Monday, June 21, 2010

Tournament Report on World Championships 2010 Singapore Qualifiers!

Yes I'm back! Apparently! And I know its been awhile since I posted, for around 5 to 6 months? Well I've also been MIA-ed for YGO and been trapped in the world of warcraft(which I'm actually starting to get pretty bored inside of it lololololololol) And so... YGO has perked up my interest for it again~! Okay to cut it short, below are the results of my tournament yesterday =D

Deck Used: Junkyard Assault A.K.A Commonly as Dandy Warrior

First round VS Javier (Gladial Beasts)

First round it was due to constant Synchro Summoning of Junk Destroyer and for him to be without and Gladial Beasts on his field for me to destroy his set cards which was one [Gladial Beast Chariot] and another trap which unfortunately I wasn't able to recall.
Second round I was pretty much getting controlled with all the Gladial Beasts driving their Chariots around banging all my [Debris Dragon] and [Junk Synchron] here and there =(
Third round was the Win with the [Lightlord Monk Eileen] that Techy gave me for me to kick a few direct attacks at my opponent hoho, ending the match with [Wicked Emperor Gaius].

With that, I passed the eliminations!

Second round VS Sorry I really can't Recall your name >.< (Machina Gadgets)

His build of the deck was too much of a control deck, with so much [Fissure] and [Smashing Ground]s running here and there, I just couldn't bear to sacrifice my [A.O.J Catastor], so in the end I had to keep summoning [Junk Destroyer] to try to get a lead in field card advantage. But it could also meant that he had a bad hand, since my [Junk Destroyer]s usually died to [Fissure] and [Smashing Ground]s instead of the traps. Second Round, Nothing to say, [Royal Oppression] and [D.D Crow] owns all =D Third Round, Early lead with [Drill Warrior] and [Dandelion tokens] gave me free attacks because all he had set down was [Bottomless Traphole] till I decided to [Junk Destroyer] his reverse cards, forcing him to activate it before I summon [Wicked Emperor Gaius] to target itself, dealing a final 1000 damage to his lifepoints for the win! Great match!

Third Round vs Xiao An (Black Feathers)

This first round with Xiao An teaches me one thing, NEVER EVER farm too much with [Drill Warrior]! Even with 4 tokens trying to protect me against a one turn kill, it is still possible! So when there is a chance to destroy 3 - 4 cards on the field with [Junk Destroyer]...Just destroy the whole world!
Second round, [Royal Oppression] rules! Enough said!

Overall, thanks for the learning experience Xiao An!

Fourth Round vs Bixuan (Cat Synchro)

First Round: Early lead with [Junk Destroyer] is nice!
Second Round: Again... all my [Royal Decree] were milled away~~~~ So [Royal Oppression] was there to kill me with his one standing Synchro monster there!
Third Round: [Royal Decree] rocks! [Wicked Emperor Gaius] for the win too!

Overall, thanks for the great match Bixuan!

Fifth Round Vs DSummon

Gah spit on [Gadgetron Dragons]!!!!! LOL!

Overall very nice match with Dsummon. Now I am going to be dreaming of [Gadgetron Dragons] every night =(

Sixth Round vs Yulong (Fish)

Guess I run out of luck, totally bad hand for both rounds, but managed to survive long before I acutally died lol

Nice match though! End Results of the day: 3 wins 3 lose but nv go up to top 8 = Srubbed!

Decklist below!

Deck name: Junkyard Assault

Deck size: 40

Monsters: 24

3x Junk Synchron
3x Quick Synchron
2x Synchron Explorer
1x Debris Dragon
1x Tuning Supporter
1x Yomi Frog
2x Bolt Hedgehog
2x Dandelion
1x Level Stealer
1x Spore
2x Wicked Emperor Gaius
1x Sangan
1x Lightlord Hunter Raikou
1x Lightlord Magician Laila
1x Lightlord Monk Eileen
1x Lightlord Summoner Lumina

Magic: 12

2x Pot of Avarice
1x Pot of Greediosity
1x Cold Wave
2x Solar Exchange
1x Reinforcement of the Light
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Foolish Burial
1x Heavy Storm
1x One for One
1x Brain Control

Traps: 4

2x Thunder Break
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force

Side Deck: 15

Monsters: 4

1x Cyber Dragon
3x Battle Fader

Magic: 3

1x Hurricane
2x My Body as a Shield

Traps: 8

2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Karma Cut
2x Royal Decree
2x Wasteland Tornado

Extra Deck: 15

3x Junk Destroyer
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Gigantech Fighter
1x Blackrose Dragon
1x Nitro Warrior
1x Junk Archer
1x Drill Warrior
1x Goyou Guardian
1x Brionac - Dragon of the Ice Boundary
1x Junk Warrior
1x A.O.J Catastor
1x Arms Aid

Right thats all for today's update! Lets hope that I'll have more updates to come! See ya all next time =D