck, because there is no level 4 monsters! Its either your monsters are way to big to summon, or way to small to fight against your opponent's monsters.

The common combo for this deck would be first to activate [Kuriboh Calling Flute] to summon out either [Hane Kuriboh] or [Kuriboh] and release them for a advance summon of a [Emperor] monster! However which ever [Hane Kuriboh] or [Kuriboh] you choose is important, because they can also be bait for 2 of the more powerful cards such as [Chaos Sorcerer] and [Dark Armed Dragon].

Since the appearance of the Psychic-Type monsters and also [Emergency Teleport]. Advance summoning and Synchro summoning has became a sinch until [Emergency Teleport] was restricted to a copy per deck! Well it still helps in these 2 ways in this deck. For quick Advance Summoning wise and as for Synchro Summoning wise, we have quite alot of level 6 monsters, which combines with [Clevonce] for level 8 Synchro monsters. Or if all fails, you can always Synchro a level 1 [Kuriboh]/[Hane Kuriboh] with [Psycho Commander] for [Arms Aid]! [Mental Master] helps in tuning with the level 6 [Emperors] for [Dark Dive Bomber] and [Black Rose Dragon]! [Cyber Dragon] is also in the deck for either a versatile level 5 or for the advance summoning of higher level monsters.

Anyways, I've tried this deck against [Lightlords] and [Black Feathers], hadn't had a chance to test it against the famous [AKB] deck because Baha was too lazy to form it back for me to try against! Anyways it was not a very good result against [Black Feathers]. Seems like this deck doesn't have the extra speed to face off again them yet. More tuning will be required!

However when faced off against [Lightlords], speed for this deck ain't really a problem. The defenses of this deck suppresses the [Judgement Dragon]'s ability to keep blowing the field up! Try blowing a set card which is actually a chain-able [Kuriboh Calling Flute] and see what happens! It actually gives us a chance to shield ourselves with [Hane Kuriboh]! Trap cards such as [Waboku] is also quite a card to safeguard against [Lightlords] as well. Works as well as a [Kuriboh Calling Flute] =X... What Baha said about this deck facing [Lightlords] was... "Colin, I think before you even can win them properly, they would have already decked out!" LOL! True might be a slow victory, but if it secures you a win. Why not? =D

I will continue to test against other kinds of deck to see how well will this deck fare against them. And I will continue to tune this deck to its highest limits too! So in the meantime, any ideas from you readers out there will be greatly appreciated! Oh my, its 1.30am in the morning! Time to go! Cya people!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yawn, New update on its way!

New update soon I swear! Just can't wait to test my current deck against AKB and Rescue Syncro! Once tested, I will post up my decklist for it =D.