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Card Review: Dual Monsters

Hey all!!! Goulian back online after 2 days of no internet at home!!! T_T... Well today I'll be posting about the new monsters created in the 2 latest booster packs of Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG.
They are the "Dual Monsters", they have hidden abilities inside of them that will be unlocked after you "Resummon" them again onto the field. "Resummon" is meaning that you will be spending a turn of normal summon to declare this onto your dual monsters in order to get their effects.They do not leave the field, but they can still be affected "Bottomless Trap Hole" or "Torrential Tribute". Do note that tributes are not required for a "Resummon" of a level 5 and above "Dual Monster" Well there are a few monsters which are not worth resummoning... But! There are sure quite a few that packs a punch when they are resummoned!!! I'll be starting from the TAEV set "Dual monsters" first. Below are their pictures and effects for reference.

[Dual Monsters From The TAEV Booster Pack]

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[E-HERO Another Neos]
Attribute: Light, Type: Warrior
Effect Monster/Dual, 4 stars Atk 1900/Def 1300
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-As long as this card is face-up on the field, this card name is treated as [E-HERO Neos]

Comments: Now this card is quite ok with good stats of Atk 1900 beatstick, but I recommend you guys out there to NOT "Resummon" it because it practically does not have any use in most "Dual Monster" decks unless you are playing a few "Neo-Spacians" Monsters in your deck. Which you can "Resummon" this card and.. CONTACT FUSION!!!! For More Action? lol =X Anyway another good point about this card that it is very easily searched out because..
1: It is a warrior monster, Can use "Reinforcement Of Army" for it.
2: It is a "E-HERO" Monster.. Can be searched by the famous Ha Oh card "E-HERO Airman"
or by using a simple "E-Emergency Call".
And also since this card is a normal monster while its in the grave, you can also use more "E-HERO" support cards for it like "O-Oversoul" for revival purposes =)

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[Hell Kaiser Dragon]
Attribute: Fire, Type: Dragon
Effect Monster/Dual, 6 stars Atk 2400/Def 1500
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-This card is able to attack twice in the battle phase.

Comments: Now this card is quite good I would say, after resummoning it.. It gets to attack the opponent twice in a row, doing some heavy damage to your opponent's lifepoints. Since it is a fire attribute monster... Maybe some fire support cards might boost it's usefulness up =)

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[Aresa Of The Water Surface]
Attribute: Water, Type:Aqua
Effect Monster/Dual, 4 stars Atk 1500/Def 500
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-When this card destroys an opponent's monster and send it to the graveyard as a result of battle, your opponent randomly discards 1 card from their hand.

Comments: Looks quite small but hey it is able to kill some monsters that we don't really like in the recent metagame of OCG these days.. "Gadgets"!!!! After resummoning it and destroying some monsters by battle, you are still able to pluck out some hand cards in your opponent's hand.. Careful thou.. Be sure not to pluck "Dark-World" Monsters >.<"... It might also kill free monsters like "Yomi Frog" and your opponent might be wondering whether to revive it back or not =X.. And as for a water monster.. You can use the Water Spiritual Art for more hand control techniques.

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[Piper Of Good Fortune]
Attribute:Wind, Type: Angel
Effect Monster/Dual, 4 stars Atk 1500/ Def 500
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-When this card destroys an opponent's monster and send it to the graveyard as a result of battle, Draw one card from your deck.

Comments: Quite similiar to the "Aresa Of The Water Surface" but this card is able to make your handsize bigger to compensate the turn it has been "Resummoned" I'll cut short on this as it is quite similiar to the above card =X

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[Valuable Armor]
Attribute: Earth, Type: Insect
Effect Monster/Dual, 5 stars Atk 2350/Def 1000
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-This card is able to attack all of your opponent's monster once.(each turn)

Comments: Now this monster is really good... Not exactly big enough to kill those powerful monarchs/emperor cards out there but hey! It is a field monster sweeper... At least its big enough to in one hit, wipe out all of your opponent's small size monsters.. Being scapegoat tokens, or anything smaller than this monster here.. Since its an insect type, feels quite easy to summon it out onto the field. Worth playing.

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[Devil's Summoner]
Attribute: Dark, Type: Spellcaster
Effect Monster/Dual, 6 stars Atk 2400/Def 2000
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-Special Summon 1 "Demon" Type monster from your hand or either player's graveyard.This effect can only be used once per turn. When this card is removed from the field, destroy all monsters that were Special summoned by this card's effect.

Comments: Now this monster here is one of the best for me I think >.<... For its ability to flood the field with hordes of demon type monsters is sure powerful, not mentioning that you are also able to grab hold of powerful demons in your opponent's graveyard too!!! Surely I will be sooo happy grabbing my opponent's "Envoy Of Hades- Gors" and smacking him on the face with it =X.. Well at least konami did one thing right for this series, they made this card a spellcaster type.. not a demon type... So I guess you can't do a super flood field of demons in a turn ~_~"
Good fighter stats, great defence strength too. Demon decks should consider playing it.. Maybe 1 copy?

[Dual Monsters From The GLAS Booster Pack]

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[Infinity Dark]
Attribute: Dark, Type: Demon
Effect Monster/Dual, 4 stars Atk 1500/Def 1200
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-When this card declares attack, the position of 1 face-up monster your opponent controls can be changed.

Comments: Whoa.. This card is a walking "Enemy Controller".. And I bet that when you "Resummon" this card out, it will be able to defeat most monsters since that Atk of 1500 is able to beat through most defence and attack points.. Example? Turning a Atk 2400 Monarch into Defence position of Def 1000 and beating through it.. Or you wanna deal some damage to the opponent while beating up their small size monsters? Switch it to attack mode then, It'll deal serious damage if you switch monsters like "Marshmallow"? Bet your monsters are gonna have a happy time smacking it upside down =X

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[Magic Slime]
Attribute: Water, Type:Aqua
Effect Monster/Dual, 3 stars Atk 700/Def 1200
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-Battle Damage done to this card's controller through this card battling is done to the opponent instead.

Comments: Hehe.. This card is quite ok even thou it is very small with that Atk of 700 points.. But its effect boosts it's usefulness up! The smaller it is... The better its effect will have on the impact it is going to deal at your opponent. After you "Resummon" it, just take it and ram your opponent's big size monsters. Imagine using this to ram your opponent's "Cyber End Dragon"... OUCH! Even I can feel the pain for your opponent. This card cannot be trifled with, careful of this card when you people sees it in attack position =X

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[Antique Gear Knight]
Attribute: Earth, Type:Machine
Effect Monster/Dual, 4 stars Atk 1800/Def 500
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-When this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate Magic or Trap cards until the end of the damage calculation.

Comments: Among the 4 of the "Dual Monsters" released in this set, this card can be said the best in this set, good stats , machine type, and the "Resummon" effect of making your opponent unable to react to this card's attack is quite useful! Use this card to attack and then activating the "Limiter Removal" card for this monster make sures your opponent truly eats the damage >=D... Machine decks can try it sometimes? Up to you guys =X

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[Alien Hypno]
Attribute: Water, Type: Reptile
Effect Monster/Dual, 4 stars Atk 1600/Def 700
This card is treated as a normal monster while face-up on the field or in the graveyard.When performing a Second Summon of this card while this card is face-up on the field, treat it as a normal summon. This card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect:
-Select 1 monster your opponent controls with [A] counter placed on it, and gain control of it.
During your own End Phase, remove 1 [A] counter from the monster you gained control. When all [A] counter on the monster you gained control is removed, that monster is destroyed.

Comments: This card might be quite useful in an all out "Alien" Deck, Do note that this card's effect can be activated unlimited times a turn.. And we do know that putting [A] counters on your opponent's monsters can easily be done and so this card will be quite powerful in times to come. As we all know that "Alien" Decks are getting more and more of their very own support cards... They even have their own "Mirror Force", "Ring Of Destruction" and "Creature Swap"(Trap version) cards. Who knows? Maybe someone might make this a new top deck in OCG's metagame =X

While spending a turn's normal summon to "Resummon" these monsters might seem abit not worth or very troublesome, some may just leave it to be an normal monster forever, not wanting to spend a turn's normal summon just to get it's effect on the loose... So lets just admit it.. Are there any support cards out yet for this series? Well guys there is!! In fact in this new GLAS Booster Pack, they printed 2 cards to support the "Dual Monsters" series =) .... Below here are their picture and their effects.

[Support Cards For Dual Monsters Series In GLAS Booster Pack]

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[Super-Fused Demonic Beast-Raptenos]
Attribute: Light, Type: Dragon
Effect Monster/Fusion, 8 stars Atk 2200/Def 2200
2 x "Dual Monsters"
1 Dual Monster + 1 Dual Monster
While this card is face-up on the field, all face-up Dual Monsters being treated as Normal Monsters are treated as though they were Second Summoned.

Comments: Weird Fusion isn't it? Well fusing any 2 monsters together surely will produce something like this.. Can't imagine if you fuse 2 [E-HERO Another Neos] for it.. Wonder how it'll look like =X It's effects purely rocks the playing field to the extent that it might just KO your opponent during the turn this card roams your field. It is easy to fusion summon out because
1: "Future Fusion" is there to help speed things up.
2: Dragon type fusion hmmm... Heard Of "Dragon's Mirror" ?
3: The materials are just so easy to fuse.. No limits =D
And so this card also unlocks all the potential effects that your unawakened "Dual Monsters"
has and deals heavy impact on your opponent. Great cards to unlock with this fusion monster will be [Hell Kaiser Dragon], [Valuable Armor], [Antique Gear Knight] and just so much more.
It might just be a new age of OTK deck to be created with this support card being borned =X
(ok maybe I'm thinking a little too much)

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[Special Dual Summon]
Quick-Play Magic Card
Select 1 face-up Dual Monster on your side of the field, treat it as though it was Second Summoned. During the End Phase of this turn, return the selected Dual Monster to your hand.

Comments: This card is really good.. Except for the drawback that is.. Being a Quick-Play magic card allows it to be able to be quite compatible using on the [Magic Slime] monster, surprises your opponent when he was just thinking it will be a piece of cake attacking an attack mode unawakened "Dual Monster" hehe... Will be able to save a turn of normal summon to "Resummon" a "Dual Monster" instead too.

And ah did I forget to mention something? Since all of the "Dual Monsters" are Normal Monsters while in the graveyard, they can also be revived with cards that only revives Normal Monsters, don't know what cards are they? Well you'll just have to find out those for yourself then =X... Ah well I won't be so bad so lets just say the card from STON that only revives Normal Monsters in your graveyard and places it in attack position is quite a good card to put in for a "Dual Monsters" deck =).. Think the name is called... [Legitimate Bloodline] in OCG or [Birthright] if you are playing TCG. Well guys sorry if my review this time round was like god length long >.<...Oh ya there are actually more "Dual Monsters" in the TAEV set than what I had stated above .. I'll just link you to it here for you to take a look at the other "Dual Monsters" cards in TAEV.... Yawnz.. It has been such a long night so I think I'm gonna go sleep now... Ja Na!! And stay tuned to more card reviews!!!

-Special Thanks to for card scans and card translations

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Card Review: Dark Fusion

Ok its time to do some card reviews on the new set.
First off lets look at the Supreme King Judai's card - Dark Fusion.
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GLAS-JP047 Dark Fusion [Super Rare]
Normal Magic Card
Send Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on a Fusion Monster from your hand or your side of the field to the Graveyard, and Special Summon that Demon-Type Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. The monster Special Summoned by this effect cannot be targeted by effects of your opponent's Magic, Trap and Effect monster during this turn. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon).
Well it is a normal magic card so theres not much requirement to activate this card. The only problem is about the fusion material monsters.
Ok lets list out all Demon Fusion type monsters.
- Dark Baltar. Ok great fusion but the materials? Ok forget it. Lets jus stick to Metamorphosis.
- Evil Hero Inferno Wing. Very 'big' fusion materials. However very searchable via E-Emergency call, Reinforcements and our famous Airman.
- Evil Hero Lightning Golem. Same as Inferno Wing.
- Evil Hero Dark Gaia. Ok this is what I'm going to focus on.
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GLAS-JP040 Evil Hero Dark Gaia [Super Rare]
EARTH/Demon - Fusion - Effect/8/?/0
"Rock-Type Monster" + "Demon-Type Monster"
This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon with "Dark Fusion". This card's original ATK becomes the combined (original) ATK of the monsters used to Fusion Summon it. When this card attacks, you can change all Defense Position monsters your opponent controls to face-up Attack Position. Flip Effects of Effect Monsters are not activated at that time.
Lets have a look at 岩石族(Rock-Types) and 悪魔族(Demon-Types) worth mentioning.
- Giant Gogre. Kinda big, 2100 att but must be dual-summoned first.
- Fossil Tusker. Averagely big. Since many useful monsters are 1800 att. Extra 400 dmg effect is alittle erm... useless.
- Neospacian Ground Mole. Everyone's favourite.
- Sandmoth. Beat me! No u can't? U finally did? I'm 2k now! Bwhaha.
- Hieracosphinx. Big. Can protect ur Face downs from getting Mole-d back to the hand.
- Earth Emperor - Grandmargu. I doubt I need to say anything about this card since everyone shld be freaking familiar with it.
- Metamol Pod. Hand refill.
- Gigantes. Big stuff. Heavy Storm effect is good for situations too.
- Desert Twister. Big but hard to summon. Good M/T removal.
- Evil Hero Malicious Edge. Just painful. Easy summon when opp has a monster.
- Evil Hero Hell Gainer. Quite big yet averagely small. Good effect.
- General Demon. Unless the deck is Pandemonium built. Otherwise forget it.
- Dark Lucius LV4, Lv6, Lv8. Nice effect but hard to play.
- Phantom Emperor - Ravel. Hoho. Say hi to Ah-Gong. Hard to summon.
- Dark Necrophia. Abit .......
- Critter. Deck staple.
- Dragon Killer. Die horus!!!!
- Nyudoria. Nice monster removal.
- Lava Golem. Thats if opp plays it on u... you can always Dark Fusion this.
- Viser Shock. Small but super hurricane effect. Good for clearing field.
- Invader of the Dark. Screw the goats, shrinks, body as shield, enemy controller. Die haoh!
- End of Anubis. Screw many many graveyard stuff.
- Dead Spirit Knight - Death Calibur Knight. great negating effect. nice beatstick too.
- The Devils Dread-root. Ho ho. Say hi to Ah-Gong number 2.
- Dark Demon - Gilfar Demon. When was the last time I saw people play this?
- Newt. Also known as Slate Warrior in tcg. Big stuff when flipped summoned.
- Messenger of Hades - Gors. Nuff' said.

Ok lets have a look at the BIGGEST possible Dark Gaia.
Lets say Earth Emperor + Ravel is 2400+4000 = 6400 attack is not a joke. OMFG!
Baha said thats stress. Lol. Summon Hell Gainer and opp's dead.
Oh wait. Did u just forget that Dark Fusioned monsters cannot be effected by targeting cards?
Forget the Sakeretsu Armor or Bottomless. But there are still cards that kill it flat. Like Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Crush Card Virus. Well, theres a 2nd advantage to the card too. Which is the face down monsters get flipped with no flipped effects! So die Marshmellon! die Reaper! Die ah-mah! Die Man-eater bug? Ok if it was hell gainer-ed effected den opp's quite dead hur. Lol. Lets talk about those commonly used materials. Ground Mole and Gors would be perfect right? Dark Gaia would be 900+2700 = 3600 attack is big stuff! For the beatdown, you could always summon your Hell Gainer to allow ur Gors to attack twice. =3
Since Dark Fusion requireds top decking (Golden Sealed Chest would help) I would only advice for decks to play 1 or 2 copies of it with a Rock/Demon beatdown deck. Its much stable this way. Although I can't post a decklist for this as I don't have Dark Fusion (looking for sellers)! I'm quite sure the deck could be a quite violent beatdown deck with an OTK element. Like what DS nii-san would say, this deck is a Beatdown wif a surprise OTK with the correct hand. Well, anydeck works well with the correct hand anyway. Hehe.
Rating for Dark Fusion: 5/10
Rating for Dark Gaia: 8/10
Like I said Dark Fusion is quite hard to get into the hand. Unless u run 3 copies of it. Which would lower that possibility.
Dark Gaia is just pure BIG. Just use the correct materials and your opponent would have a hard time trying to get rid of it. Haha. Until next time...

Special thx to for card scan and translation.

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1000th Visits!!!

Ok guys!!! Duel Society has 1000 people!!!!! I mean 1000 visits!!! Not People =X(we are not a gang) So maybe expect a new banner soon =) And more exciting reviews to be done in a few days time.. Stay Tuned!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Fav card of Gladiator's Assualt.

Hi all. Its a crap post. Hehe.
My favourite card of GLAS is...
*drum rolls*

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GLAS-JP002 Cloudian - Smoke Ball
Normal Monster

Its just simply KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enuff said.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thoughts On New Booster Pack : Gladiator's Assualt

Hey hey!!! Goulian Here!!! Today me and ken shared one box of Gladiator's Assualt booster packs and we got 7 foil cards from the 30 card packs... Below here are the picture of the foil cards that we got...

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Here are their names.. It is in order, starting from the left to the right we have:
E-HERO InfernoWing(3D), Gladial-Beast Alexander(Ultra), Gladial-Beast Heraclenos(Ultra), E-HERO Chaos Neos(Holographic), Energy Absorbing Board(Super), Shien's Counsellor Enishi(Super), E-HERO Malicious Edge(Super).

Well this was wad we had from our box... Its not that good but the Holographic "E-HERO Chaos Neos" Makes me very happy!!!! *SCREAMS!!!* and here is a closer look at it below..( P.S. My photography skills ain't that good so it wun be that clear for the card)

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Well after such a long day of school and heading to amk to whack Gladiator's Assualt.. I'm off to an early night... Ja Na!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gladiator's Assault Is OUT!!! And.. More EXPENSIVE Than Ever..

Hey Goulian Here!!!! Well guys as ken told u all... Gladiator's Assault is out today and I only tried one pack.. Din brought enough cash to do some serious whacking after all lol... And the pack was sold at $3.50 per pack at comic's connection located at lot 1 shopper's mall... Think maybe all of comic's connection located all over the island will be sold at $3.50 ba... For the reasons of increased price of the packs... The thing maybe because of the sudden increase of GST.. Thats why the packs are getting more expensive...

Well in my pack.. there was no foil but i got 1x "Antique Gear Knight"(Rare), 1x "Legendary Gambling Master", 1x "Diamond Dust Cyclone", 1x "Typhoon" and a "Cloudian" monster...The "Antique Gear Knight" is a Dual monster... So for u just have to dual summon it to get it's effect.. The "Legendary Gambling Master" effect sounds quite "ok" and the other 3 cards i got well... We just have to slowly figure out their potential from here then.. Will do some deck building around these cards soon to bring you people more info on the potential of these cards =)

Well i'm off now.. Goulian Signing Off!!!!

-P.S The names might not be accurate.. Do visit for the exact info!!!

New Booster: Gladiator's Assualt

Hi guys Gladiator's Assualt is already out! So go get your boxes! *screams*
Can't wait to do new card reviews... XD

Monday, July 16, 2007

Card Review: Venominon, King of Venomous Serpents

Card Review By Zheng Yang.

I have totally no idea what to do a review on for the past week =.=. Well, tht is until i played with calvin tht day and his 'self proclaimed' venom deck. It looked like crap from initial speculation, but it did had afew interesting tricks tht raised afew eyebrows (although me and colin came up with the tricks and 'TEACH' calvin them =.=). So guess wads today's review about? Its Venominon, King of Venomous Serpents.

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TAEV-JP014 Venominon, King of Venomous Serpents
DARK/Reptile - Effect/8/0/0
This card cannot be Special Summoned by Monster effects except by its own effect. This card is unaffected by the effect of [Venom Swamp]. This card gains 500 ATK for each Reptile-Type monster in your graveyard. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by battle, it can be Special Summoned by removing 1 Reptile-type card in your graveyard from play, except this card.

The first thing is that u'll notice it cant be special summoned by other monster effects, so no RaiDa or tomato. It didnt say about M/T thou so u can use the usual recursion (Premature Burial & Call of the Haunted) and you can also search it out through Damage Condenser or the new reptile themed version: Damage = Reptile.

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TAEV-JP067 Damage = Reptile
Continuous Trap Card
When you receive Battle damage from a battle with a Reptile monster, you can special summon 1 Reptile monster with equal or lower ATK then the value of the damage received from your deck. This effect can only be used once per turn.

The 2nd note is that it goes well with a deck based around Vemon Swamp, since its not affected by it and theres plenty of reptile monsters to boost its ATK.

The 3rd thing is that it can almost never stay dead to combat as long as you have reptile monsters in graveyard. Cause its 2 late to response to its ability with a D.D Crow, the only thing that usually can stop it from coming back is cards that negates effect (L&DD, Divine Wrath), or things that locks the graveyard (Banisher of Radiance and Kycoo).

The last effect thats not written on this card is that its an important component to summon Venominaga, Deity Of Venomous Serpents. If you are gonna build around that then u need to at least include at least 2 venominon along with the trap. But for ideas I'll not include any refrence to Venominaga in this review: its mainly on Venominon after all.

On to combos. The first is obviously using Damage=Reptile to search for it, especially through combat to surprise ppl. Another is use Snake rain to pump this card by 4-5 reptiles. You can also combo this with Card of Safe Return. Lastly, if u got book of moon in ure deck, u can consider both DDV (1000 and below and 2000 and above). You can also play this in a venom swamp deck as a big beatstick and a step to Venominaga. You can also play this in a alien deck since ALL the aliens are actually reptile type.

Well overall this card can potentially be in a fun deck, but not in a field of L&DD, destiny decks and gadget, as its either too inconsistant or its gets completely raped by them. Hopefully some1 makes a gd deck in this soon (I'm also thinking about it). Again sorry for the late review. Until next time.

-Thx to for card scan and translation

Jurong Tournament

Hi all. Today was a fun day at Jurong again. There wasn't as many people as expected~ so, we just played for top 4 standings to determine who gets the prizes. There was 6 rounds and 10 people.
It wasn't a very very grand tournament but here the results anyway.
1st - GG (Heavy Storm Eng Parallel)
2nd - Jeff (Maruding Captian Eng Parallel)
3rd - YongSiang (D.D. Warrior Lady)
4th - Me (The big SATURN)
I somewhat managed to get 4th thx to Jeryl for giving me his win when he literally owned my Raida wif those bloody SOLEM JUDGEMENT.
Oh well, I'll remember to side deck some Nobleman of Extermination next time. Argh~
Hope next week's tournament would have more people...
Gladiator's Assualt out soon!
Expect reviews on new cards soon~

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dog Crap Volume 1 XD

Well i've been rather down and in a bad mood these days.. So ignored wad i said in the Duel Chat! box.. This site was suppose to be a site where people can view our reviews and deck lists happily right? I'm sorry i took my personal things into this blog where i knew i shld not be doing that >.< (bows down and says sorry, with a very innocent face O.O)

Anyway been rather bored too... Thinking of new deck to build and thinking if there are any other combos no one has found out yet =X (Still thinking hard!!!!) Any ideas anyone? Haiz after grand tournaments it seems like the fun has cut short in times T_T..

Well Zy was suppose to do a review right? But uh.. We are still waiting for him before we can move on hehehehe... So Zy hurry!!!! I got a card i wanna review after zy and ken does theirs.. Shall not spoil you all on it XD.. So will keep you all in suspense till its my turn to do a review ba...

Well I'm off to slp... And Life has to go .... Till then to my next Dog Crap!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Its so boring... yawn.
Been thinking about deck ideas at home n school... haha.
Me & Haoh(Baha) have been thinking about some new deck ideas...
Lets just abuse the Haoh's chikara!
Since we got nothing to do now~~
A week till Gladiator's Assualt will be out...
Wonder how the cards will be...
I'll be looking forward to "Dark Fusion"
Cuz I've got super many deck ideas for this. XD
Haoh's chikara~~ lalala~
Its ZY's turn to do review but I'm starting to see some lazy bums =x
Oh nvm. Time to sleep.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Decklist: DestinyRaida

Ok heres the decklist I last minute formed ytd to play at the Jurong tourny.
It was really was last min, meaning the moment I actually sleeved my last card, banana called for pairings.

Monsters: 19
Light & Darkness Dragon x 3
Raiza the Storm Monarch x 2
D-Hero Diabolicguy x 3
D-Hero Diskguy x 2
E-Hero Airman x 1
D.D. Warrior Lady x 1
Treeborn frog x 1
Spirit Reaper x 1
Marshmallon x 1
Cyber Dragon x 2
Magic Striker x 1
Gors x 1

Magic: 16
Foolish Burial x 1
Golden Sealed Chest x 1
Destiny Draw x 3
Brainwash x 2
Heavy Storm x 1
Cyclone x 1
Lightning Vortex x 1
Snatch Steal x 1
Early Burial x 1
Book of Moon x 1
Confiscation x 1
Pot of Avarice x 1
Reinforcements of an Army x 1

Trap: 5
Deck Destruction Virus x 1
Call of the Haunted x 1
Torrential Tribute x 1
Ring of Destruction x 1
Mirror Force x 1

This is quite the typical DestinyRaida la. Wanted to play the ColdWaveBaboonRaida but I just dunno how to play that deck lor. So played this. Just that I didn't play any Scapegoat, Dandelion & Bloo-D which I always do instead of the 2 Raiza. I unexpectly won cuz I was like in a hangover mood instead of being all serious and stuff. So I took the DDV away =x
1st - Me took DDV first print
2nd - Banana/Himura took Heavy Storm Eng Parallel
3rd - Tan Yong Siang took Cyclone Eng Parallel
4th - Tony took Magical Effect arrow? I not sure...
5th - Baha took Pot of avarice
6th - ?? took ??
7th - ?? took ??
8th - ?? took ??
Sry for the very unclear info... will update it soon...
Hope next week's tourny will have such good prizes again.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Hey all!! Goulian here again to present you all with another decklist of mine =X It is a very crazy anime fan deck!!!(Since I am a big fan of Yuki Judai!!!!) The Neo-Spacian deck!!! I'll shoot out the decklist and if you guys can... Just improve it k? Tell me your ideas in the Duel Chat! box at the left side there thanks ya...


2x E-HERO Neos
1x E-HERO Necro Darkman
1x E-HERO Airman
3x E-HERO Another Neos
1x Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab
2x Neo-Spacian Air Humming Bird
1x Neo-Spacian Ground Mole
2x Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
1x Neo-Spacian Black Panther
1x Dandelion
1x Sangan
1x Neos Space Conductor


1x Neos Space
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
3x Convert Contact
2x O-Oversoul
1x Early Burial
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Cyclone
1x Brainwash
1x Confiscation
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Snatch Steal
1x Heavy Storm


1x Ring Of Destruction
1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Cry Of Living Dead
2x Solemn Judgement
1x Bottomless Trap Hole

Side Deck:

3x Cyber Dragon
1x Exiled Force
1x Envoy Of Hades Gors
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Neo-Spacian Glow Moss
1x Frost Monarch Morbius

1x Sealed Golden Chest
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Magic Excavation Crystal
1x Nobleman Of Crossout
1x Common Soul

1x Waboku
1x Dust Tornado

Fusion Deck:
1x E-HERO Magma Neos
1x E-HERO Flare Neos
1x E-HERO Glow Neos
1x E-HERO Air Neos
1x E-HERO Black Neos
1x E-HERO Ground Neos
1x E-HERO Aqua Neos
1x E-HERO Marine Neos

Well this deck focuses on the main points of contact fusioning the different kinds of neos out into the field and smacking your opponent in the face for tons of damage... The only way to get ur hand refreshed is using the "Destiny Draw" like card for Neo-Spacians called "Convert Contact" Here below is the picture for it and its effect for reference...

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"Convert Contact"
Normal Magic
This card can only be activated when there is no monsters on your side of the field.From your hand and deck, send "Neo-Spacian" name cards to the grave, your deck is then shuffled. After that then draw 2 cards from your deck.

Well personally this is like a mini "Destiny Draw" for this deck since it does not have any other cards to refresh your handcards except for this card and "Pot Of Avarice".. I placed the "Neo-Spacian Glow Moss" card in the side deck is because it really does not have any benefits yet unless i meet decks that uses magic cards as a super defence wall =X. The Side Deck is either change the main deck to a magic trap destruction deck or a super cyber dragon rush deck. The reason why "Envoy Of Hades Gors" and "Treeborn Frog" is not in the main deck is because of the "Neos Space" card as it is a field magic card which then jams the 2 cards from making their powerful moves...

And trust me.. The easiest contact fusion you will be using is the fusion of "Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin" and "E-HERO Neos"... The.. "E-HERO Aqua Neos" !!! Because you just activate "Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin" effect first and discard "E-HERO Neos" which then you activate the magic card for "E-HERO" normal monsters "O-Oversoul" to revive "E-HERO Neos" back to the field for CONTACT FUSION!!! Which is just so easy to do it LOL =X...
And there is no need to say.. The hardest contact fusion you'll be doing is the triple contact fusion of "E-HERO Magma Neos" which needs 3 cards to contact fusion lor!!! And I only did it once today =.="

I put 2 "Solemn Judgement" inside the deck is just for the sake of "E-HERO Air Neos", it is because as your lifepoints is lower than your opponent's lifepoints... The difference will be added to it's attack strength!! Its like when I use "E-HERO Air Neos" to attack and the opponent uses "Sakuretsu Armor", I can just pay half my life to counter it and it pumps up my "E-HERO Air Neos" for more damage too =X... It can also help you win the game when you are really low on lifepoints and the opponent has a great edge over you..

Oh ya just for an easier contact fusioning sometimes and the level 4 attack force.. The card "E-HERO Another Neos" is quite good for it.. Here below is a picture of it and it's effect too =)

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"E-HERO Another Neos"
Attribute: Light, Type: Warrior
Effect Monster/Dual, 4 stars, Atk 1900/Def 1300
This card in the grave or face up on the field is treated as a normal monster. When this card is face up on the field, by summoning this card another time as a normal summon, this card becomes an effect monster and gains this effect. As long as this card is face up on the field, its name is treated as "E-HERO Neos"

Well this card in the dual monsters series in the TAEV set is the best of all.. Being a level 4 monster with a attack of 1900 is really good.. Plus it is a "HERO" monster too!!! Searchable by the famous HA OH card "E-HERO Airman"(The HA OH card is cos this is baha's trademark card LOL!!! HA OH ism!!! SUPPORT IT!! =x) It can also be "O-Oversoul" back to the field too for more smacking!!!

Well as i tested this deck.. Its quite ok with the attack strength and so on so forth, but it'll die to "Light And Darkness Dragon" decks and other more powerful decks thou... Unless more support cards for this deck is going to appear... I'm gonna leave the decklist this way =X Oh ya maybe you all can try using "Fake Hero" to contact fusion faster or just... ABUSE THE HA OH CARD "E-HERO Airman" !! Below is a picture of the "Fake Hero" card and it's effect for reference.

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"Fake Hero"
Normal Magic
Special summon one monster with "E-HERO" in its name from your hand to the your side of the field. The monster cannot attack and is returned to your hand at the end phase of the turn.

Well Thats all the combos for this deck for now.. Till then when i've thought of more combos to add in!!! This deck has not reached it's fullest potential yet ar!!!! So I'll also leave it to you guys to help me think of ideas to improve this deck again =X Till then to my next post, Goulian Signing off!!! =)

-Thx to for card scan and translation

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Card Review : Decoy Dragon

Hey all!!! Goulian here!!! And its my turn today to post a card review!!! And so today's card review will be on another card of the new structure deck "Revival Of Great Dragon" , the card is "Decoy Dragon" !!!! Here below is a picture of it and it's effect for reference.

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"Decoy Dragon"
Attribute: Fire , Type: Dragon
Effect Monster 2 stars Atk 300/ Def 200
When this card is selected as an attack target by your opponent's monster, select a level 7 or above Dragon type monster from your graveyard and special summon it onto the field, the attack target is then changed to it.

Looks cute doesn't it? Well for being such a cute monster usually has a very special effect for it.. In this case its name suits it's effect quite nicely, being a "Decoy" for an attack and angers a dragon in your grave to block the attack for it certainly is really good. (Its like hitting a baby dragon and the mother is running after you for your life =X)And being a Atk 300/Def 200 monster is really tempting to your opponent for an attack. Its effect is more on revival actually, but it restricts to what kind of dragons you are able to summon from the grave. The restriction is the level limit, this card only allows you to special summon level 7 or above Dragon type monsters from your graveyard.. Which means those kind of lower level dragons with awesome effects can't be used for it.. Oh well..

But hey!! Since its level 7 or above... There are monsters like the awesome "Blue Eyes White Dragon" , "Red Eyes Black Dragon" , "Tyrant Dragon", a fusion summoned before "Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon", The 2 new high level dragons from the structure deck being
"Fel-Grant Dragon" and "Dark Blaze Dragon"... Or you can wait for the upcoming of a new dragon in the LE10 series pack.. The "Blue Ice White Nights Dragon".

Because it is a Dragon type with stats of Atk 300/Def 200 , it can be searched out by the dragon search engine "Masked Dragon" or even being a fire type monster is enabling it to also be able to be searched out by "UFO Turtle". In this case I would prefer it to be searched out by "Masked Dragon" because you can special summon it also in defence mode as "UFO Turtle" restricts it to only be able to be special summoned in attack mode.. But unless you wanna tempt your opponent into attacking a attack position "Decoy Dragon" that is lol..

Hard to get dragon type monsters that are high level into the graveyard? Not a problem at all!!! In these days having high level monsters in the graveyard is really fast!! Cards like "Foolish Burial" being able to send one monster in your deck to the graveyard, or cards like "Future Fusion" which allows you to send a whole bunch of dragons from your deck to the graveyard to try fusion summoning a "F.G.D"(Five God Dragon)... Or here is a card which lets you be able to take back a monster from the grave to your hand while discarding a card for it.. You do know the "Monster Reincarnation" card right? Just discard a high level dragon to the grave and take back another monster, hoping in the next turn your opponent is going to attack your "Decoy Dragon". Oh by the way... Your "Decoy Dragon" needs to be face up for an attack target in order for it to trigger it's effect.. A way to flip your "Decoy Dragon" into face up position in your opponent's turn is by using a card called "Ceasefire", it allows you to flip all face down defense position monsters into face up defence mode(flip effects not activated) which for each effect monster on the field, it will deal 500 damage for each of them.. Deal some damage before calling a big size dragon from your grave sounds quite nice too right? =X

And if you would really like to get more benefits from the revival effect of the "Decoy Dragon"... Maybe you can try playing a card called "Cards Of Safe Return" Its effect is that when a monster from your graveyard is special summoned onto the field, you may draw one card from your deck. Sounds sweet when you are able to draw one card from your deck at the same time while a big size dragon monster is revived from your grave to deal some serious damage to your opponent.And oh ya if your opponent is reluctant to attack your "Decoy Dragon".. Maybe you can also try using a card that was printed in the masters guide book.. Its effect is that it changes the attack target of the opponent's monster to another target on the field. Below is a picture of the "Cards of safe return" and it's effect for reference as it is an old card..

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"Cards Of Safe Return"
Continuous Magic
When a monster from your graveyard is special summoned onto the field, you may draw one card from your deck.

Well there are certain ways to counter this card easily, cards like "D.D Crow" does the job totally and when there are no level 7 or above dragons in your graveyard, you cannot activate the effect as well. "Skill Drain" can also render this card useless too , or when there is a high attack monster on the field that beats all the other high level dragons in your graveyard defeats the purpose of it too. And maybe before even entering the battle phase, your opponent will just smashing ground it to bits and just go in for the kill...

I'll just leave it to you guys on how to use this card to its fullest potential... Till then thats the end of my review today... I'm off to go for a nap mwahahahahahaha =X... Goulian Signing Off~ And if you have any questions do post them at the Duel Chat! box there thank you.

-Thx to for card scan and translation

Monday, July 2, 2007

Card Review: Dark Blaze Dragon

Hi all and a thousand apologies for the very very late review.
We spent the weekend sending Jimmy off back to Taiwan and I didn't had much time to write this review. Even so, I'm taking some time off my class work today just to write this during class time!
I've decided to do more of structure deck cards. Since we're all quite into them now a thesedays. I wouldn't be surprised if Colin n Zheng Yang decides to do the other structure deck monsters. So today's review is on Dark Blaze Dragon.

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SD13-JP002 Dark Blaze Dragon [Super Rare]
FIRE/Dragon - Effect/7/1200/1000
When this card is successfully Special Summoned from the Graveyard, double this card's ATK and DEF. When this card destroys a monster in battle and it is send to the Graveyard you opponent takes damage equal to the ATK of the destroyed monster.

Its a really really small monster being 1200 attack and a 7 star -.- its pure nonsense. Who the heck wanna double tribute summon for this small thing? But its effect does help it a little. If you actually revived it from the graveyard, it's attack power doubles to 2400. Its an average attack power for a high lv monster with all the monarch around... futhermore, there are many ways to Special summon this monster. First way is by the effect of Mask Dragon.

Masked Dragon
Fire/Dragon - Effect/4/1400/1100
When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster with 1500 or less ATK to your side of the field from your Deck. Then shuffle your Deck.
Since Masked Dragon could Special summon this from the deck, its an easier way of letting it die to another monster too, thus speeding up the process of reviving it for the beatdown.

Next is Foolish Burial:
Select 1 Monster Card in your Deck, and send it to the Graveyard. Your Deck is then shuffled.
You could always throw this dragon into the graveyard and use Premature Burial or Call of the Haunted or any other revival card to special summon it as fast as possible.

Of course theres always:
Future Fusion
Continuous Magic
Send, from your Deck to the Graveyard, Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on a Fusion Monster Card, and select that 1 Fusion Monster from your Fusion Deck. Special Summon the selected Fusion Monster during your 2nd Standby Phase after this card's activation. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon.) When this card is removed from the field, destroy that monster. When the monster is destroyed, destroy this card.
You can select this card as a fusion material for Five God Dragon which requires ANY 5 dragons as its fusion materials and use revival cards like the earlier mentioned.

Theres the old school UFO turtle.
Similiar to Masked Dragon's effect but I would advise Mask Dragon more than this card as the card special summoned by UFO turtle's effect must be in the attack position.

Of course there are many other ways like, by King Dragoon, Flame Ruler, Flute of Summoning Dragon, etc... but the best recommended ways are still the above few mentioned.
Some decks like gadgets might face some difficulties. Imagine a scenario when your opponent has a Cyber Dragon, Green Gadget and Yellow Gadget on the field. You summon Masked Dragon, hit the Green, search for Dark Blaze Dragon, hit the Yellow, Call of the haunted Dark Blaze Dragon and hit the Cyber Dragon for 2400 damage. Its second effect is very similiar to E-Hero Flame Wingman. Its really painful for monsters to be dealing that much of non battle damage on a attack. Any attack mode monster would mean that your opponent would take a full 2400 damage. Of course you could boost its attack with all the attack boosting cards but that would be all up to your own individual deck building and playing style.
Thats about it for the review. I don't think I'm going to write any further about it as I don't have much experience of this card. I might be having a Dragon deck idea and might wanna play it soon. So... sry guys. I can't lend you! =x
Until then,
Kenneth out.

- Thx to for card translation and card scan.
P.S. Colin for god sake PLEASE don't post sentences in CAPS THANK YOU.