Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Card Review : Divine Fowl King Alector

Hey guys! As requested by the readers out there, I'm going to do a card review about the latest promo card released in the [Yu-Gi-Oh! R Volune 5 ] comic book! The card reviewed today is.... [Divine Fowl King Alector]! So sit back and relax while reading!


[Divine Fowl King Alector]
Attribute: Wind , Type: Winged Beast
Effect Monster , 6 stars , Atk 2400/Def 2000
If your opponent controls 2 or more face-up monsters with the same Attribute, you can Special Summon this card from your Hand. Once per turn select 1 face-up card on the field. Negate the effect(s) of the selected card during this turn. Only 1 [Divine Fowl King Alector] can be face-up on the field at the same time.

On watching the stats about this card. It has a decent 2400 attack strength for a level 6 monster. And also a much more superior defense of 2000 rather than the 1000 defense of the [Emperor] monsters. And by being a level 6 monster, it will be a cinch to normal summon this monster with 1 monster sacrifice! Hmmm, guessed that I should change my way about [Normal Summon] or [Sacrifice]... Okay! This card can be Advanced Summoned quite easily by Releasing cards like [Treeborn Frog] or [Dandelion].

For this card being a Wind attribute as well as a Winged Beast type allows a couple of combos to perform with it. The Wind attribute part allows this card to be a ingredient to special summon monsters like [Dark Simorgh]. While the Winged Beast type allows this card to be released for the condition to use [God Bird Attack] to destroy 2 cards on the field in the case of an "Emergency" LOL!

Well about the effects for this card. The first effect about able to Special summon this card from your hand when your opponent controls 2 or more monsters with the same attribute makes it easy for this condition to be fufilled! When your opponent activates cards like [Flames Of Demise] , [Scapegoat] , [Stray Lambs] or even [Inferno Reckless Summon] that will be able to swarm their own field with monsters of the same attribute. To be able to fufill the condition of special summoning your own [Divine Fowl King Alector] !

As for the second part of the effect for this card. Enabling this card to have the ability to negate a face-up card's effect on the field can be quite powerful at some situations. Even if the situations is about targetting your own cards on your own side of the field. Situations simliar like about targetting your own cards that can benefit you a whole lot will be like.... Targetting your own monsters like [God Beast King - Barbaros] which allows it to resume its enormous attack strength of 3000 points! Or another situation can be that you will be able to target [Beast God Machine King Barbaros UR] to allow it to actually inflict battle damage to your opponent's life points! (Do note that some of these ideas are actually suggested to me by some people that I know. I've compiled some of these information in this review =D)

Continuing on the second effect about [Divine Fowl King Alector] , using it to target cards that disallows you from using of your monsters to declare an attack against your opponent! Target cards like [Gravity Bind] , [Wall Of Revealing Light] , [Swords Of Revealing Light] , [Messenger Of Peace] or even allowing your monsters to revert back to their original positions from cards like [Level Limit - B] or [Level Limit - A]! Or even releasing yourself from lock effects like [Jinzo] or [Spell Canceller] , [Royal Decree] and so on so forth. Allowing you to continue your stunts with these card locking effects negated!

And for the third effect of this card. There can only be one [Divine Fowl King Alector] on the field at all times. This means that the early bird catches the worm! Whoever summons out [Divine Fowl King Alector] first will most probably get the upperhand earlier!

Well thats all for today people! Hope that this review is good enough! And also thanks to those people that provided me with ideas to complete this review! Okay then till next time to our next update! Goulian Signing Off~!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thoughts On The Asian Championships 2008!

Hey all! Its been awhile again since we last updated! Well today was a day of fun and excitement! The Asian Championships held in Singapore were well planned and very organised. Much better than I had expected. Well before the tournaments were fired off... There was a side event about letting our local players pit their skills against the 4 foreign players from Taiwan , Korea , Malaysia and Hong Kong. Below are some pictures! Don't blame me if my camera skills are bad! =X

taiwan rep 2
Taiwan Representative

korea rep 2
Korea Representative

m'sia rep 2
Malaysia Representative

hong kong rep 2
Hong Kong Representative

Well lets hope that they had a great time in Singapore playing with our local players! There was really a very long queue today! All waiting to challenge the 4 representatives! LOL! Hope our local players also have their share of the excitement challenging them!

Well as for myself.. I got into the top 8 players for SG but did not get a chance to get into the top 4 placings. Only the top 4 placings will be able to play with the foreign players for the title of Asian Champion!
After all the fighting. It would seem that all 4 of our representatives managed to win their foreign opponents after a big struggle! Congratulations to them! And this year's Asian Champion is also from Singapore! Below are the pics for the prize giving session

shui kai 1
Our Red Boy for today! Grats Sui Kai on getting 4th place in SG!

hong li 1
Grats Hong li on getting 3rd Place in SG! Smile man!

fish 1
Grats Fish for 2nd place in SG! Great Job!

shi fu 1
Grats Shi Fu for being 1st in SG!!!!!! Good For You!

Now for the Asian Championships..... You will see that its like the order is in reverse or something.. LOL!

shi fu 2
4th in Asia! Shi Fu!

fish 2
3rd in Asia! Fish!

shui kai 2
2nd in Asia! Sui Kai!

hong li 2

all the reps 2
And all the foreign players and our top 4 local players!

Well here is the decklist for my deck in this tournament! Was going to play [E-HERO Prismer] deck actually but.. Since Kenneth was helping me build deck too so, I decided to play our version of the [Emobc] deck! Think Baha also lent us some aura ar! LOL! At least made it to top 8 =X

Decksize : 41

Monsters : 19

1x Dark Magician Of Chaos
1x Envoy Of Hades - Gors
2x Dark Armed Dragon
2x Wicked Emperor Gaius
1x Sky Scourge - Norreras
2x Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
1x Priestess Ohm
3x Knight Of The End
1x Sangan
2x Necro Guardner
1x Spirit Reaper
1x D-HERO Diskguy
1x Phantom Of Chaos

Magic : 14

2x Reinforcement Of The Army
2x Arms Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Golden Sacrophagus
1x Heavy Storm
1x Foolish Burial
1x Brain Control
1x Cyclone
1x Enemy Controller
2x D.D.R
1x Early Burial

Traps : 8

1x Crush Card Virus
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
3x Dimension Imprisonment
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Karma Cut
1x Divine Wrath

Side Deck : 15

Monster : 5

1x White Horn Dragon
2x Cyber Dragon
1x E-HERO Prismer
1x D.D Crow

Magic : 3

1x Soul Exchange
2x Shrink

Traps : 7

1x Karma Cut
2x Limit Reverse
1x Dark Dimension Release
1x Divine Wrath
2x Solemn Judgement

Fusion : 3

3x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Well above here is my decklist for this Asia Tournament! Ain't that strong but if there are anymore ways that I can improve on this deck to make it better.. Do email us at or just tag us at our Duel Chat! box on the right hand side of the blog! Thanks! Till then to another of our updates... Goulian Signing Off!