Sunday, September 7, 2008

OCG Extra Pack!

Hi, I noticed this blog is rather dead cuz neither Colin or I have the time to update.
(Colin is mugging for his exams while I'm busy with my project at school and with the guitar).

Anyway, here's a post for my random comments on the lastest OCG extra pack which will probably come to your nearest Comic Connection or wadever 2moro although its already available at some places.

For starters, I think the rarity of some cards ought to be laughed at.

- Gate Watcher of Hell Ill Blood(OCG)/ Il Bud(TCG)
Congrats to those who spent a bomb to buy this secret rare TCG card a year ago, now its common wtf! and I was speculating it'd be a super rare foil or something. Bleh~

- Dark Grepher
Another card which I had expected it to be at least a super rare. Became another common card.

- Gladial-Beast Oktavius
Why is this even a foil? I think u'd rather use Gladial-Beast - Bestorourii instead? For contact fusion purposes too. Argh! I nearly tore this when I opened it from a pack.

Cards worth getting from this really really small set:

- Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
I hope to see Six Samurai decks soon! =D

- Fallen Angel Zerato
A very TCG thing in the typical Dark Arm decks.

- Allure of Darkness
I think this is what everyone has been waiting for.

- Slave Tiger
Now the OCG Gladial Beasts are complete. I think E-Hero Prismer is much useful though.

- Lonefire Blossom
Very cool plant card!

- Flame Emperor Imperial Guard
Although Fire/Pyro themed decks were nvr a really big thing, maybe this card helps!

Well, thats about it. The rest of the cards are just...... oh well.

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