Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Card Review: Junk Synchron

It's been a real while since I've done my card review so I guess it's about time I do one. (I think all my card reviews starts with this sentence)

Today lets talk about Fuudou Yuusei's most godlike topdecked card.

Junk Synchron
Dark/Lv 3/Warrior/Tuner
Atk: 1300/Def: 500
Effect: When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, Special Summon a Level 2 or lower Monster in your Graveyard in face-up Defense Position to your field. Effects of the Special Summoned monster by this effect are negated.

This card is really quite a good card on itself.
Searchable by
- Reinforcements of an Army
- Sangan
- Mystic Tomato

Its effect to special summon monster only works when its normal summoned though.
The drawback for such an effect is to have the summoned monster's effect negated, so no diskguy abuse for those who always loves to draw cards.
There always [Card of Safe Return] though.
Normal summoning this card itself would be summoning out a LV5 Synchro already, provided you already have a lv2 monster in the grave and it doesn't get dd crowed away.

Lv5 Synchro
- Junk Warrior (Only Junk Synchron can summon this)
- A.O.J Catastor

Alternatively, u can always use this card to synchro with other non tuner monsters to summon even better or bigger synchro monsters to your liking or based on your field situation.

So, to play this card or not really is up to you. Unless its for the dark or warrior attribute or for its effect, otherwise if you're looking for it just cause its a 3 star tuner monster, I'd rather you have a look at Emergency Teleport and Pyscho Commander.

Till next time!

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