Sunday, May 4, 2008

Card Review: Stardust Dragon

Hi all its been awhile since I've actually posted something on this blog due to my laziness and being "busy" on Cabal and since Colin has been bugging me for this, might as well take some precious time off to write this review for Stardust Dragon.

Stardust Dragon 2

[Stardust Dragon]
Attribute: Wind
Type: Dragon
Synchro/Effect Monster
Level: 8 stars
Atk 2500/Def 2000
Effect: 1 Tuner Monster + 1 or more Non-Tuner Monster(s)
When an effect of a Magic, Trap or Effect Monster that includes [Destroy the cards on the field] is activated, you can release this card to Negate and Destroy the card. During the End Phase that this effect was activated. And this card is in the graveyard due to being released for the activation of this effect. Special Summon this card back to your field.

Ok I'm sure we all know of this lastest card from the lastest Duelist Genesis pack and its one of the newest types of monsters in the game: Synchro. So why is everyone wanting this card? Thats because
- it doesn't need specific tuner monster to summon
- it can easily prevent destruction cards like Mirror Force & Tidal Wave
- 2500 attack can kill many things like Emperor monsters
- it looks cool enough to pawn your opponent

Baha from Dueling Days & I have been testing this card out in our decks and it sure is able to be summoned pretty quickly in a synchro based deck. In fact, everyone could probably get one for their Extra Deck as you'd never know if you get your opponent's Tuner Monster through Brainwash or something. And synchro really works fast with Psychic monsters as it has the gayest summoning card called [Urgent Teleport]. However, it can easily die to Gaius, Raiza, Ground Mole and even Death Calibur Knight(my Stardust recently died to it) or anything you can think of that uses non destruction effect to remove monsters on the field.

Overall playing this card is definitely for situational based. Of course, sometimes other Synchro monsters are worth summoning than this, but being able to stop a mass field destruction card and returning to your field(provided ur Stardust doesn't get DD Crowed or Propecy or Soul Released away) is gay. I'd still give this card a 8/10 rating cuz its my fav card of the set. =x