Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deck Review: Junkyard Assault MK 3

Right after a long delay, its time for update! This is a new and improved [Junkyard Assault] that I made last time. So below is the decklist for the new and improved deck =O. However this time, it uses one of Fudo Yusei's Tuner monster called [Quick Synchron]! So let it roll!

Deck Name: Junkyard Assault MK 3

Deck Size: 40

Monsters: 22

3x Junk Synchron
3x Quick Synchron
1x Debris Dragon
1x Zombie Carrier
1x Jutte Knight
1x Tuning Supporter
1x Level Stealer
1x Dandelion
3x Bolt Hedgehog
2x Tradgoedia
1x Envoy of Hades - Gorz
1x Lightlord Hunter - Raikou
1x Lightlord Summoner - Lumina
1x Lightlord Monk - Eileen
1x Lightlord Magician - Laila

Magic: 12

3x Charge of the Light Brigade
2x Solar Exchange
2x Pot Of Avarice
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Golden Sacrophagus
1x One For One
1x Giant Trunade
1x Cold Wave

Traps: 6

3x Raigeki Break
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Limit Reverse
1x Call Of The Haunted

This deck is quite simple to play with actually, if you have [Charge of the Light Brigade] on this first turn, use it to search for [Lightlord Hunter - Raikou] to either send it to the graveyard or do anything with it to send it to the grave. Why? Its because it is a good target for either [Junk Synchron] or [Debris Dragon].

Although this deck only has 2 level one targets to be special summoned by [One For One], there is usually [Pot of Avarice] to shuffle back monsters like [Tuning Supporter] or [Level Stealer](usually you would just want to shuffle back [Tuning Supporter]!) in order to use [One For One]!

Neuxcharge said that my [Jutte Knight] is really standing out in the whole deck! LOL! But the main reason for this tuner to be inside the deck is for it to be searched by

- Reinforcement of the Army
- or special summoned by [Road Warrior]

Simple as that!

And I learnt that [Tradgoedia] is skill! Having it to use its effect to change its level to 2 is simply amazing! Why? Its because of [Junk Warrior] that will increase its attack by all the level 2 monsters on the controller's side of the field. So how about having a high powered attack [Tradgoedia] (provided if you have the hand size) to power up your [Junk Warrior] for you!

Furthermore, this deck is highly grave-dependent in order to begin the process of self touching!(Baha's very phase and move). If your graveyard already has [Bolt Hedgehog] and [Tuning Supporter], and by luck you also did drew a [Pot Of Avarice] into your hand. Most of the time you would be self touching til you have at least 3 synchro monsters onto your side of the field!

But if you versus last boss decks such as [Dimension] decks. I think its pretty much a scooping game! However, if you could last long with all the [Raigeki Break] coming into your hand and allowing you to use them. You might just pull through!

In the previous tournament that got me 5th place in using this deck. I learnt one lesson!


Ok thats it for today's update =D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Updates delayed due to... GENTING!

Right guys, I'll be heading to Genting for a 3 days vacation! Updates should be on by Friday =).

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tournament at Khatib on 6/12/09

Right guys, another update since like almost 7 days ago. Today's update will be on the Khatib's weekly tourney that I've manage to attend because I had off on the day =D. I didn't win any prizes but ok, at least I got into 5th place after not attending any weekly tournaments for such a long time! So below are my matchups.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Khatib Weekly Tournament on 6/12/09
Deck Used: Dimension Gladial Beasts
Format: 3 round Swiss and then Elimination

First Match Vs Bahamut84(Junk Blade Deck)
OO- = Win

I was pretty lucky when Baha didn't had the right cards to do a FTK when he started first, which allowed me to set up my field to try to prevent the FTK from working. So yes! It was plainly luck! Which resulted in extreme hatred from him for the whole day at Khatib T_T.

Second Match Vs Clarence (Secret Deck, Not sure whether he wans it to be revealed or not lol)
OO- = Win

Okay I'm quite luck in that sense too, Clarence told he that he made a wrong move or not I would have dieded pretty badly =O. It all thanks to him letting my field set up for one turn. So ya, I pretty much won the above 2 self touching decks by good luck! =X

Third Match Vs No One
- - -

Since I've already won 2 matches in a row, I do not need to play the third match lol!

Fourth Match Vs Bye
- - -

Luck was with me! Those with 2 wins would need to pick a random card, if the card picked is a magic, he or she will proceed to the next round immediately, so ya. I picked the magic card =D

Fifth Match VS Joseph (Zombie Synchro)
XX- = Lose

Looks like the luck had all been used up! Died cause when I needed monsters, no one came to my rescue, when I needed magic and traps, nothing came! So yes, luck fully used up! By the way my deck only had 10 monsters! Could be the reason due to them not coming to rescue me lol!

So total Results = 2 win 1 lose = 5th place but still... SCRUBBED! More practice!

Alright, will update again in a few days time =D Till then again! Hohoho!

By the way guys, don't forget about the team tournament held next week, information is up at the new section on the right hand side of the blog. For more information, click on the link there =)