Friday, August 8, 2008

Card Review : Pedigree Of The Destruction God

Hey guys! Its time for a new card review for one of the cards inside the [Crossroad Of Chaos] booster pack! The card that I'm reviewing today is.... [Pedigree Of The Destruction God]! So sit back and enjoy reading!


[Pedigree Of The Destruction God]
Normal Trap
Activate only by selecting a face-up level 8 monster that you control during the turn that a defense position monster your opponent controls is destroyed. During this turn, the selected monster is able to attack twice in the Battle Phase.

Okay this trap looks abit hard to use huh? Being have to select only a level 8 monster and also when your opponent's defense position monster is destroyed, will then you are able to activate this trap! However certain combos are able to secure an easy usage for this card! Lets go through the various methods of using it now!

Cards that are able to combo quite well with this card will be [Shield Crush], [Tradegy] , [Red Daemon's Dragon] , [Mystic Swordsman LV 2] , [Drillroid] or just any card that has an effect to destroy defense position monsters!

Cards that are able to help the above cards start the combo are like [Enemy Controller] , [Jutte Knight], [Book Of Moon] which is able to change the mode of your opponent's monsters. Change them to defense mode for you to activate the above cards like [Shield Crush] and [Tradegy]! Do note that [Book Of Moon] will not help you in activating [Tradegy], as your opponent's Face-Up attack position monster has to be changed to Face-Up defense position in order to activate it.

Another good thing about [Pedigree Of The Destruction God] is that the opponent's defense position monster need not be sent to the graveyard after being destroyed! Which means that when you destroy opponent's defense position token-type monsters, it can be activated then. Which makes it even easier to use! Token-type monsters like [Scapegoat] tokens, [Ojama] tokens are good targets!

And some people might also be asking.

"Oh My God! We can only use it on level 8 monsters! Isn't it too restricting for us?! As level 8 monsters are quite hard to summon out!"

Well actually in these days, having to summon out a level 8 monster ain't that hard as it seems! With that much Special Summoning cards running around. You don't really need to Normal Summon your level 8 monsters! Special Summon them instead! However, certain level 8 monsters are easy to normal and special summon! [God Beast King - Barbaros] is able to be summoned without any sacrifices by halving its attack points! But its still a level 8 monster! And also by sacrificing 3 monsters to it to activate its field destruction effect, it will be able to clear away the defense position monsters on your opponent's side of the field! Thus also enabling you to use [Pedigree Of The Destruction God]!

Some bad points about this card is also that the controller has to make the first move in order to activate it! [Stardust Dragon] , [My Body As A Shield] and [Prime Material Dragon] will be able to stop the destruction effects of the cards like [Shield Crush] and [Tradegy]! So watch out for them!

Well thats the end for my review today! Look out for more reviews that will be coming soon! Till next time! Goulian Signing Off!

Edit: Found out through some serious thinking and came to a conclusion that [Pedigree Of The Destruction God] cannot be activated during damage step. As reference to the trap card [Soul Rope].

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