Monday, November 3, 2008

C.D.L Duel Kingdom Tournament on 2/11/08

Well participated in this awesome event yesterday in order to test my deck's new build with some pressure on it! However this was the results for yesterday's match-ups.

C.D.L Duel Kingdom Tournament 2/11/08
Deck Used : Light Gladial Beasts
Format: Swiss
(the above totally copies Baha's format right? =X)

First Match VS Joel (Meta Gadget)
XOX = Lose

Lost in the first round because my magic and trap cards were just not as much as the ones that he got in his starting hand! So of course... He took control of the game very quickly as expected and thus causing my lost to him in the first round. Won him in the second round due to him having a monster hand full of gadgets and only 1 trap card in his starting hand. So I just rushed him down and went in for the win! Lost to him in the third round due to the ever powerful [Royal Oppression] =(.... But It was a really nice match =D...

Second Match VS Luo Han (Undead Syncro)
OO- = Win

Won in the first round due to the luckiest crow on earth! The [D.D Crow] that is always in my hand!(P.S. I did not cheat!) Won in the second round because fortunately, the lucky crow was also in my starting hand!(P.S. I really did not cheat!)

Third Match VS Kenneth [not this blog's master] (Beast Syncro)
OO- = Win

Actually I would think that he could have won me since he was already in control with [Cold Wave] and [Dark Armed Dragon] on his field! But I saw the light and managed to turn the tables! That was just luck though! In the second round, I tried to control with [Raiou]! But however he keeps using my monsters as Syncro Materials!(P.S. I blame [Mind Control]!) Managed to win by gaining back control... One of the nicest match I had that day. Hurry find your [Natural Beast] and add it into your extra deck =D!

Fourth Match VS Desmond (Meta Gadget)
XOX = Lose

Lost in the first round as usual I had bad hand again.... Which resulting in me having lost control against his deck. Won in the second round due to [Cold Wave] and [Gladial Beast Heraklonis]. Lost in the third round because I had 2 [E-HERO Prismer] in my hand with [Raiou] , [Gladial Beast Chariot], [Solemn Judgment]. Then I drew the 3rd [E-HERO Prismer] as my 6th card! The thing was, all of my [E-HERO Prismer] got wiped out by [Bottomless Trap Hole] or either [Compulsory Evacuation Device]! Oh ya I also drew [Gladial Beast Chariot] as my 2nd turn's 7th card!( I think Baha passed on to me his Casino De Baha luck! Oh noes!) Well it was quite a nice match!

So I died-ed in this tournament! Will have to improve my deck further! Might also be participating next week, who knows? Well its time to sign off now! Till next time!

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