Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Card Rulings: Burial From A Different Dimension


[Burial From A Different Dimension]
Quick-Play Magic
Select up to 3 Monster cards that are removed away from the game. And return them to their owner's graveyard.

Hey, there seems to be a little confusion among the players out there between when [Dimension Fissure] is face-up on the field and [Burial From A Different Dimension] is activated, the monsters will be removed away from the game again. As what seems to be from the upperdeck side. But through some researching of the FAQ page and the UDE forum. I got the answer that the monsters will be returned to the graveyard, and will not be removed away from the game again. As the monster is not "Sent" to the grave, but "Returned" to the grave instead. Link below for reference. Thanks to upperdeck community for helping me out with this.

Link To The Forum Right HERE

Hope this helps the duelists that are confused out there. Till next time!

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