Monday, July 7, 2008

Thoughts on M'sian Championships

Hey all! This is Goulian here! The champion from M'sian was a duelist using a [Emperor] deck as from what I heard from Yan Shen. Thanks for the info! Though I do not have the decklist =(...
Anyway from the trip to M'sia, we can see alot of duelists having alot of different ideas! Of course on alot of their different decks!

- Earth Syncro Deck:

Uses [Gigantes] to special summon itself and also to use [Jutte Knight] for syncro! Quite a nice idea!

- Dark Calling Special Version:

Now this was used by Yan Shen, and another duelist which I forgot the name >.<... Both of theirs was extremely fast! I got OTKed quite quickly by them too!

Well these are the decks that are worth looking and building too! The cards they had inside were sorta fresh ideas to me lol... And I also found out that the most feared Syncro Monster in M'sia is.... [Red Daemon Dragon]! Because they have like alot of face down defense position monsters de ar... Well okay! Till next time! Goulian signing off! And oops... New card review will be coming up!

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