Monday, June 25, 2007

Thoughts On The World Championship Held On The 24th Of June.

HEY ALL!!! GOULIAN HERE AGAIN!!!! K guys this time its really really exciting about this tournament, there was really alot of people taking part in this tournament and so there were 4 elimination rounds being held. I went through the first elimination round and was waiting for my 2nd elimination round later in the afternoon(my 2nd elimination round will be held after all 4 of the elimination rounds are finished), which our 2nd blog master didn't have much luck with him that day @!#!@$!%$!@#@!#@!#... Well Then when the 2nd elimination rounds are held, I pass through again, which means the swiss parrings will be next!!!!!

And so during the swiss parrings , the first round for me was quite an ok one, my opponent was very friendly too =) ... Which i pass him and 2nd swiss parrings i met xiao mei =X, Which first of my round i lost to her cos of her "out of game" deck... Which my deck really fears the most!!!! But i managed to pass her as well. Which then on to the 3rd swiss parrings where i met jeryl!!!!!!
Him being a gadget deck is already a tough feat for me to handle, and so he won me in the first round, which i side decked and won in the 2nd round, in the 3rd round it was really a tough match, which i was floating with 400 lifepoints and Jeryl wif 3400 life points. But after doing so much moves, hehe i still lost to him thou BUT HEY!!! This was the greatest duel i ever played in my entire dueling life. Thx Jeryl for that experience!!! Serious lol...

And so after that i met another duelist and won, after which the last round i lost again, so in total of the 5 swiss rounds, i only won about 3 rounds lol... Hard to get into top 8 le... BUT I GOT INTO TOP 16!!!! NOT BAD LE HOR!!!!

Ok guys, here below will be the pictures of the top 4 ppl =) do play a few rounds with them to see their playing skills(highly recommended to play with the 4th place mwahahahahahahaha)

4th Place
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3rd Place
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2nd Place
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1st Place!!!! ( o.O)
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A Picture of the organiser and the top 4 ppl and World Of JJ de boss
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Which after this photo taking session we were abit dismissed, our 4th placed friend got a few things that were quite funny lol.... His prize was... One box of POTD booster packs, one zombie structure deck, one black box( =.=) and protectors i think lol... Here are the pics below

o.O nice black box... wonders what is inside it...
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..... Its... EMPTY!!!!
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And we whacked his booster packs and got all these foils

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jumbo Drill , E-HERO Flare Neos, Neos- Spacian Flare Scarab, Neos-Spacian Aqua Dolphin,
Neos-Spacian Black Panther and that "Godzilla" LOL!!!

Which after this, Its time for my deck to play a part in it!!!! The deck i used for the tournament is the "Protector Of The Sanctuary" Deck... Which controls the opponent's hand completely once used...

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1st Blog Master's Pic(me) wif the protector of the sanctuary in hand

Ok here is a closer look of it
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And below is the decklist for my deck that i used in this tournaments... Any suggestions to improve it is greatly welcomed!!! (post at tagbox ya!!!! >.<)
Monsters: 20

1x Protector Of The Sanctuary
1x Morphing Jar
1x Neos-Spacian Ground Mole
1x Frost Emperor Morbius
3x Card Gunner
1x E-HERO Airman
2x E-HERO Wildman
1x Treeborn Frog
2x Giant Rat
1x Sangan
1x Magician Of Black Chaos
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Exiled Force
1x D.D Warrior Lady
1x Wind Emperor Rizer

Magic: 13
1x Card Destruction
1x Magical Stone Excavation
1x Early Burial
1x Shrink
1x Heavy Storm
1x ScapeGoats
1x Reinforcement Of Army
1x Smashing Ground
1x Cyclone
1x Confiscation
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Snatch Steal
1x Brainwash

Traps: 7
2x Spiritual Art "Kurogane"
1x Ring Of Destruction
1x Mirror Force
1x Cry Of Living Dead
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Dust Tornado

Side Deck: 15
1x Frost Emperor Morbius
2x Magic Striker
1x Thunder Emperor Zaboog
1x D.D Assaliant
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Jinzo
1x D.D Crow

Magic: 6
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Metamorphosis
1x Nobleman Of Crossout
1x Giant Trunade
1x Brainwash
1x Reinforcement Of Army

Traps: 1
1x Waboku

The main point of this deck is to discard all your opponent's hand using morphing jar or card destruction, and unabling him to draw anything out of it using Protector Of The Sanctuary.
And it seems I'm the only one that built this deck in this whole tournament lol... But it put up a very good fight!! The Sidedeck is for incase u are facing decks like uh... Out of game? Just change the whole deck into a warrior emperor deck and go in for the kill !!!!!

The protector's effect is btw..

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"Protector Of The Sanctuary"
Attribue:Earth , Type: Fiend
Effect Monster 4 stars Attk 1100/Def 1900
As long as this card is face up on the field,
Your opponent cannot draw cards outside the draw phase.

So just use card destruction and chain call of the haunted and call back pots(for short) and make your opponent's hand handless!!! Well thats my strategy for this tournament anyway lol... Anyway do post up any ideas u have at the tagbox ya... thx..

And photo taking again wif taiwan jimmy, gigi and 4th place!!!!

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Well Cya guys.. And good night!!!!!! This was a great tournament... And the most memorable duel was the one with Jeryl(that took alot out of me!!!!) Till then stay tuned pals!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Card Review: Trade In

"Trade In" By Zheng Yang...
Hi people ZY here again.
Today its my turn to do a card review.
Today's card review will be from the new structure deck: Revival of Grand Dragon, Trade In.
Trade In
Magic - Normal: Discard a level 8 monster from your hand. Draw 2 cards from your deck.

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As simple as it is, most people will relate this card to Destiny Draw. Cause both require a discard of a type of monster in exchange for drawing 2 cards. There's no inherited card advantage but rather seeing 2 new cards in your hand as well as going deeper into your deck.
If all would notice, this card specify that a Level 8 monster has to be discarded: no more no less. This does restrict what kind of monsters you can use, but there's afew people are commonly play:
-Magician of Black Chaos (easier recursion from grave)-Light & Darkness Dragon (to get out of stucked hands)-D-HERO Bloo-D (If you like playing more than 3 Destiny Draw)-Hell Dozer (For Demise deck cycling)-Demise, King of Armegeddon (same as above)-Hinokage-Tsuchi (the next big thing)-God Beastking Barbaros (yet to come out, but worth mentioning)
From my opinion, they release Trade In so some decks that are prone to bad hand will get a better chance, and I can think of a deck that might abuse Trade In like Destiny Draw (not gonna tell you folks about it yet =x). Overall this is an alright card, not too broken, and for more dedicated decks. Expect to see more of this card for weeks to come in OCG games.

Rate: 7/10

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Confirmed Details for Grand Tournament Held On The 24th Of June(Sunday)

Here below are the confirmed details for the tournament this sunday.... If you have any doubts, do post your questions at the tagbox ya...

Venue: Suntec City Conventional and Exhibition Centre , 3rd floor , room 307
Date: 24th June 2007
Time: 9am start register, 10am start fight
Min. Requirements: Deck size min 40, Max is unlimited.
Side deck must 15 or no side deck.
Fusion Deck Max is 30
NO Japanese Promo Cards allowed unless
upperdeck entertainment has english copies of it
(example: E-HERO Airman has an english copy
called Elemental Hero Stratos)
Cards from the newest booster Tactical Evolution
or TAEV as you know it cannot be used in this
Things to bring: Please bring papers and pens to calculate your lifepoints on sunday(as calculators are not allowed, but bring them too ba =X)

Well the authors from Duel Society wishes everyone taking part in this grand tournament good luck!!! Have fun and play fair!!! IF there is further updates, I will continue to post it up here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Card Review : Crystal Fortune Teller

Hihi all!!!! Goulian here again to present you guys with another card review =X, Well today's review will be about another of one of the 4 common rare cards of the Tactical Evolution Booster Pack. And here she is!!! The "Crystal Fortune Teller" card!!!!! Here below is the effect for it and the picture for reference.

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"Crystal Fortune Teller"
Attribute: Water, Type: Magician
Effect Monster 1 stars Attk 100/Def 100
Flip: Reveal the top 2 cards of your deck, choose 1 to add into your hand and the other to the bottom of the deck.

As the art tells you, its a magician holding a crystal ball trying to predict the outcome of your life/destiny/fate or whatever she is trying to predict LOL!!! With such a relevant effect to its art, here is a good thing why it is being placed in the set as a common rare card. When you take a look at the top 2 cards of your deck, chances is that you will have 1 turn earlier of adding a certain card into your hand and also at the same time, avoiding a certain card that you would not like to see in the next 2 turns.

Being a small monster with stats like Attk 100/Def 100 is really very pain if a monster tramps it in defense position or when a big monster blasts it when its in attack position(but most of the time it will be face down right? LOL!!!) BUT GUYS!!! Look at it's level, type and attribute!!! It is a level 1 magician type monster with the attribute of WATER!!!! Being a level 1 Magician type monster is a great partner to "Apprentice Magician" as it can be searched out by him, or just being just a magician type monster is meaning that it can also be used with Dimension Magic and Magician's Circle!! . Being a Water attribute monster meaning that it can be used for the "Water Spiritual Art" for hand control techniques.

Well what if you really would not want to use its effect and saw some cards that you really wanna have both but have no choice to select both and place them in your hand. There is a really old card that not many people will use for it but hey!! Its still an idea right? This old card is the "Big Eye". This monster which when flip, take a look at the top 5 cards of your deck and rearrange it in the order you want. Sounds quite ok to me =) Or maybe some lame combo like... Looking at the top 2 cards which happens to be... 1: "D-HERO Diamond Guy" ,
2: "Ojama Delta Hurricane!" , place the "Ojama Delta Hurricane!" card below the deck and activate a card that allows both players deck to be upside down.
Use "D-HERO Diamond Guy" effect and reveal "Ojama Delta Hurricane!" and send it to the graveyard, which in the next turn... THERE WILL BE A HUGE DESTRUCTIVE EFFECT BEING ACTIVATED!!!!( This sounds lame but hey its still an idea!!!! =X)

This card can really bring forward your victory of the duel or the loss of the duel, depending on the method on how you use this card. Too bad that this card cannot be used for the coming world championships this Sunday the 24th of June. Or you'll see some violent stunts being pulled out in the most unfavourable situations. K guys... Thats the end of my review for today, I will update more about the grand tournament's details by this Thursday. Till then...
Stay Tuned And TAG!!!!!

Rating : 7/10
This is a really good card , why I did not give it a 9/10 is because of its stats >.< (Being tramped by a "Majestic-Mech Goryu" IS NOT FUNNY!!!! OUCH!!!)

Painful Choice (Its not a card review)

Ok the only painful choice I'm having is what kinda deck to play this sunday!!!
I've been testing out D-Monarch, D-Machine, Gadget rush, Gadget control...
I think the tournament would be mainly D-Hero based deck, with all the destiny draw and diskguy stuff, and Gadget decks. There'll be very unique lock decks like Horus and Protector of Sanctuary deck too or even a deck with 3 Phoenix? Of course there would be OTK decks like Demise or Machine... but they really die badly often due to the very bad draw unless you've got the skills to play them like DS.
Weaknesses of
D-Monarch: Trap Dustshoot, No D-Heros wif Destiny Draw in hand & Vice-versa, Crush Card Virus, D.D. Crow.
D-Machine: Card gunner drops important revival cards like Premature Burial and kill cons like metamorphosis, D.D. Crow
Both D-Hero based decks have possibilities of drawing more than a copy of your D-Hero Diabolic guy/Malicious.
Gadget Rush: Spell Canceller, Full gadget draw, D.D. Designator, Trap dustshoot, Mind crush
Gadget Control: Full gadget draw, D.D. Designator, Trap dustshoot, Mind crush
I can't help but thinking of all these cons, however, if these decks can draw well, den its not a problem at all. I'd probably do some last min decisions though. I usually do that and it never works out. So I'm doing some training this week regardless of having school everyday from 9 to 4.30. Well, I hope everyone going for this tournament will be ready for it. The side deck for that day would be equally as important as the main deck. I'll see you all this sunday. Good luck =)

Monday, June 18, 2007

World Championships Tournament Held On The 24th Of June

Hey all... Today my post will be about the world championships 2007 tournament held on the 24th of June, below are its details, any further updates will be posted here after i receive them.

Venue: Suntec City Conventional Centre, 3rd floor, room 307
Date : 24th June
Time : 9am start register, 10am START FIGHT AR!!!
Fee : 10 dollars or more( hope not T_T)
Min. Requirements: Deck of 40(duh) , There is no maximum card limit(just updated), Side deck of 15 cards( duh again)
No Japanese promo cards allowed in this tournament except if upperdeck
entertainment has english copies of it( example: E-HERO Airman has an
english copy called Elemental Hero Stratos)

For information on the prizes that will be given out.. Do visit your nearby card shops to take a look at the posters about this tournament. If i have the time again i will post about the prizes being given out in this tournament ya... K guys.. Good Night and Take Care!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Card Review: Prophet of World Creation

Ok its somewhat my turn to do a card review. Since we've been doing very "duh" OCG n TCG metagame cards, I'll do on something new and would probably be released in about exactly a week's time or even earlier.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
SD13-JP003 Prophet of World Creation
LIGHT/Spellcaster - Effect/4/1800/600
Discard one card from your hand. Add one monster with level 7 or more from your Graveyard to your hand. You can only use this effect once per turn.

Stats: Well, its a lv 4 monster. No tributes required but wait... omg its 1800 attk! Same as our best friend "E-Hero Airman"! Its a Light attribute but forget about the chaos food stuff since they won't be coming back. Ok the 2nd good thing about this card is that it is a Spellcaster! Meaning its able to be tributed by "Dimension Magic" after using "Crystal Fortune Teller" or you can always "Magician's Circle" this guy out to the field.

Effect: NOW! For the gay and broken effect. Its a 1 for 1 BUT what I'm about to suggest is more than 1 for 1. Discard your "D-Hero Diabolic Guy" and take back "Light & Darkness Dragon". Special summon your "D-Hero Diabolic Guy" and double tribute for your LADD. When your "Light & Darkness Dragon" dies special summon back "Prophet of World Creation" and repeat process this time discarding another card... "Treeborn Frog"? or would could always discard a "D-Hero Disk Guy" and revive it by either "Early Burial" or "Call of the haunted" and double sacrifice for another "Light & Darkness Dragon" for the win. Well, of course you don't always have to use this guy's effect just for "Light & Darkness Dragon" only but theres always "Gors - Messanger of Hades" or "Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv8 " or even discard a "Dandelion" take back "D-Hero Bloo-D" and there you have it, you just recycled your "D-Hero Bloo-D"! How about discarding "E-Hero Necrodarkman" and taking back "E-Hero Edgeman"? Ok there are many other combos for this card but I won't really list all here but those are probably the few you would see more often. Of course this guy can still die to "Bottomless Trap Hole" and stuff like that but hey, if you can actually get to use his effect and gain something from it, then its good enough already. Take a good look at this card. Cuz you're going to see everyone playing it sooner or later.

Rating: 9.5/10
This really really really is a good card. I'm sure we'll all be playing this esp me =x

Thx to for card scan and translation.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Card Review : Warfront Revival Compensation

B][U]Warfront Revival Compensation[/U][/B}By Zheng Yang
Hi again people. ZY here. On DS' reccomendation today I am reviewing a card that came up in the recent booster: Tactical Evolution. I am talking about 1 of the 4 normal rares in the set: Warfront Revival Compensation.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
( AKA the dogchain, Taken from manjyomethunder website)

Equip Magic :Send one normal monster from your side of the field to the graveyard. Select one monster in a graveyard and special summon it to your side of the field and equip it with this card. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the equipped monster.

About the art, its actually is the name tags soldiers carry with them when they go to war. They carry 2 at all times, 1 is to be put into the mouth of the corpse to identify it, while the other is to be returned to the family member to let them in about the poor chap that died.

At first glance this card's effect, it looks very similar to 2 of its precessor: Monster Reborn and Premature Burial. Like premature burial, it has a cost to be payed when activated (in this case, its sending a normal monster from your field to the grave) and stays equipped to the monster. But out of this bargin you get the ability to select any monster in any graveyard like monster reborn.

This is one of the few new cards that is introduced in the set to make dual (and normal monsters in a whole) much more stronger and rewarding to play. Its not very hard to play if you really think about it. Dual monster that has yet to be 'Awakened' can be sent to the grave. And other small normal monsters can be used to sent to the grave as well.( note that tokens cannot be used for this as tokens do not enter the grave to fully meet the requirements.)
At first it seens abit off to pay 2 cards to get a monster back, but with proper application, its well worth the cost. What possible monsters you could bring back you ask? One of the best targets is... (The officially most broken D-HERO printed. Nuff said)
...D-HERO Diskguy! Nothing like drawing 2 cards, and then proceeding to giant trunarde and repeat it again with another goat token =x Or... (the king kong of Invasion of Chaos is back)
...another rather rewarding target is MOBC, especially if its your opponents! Getting back a broken spell and dishing 2800 can be really traumatic to the opponent. Not to mention is opponent kills it, he aint getting back this game barring any O.o.G (Out of Game) tricks. Or... (The Legend lives on!)
... you could try to be some1 and go to house with the current king of normal monsters: BEWD!!! Ok I'm kidding, but its a possibility, and if you are gonna take a might as well make it the BIGGEST.
Another interesting note is that this is an Equip Spell, meaning you can use Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu to tutor it to go along with your snatch steals and premature burial. Its also works with Benkai and Maha Valio and wadever that digs on equipments, but I'll leave its up to you readers' imagination. (Forge me one of those dogchains asap XD)
Overall, this is a card which has some great potential, and is a very good idea for a fun deck to be around. With some luck we might see some interesting cards coming out in Gladiator Assault that may go well with this. Hope you all have some inspiration on this card and if possible, share the idea with me =x

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Card Review : Snipe Hunter!!!!

Hey all!!!! Sorry that i'm a little late in posting a new review these days >.<... Was a little busy preparing my deck for the world championships coming in June 24th... (more information about the tournament will be posted in this blog soon) And ya.. As what Ken said... It is an OTK deck.. But a different version =X.. Do play a few rounds with me to find out this deck of mine ^_^. Ok enough of my own things.. Today's review is one card that needs every single luck that you have to use it well!!! Presenting ladies and gentlemen... The card.. "SNIPE HUNTER"!!! Here below is the picture of it and it's effect stated below for reference.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"Snipe Hunter"
Attribue: Dark, Type : Fiend
Effect Monster 4 stars Attk 1500/Def 600
Discard one card from your hand. Select a card on the field and roll a 6 sided dice once. If number besides 1 and 6 is rolled out, the selected card is destroyed.

Cards that roll dice are not really that favourable to some people right? LOL!! But for this case.. besides rolling a dice to decide the outcome of its effect , you would also need to discard a card to activate the effect first thou( which if you really destroy the card you targetted, it will be a 2 for 1 cost). Which is the bad point about this card, and ya I do have some bad experiences when using this card's effect... Want to know why? It is because everytime i roll the dice.. It always appears 1 and 6 for me =.="" which makes my hand discarding worst if i still want to continue to try to destroy that card that I eyed on. But hey!!! There are such cards in the world that are treated as "Free Bullets" for this card to use.. Some cards like this are "Treeborn Frog", "Dandelion" and one of the famed "HERO" cards, "D-HERO Dashguy"... And this card can be also used to discard high level monsters to the graveyard for revival when you don't really want to sacrifice some precious monsters on your field but you really would need the attack power right?

It is also a 1500 attack monster, which makes it able to destroy quite alot of monsters by battle these days( example would be like gadget monsters). And for it to be a dark fiend type monster would also give another reason why it is very good too. Reasons is that is can be used as a card to out of game for the descending new chaos emperor dragon demon or the new chaos sorcerer
to appear on your field =D. And being a 600 butt monster would mean that rarely people would put it in defense mode right?(unless you are really going to die by one more attack or really that desperate for defense)

And another good thing about this card is that , it can target any card on the field... Which means, I can target my own cards too!!! Idea is that maybe you can try targetting your own "Phoenix God Of Nephthys" and hope it destroys the card and it will revive the next turn and take care of all the magic and trap cards on the whole field( provided if your opponent do not remove the phoenix out of the game in the graveyard before it returns to your field).

This card can really sometimes make you very pissed off at the dice for rolling out 1 or 6 when you don't really need those numbers LOL!!!! So ya my rating for this card is 7/10. Why do i give such a "high" rating? The destruction power is ok , discarding a card which i really can discard those high level monsters for revival and at the same time destroy a card to make an opening for a direct attack to the opponent's lifepoints. So ya.. Overall its ok, just needs a whole lot of luck at your side while using this card at your disposal... But without luck while playing this card game.. It won't be Yu-Gi-Oh! right? So do wait for my next review ya.. Cya next time !!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where the lazy ppl?

Colin was supposed to do a card review after me! Now where isit?
Stop forming your that OTK deck and do the review lar!
Lol. Ok lar jus jk. Its really boring and nothing to do at home...
12 days to the June upperdeck tournament...
Hmm... I've already decided wad deck to play le...
I'm not sure if it can really make it...
Those who gets to test their decks wif me before the tournament will know...
Shhh. Its a secret. =X will post the decklist after the tourny's over.
Oh well, my yugioh-online has just ran out of duel points... so if anyone got spare duel passes pls sell me thx!
Omg its 12am already so I'm off to sleep.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Card Review: D-Hero Disc Guy

Hi all! Sorry for the late card review as I've been busy wif my own blog and stuff...

Ok, so today's card review is on.... D-Hero Disc Guy or as what they call it in TCG, Destiny Hero - Disc Commander.

「D-HERO ディスクガイ」
WC07-JP003 D-Hero Disc Guy
DARK/Warrior - Effect/1/300/300
When this card is successfully Special Summoned from your Graveyard, draw 2 cards from your deck.
Many people either hate this card or love this card.
Basically this monster is a pure card drawing machine and what we players just need to have during games is: hand size.
This card is just the perfect card drawing card for any deck. Well you can always use "D-hero Doomguy"'s effect or jus the plain old staples like "Early Burial" or "Call of the haunted" or the famous way in OCG is by "Light & Darkness Dragon".
You could always discard this card on a "Destiny Draw" and set a face down "Call of the haunted" or "Early Burial" it, draw two cards and sacrifice for a Monarch or anything else. And guess what, your hand size didn't decrease at all but theres field presence. Need I say more about how broken this card is? Looking at its SMALL disadvantage about being 300 attack and 300 defence is actually no problem at all. As I said earlier, u can always tribute this card away for a bigger monster or just use 'Crush Card Virus" as a tribute. You drew cards and your opponent has lesser cards.
We can expect this card to be played commonly in the upcoming June tournament. So plesae prepare your D.D. Crows, Dissappear, Karma cut, Kycoo or whatever way you can remove this card away from game while its in your opponent's grave whenever you can before it will be abused right in front of you making you hate this card so much you might just wanna snatch it from your opponent and tear it to pieces.
Rating for this card is 9.5/10
I guess I don't have to explain much why I give such a high rating right?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Card Review: Envoy of Hades - Gors

Review done by Zheng Yang

Starting from today, I will do a card review per day,with the occasional multiples if I have the free time for it. Today's card review is one of the most format defining card in today's OCG metagame: Mesanger of Underworld Gorz.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Messanger of Underworld Gorz / Envoy of Hades Gorz
When there are no cards on your side of the field and you recieve damage from a card controlled by your opponent, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. When this card is Special Summoned in this way, it gains the following effects according to the type of damage you recieved:-Battle Damage:
- Special Summon 1 "Envoy of Hades Kaien"-Token(light/Fairy/7/?/?).The "envoy of Hades Kaien"-Token's ATK and DEF are equal to the Battle Damage you received.
-Effect Damage: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to the Effect Damage you received.
This is one cool high level monster. This is one of the cards Atem used in the comics. As an OCG promo, its gotten from the YugiOh R volume 3 Comic. It one the best looking monsters printed to date. Lets take a closer look at how this card works.

Firstly, it turns an unfavourable situation (an empty field against opponent's field) into a tremendous advantage. By using its effect, you will always get as least 1 monster on the field (2 if you took combat damage). This sets you up for tribute galore next turn or some serious rush. This gives you a oppotunity to comeback at the cost of your lifepoints. It may also save you from getting OTKed by an opposing rush.

Secondly, the very possibility of this card existing in your deck (or hand) will make your opponent play very carefully when you are close to an empty field. This is especially so if he is currently unable to deal with it at that moment. And even if he has ways to deal with it, he might not part with it in fear of bigger threats to come. Gorz is a great card to play mindgames with people who fear its comeback powers. No wonder its restricted to 1!

Thirdly, its a Dark Fiend that is level 7. It allows it to be used for metamorphasis for alot of toolbox fusions (Lord Dragoon, Last warrior, just to name afew) and can be used as fodder for the 3 Sky Scourges. It also benifits from Hades's negation effect, and stares down on the field with its monsterous 2700 ATK. Kaien Token is also no slouch, being possibly as big as the opponent's most dangerous threats.

Atlas, it does have its drawbacks. Firstly, other than its effect, you probably wouldn't want to tribute summon it unless you really need to (or if you are winning). secondly, as stated in the comic, the closer you get to hades (as in using Gorz), the closer you are at dying, and as such if the attack is fatal, Gorz can't do anything to save your bacon. And finally, there will be cases where you will have redundent Spells/Traps on your field tht prevents it from activating or it gets discarded before usage. This however can be overcomed through proper deck building and playing.

As an ending note, Gorz had been in my deck ever since I got it, mostly in decks that need monsters fast and can afford to have an empty field for a moment. Whats not attractive about hitting your opponent out of nowhere and make a grand comeback. I'll leave it to your imagination to how much uses Gorz is. ZY signing out.
Done on June 8th 2007 12:55am

Card Review On The Ultimate Destiny-HERO!!! "D-HERO Bloo-D"!!!

Well ladies and gentleman.... Since i can't sleep , I'll Write about a card review about the everyone's recent favourite card.. The Ultimate D-HERO!!
"D-HERO Bloo-D"!!! And here below is the picture for it and its effects are stated right below.. Enjoy(Picture of Bloo-D taken from Dm Comet)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"D-HERO Bloo-D"
Attribute: Dark, Type: Warrior
Effect Monster 8 Stars Attk 1900/Def 600
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sacrificing 3 monsters on your field. Select a monster on the opponent's side of the field and equip it to this card. This effect can only be used once per turn and only one monster can be equipped to it at a time. This card's attack is increased by half of the equipped monster's attack. As long as the card is face-up on the field, all face-up monsters on the opponent side of the field has their effects negated.

And ya... This card is also used by a famous character in the Yu-Gi-Oh!GX anime, His name is "Edo Phoenix"!!! And below here is his picture =D

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Well besides being a high level,low attack,low defence and the dumb "cannot be normal summoned" thingy... This card sure seems quite hard to summon out onto the field lol... But hey!!! The key word is that it can be special summoned by sacrificing 3 monsters!!! So what do you think, if I sacrifice 3 scape goat tokens? 3 Ojama Tokens? Its really that easy these days to summon this cool card out onto the field.

Worried that it's attack points is too low for a level 8 monster? Well not to worry!! It has an activated effect of grabbing one monster on the opponent's side of the field and equipping it to itself,taking half the strength of that monster and absorbing it for it's usage. So what if I get this "HERO" out and grabs... uh.. hmmm...let me see... a... "Blue Eyes White Dragon" ? Wow... Certainly this card's attack points will increase by 1500!!! So if I do my maths... Its new attack will be 1900 + 1500 = 3400!!! Wow it really packs high powered ammo... And besides its monster grabbing ability... It also has an in-built "Skill Drain" effect, making your opponent's monsters effectless as long as it is there face-up on the field(but this effect does not stop effects that happens in the graveyard nor isit able to stop monster effects from triggering, meaning that if i have an "Exiled Force" on my side of the field and i activate its effect while my opponent has Bloo-D on his side of the field, since the cost is to sacrifice "Exiled Force" , after i sacrifice it , it will not be face-up on the field anymore and so its effect will still go through. Thats the only loophole =X)

And also another awesome thing about this card is that it is a "HERO" monster, which makes it searchable by "E-HERO AirMan" or "E-HERO Stratos"(as thats how TCG calls it)
and it will be added into your hand in a quick flash. And after this card has been summoned , I can only imagine that your opponent will be thinking of what cards to use to destroy this card except by using monster effects. As it will be too big and fat to be destroyed by battle already LOL!!!

It does not have a destuction effect to boast about but at least it can activate its priority to grab one monster incase it dies(being tidal wave or bottomless trap hole away) So maybe if you wanna have this card safely on the field, you should clear the magic and trap card on the opponent's side of the field first. Since protecting this card will be a great priority after it touches the field.

And hmmmm... maybe after the release of this card, cards like "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" and "Tsukuyomi" might not be unbanned? due to OCG already having a new monster grabbing monster(just a harder to summon version) and not unbanning "Tsukuyomi" might be a good thing as it will prevent
"D-HERO Bloo-D" from re-using it's monster grabbing effect(well there is always a one time usage "Book Of Moon")

Ah speaking of "Book Of Moon" , it can really help you in using
"D-HERO Bloo-D" much much better =D. Here below is the picture for it and it's effect stated right below

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"Book Of Moon" Quick Play Magic
Select one face-up monster on the field and flip it into face-down defense position

Well this card will let you be able to reuse the effect of "D-HERO Bloo-D" again and grab another monster =X... Well thats all for today's review on this awesome "HERO" card. Keep staying tuned to this blog for more Yu-Gi-OH! Card Reviews... Well I'm off to sleep Zzz.... Good Night All!!!
And Sayonara!!! And last but not least... "D-HERO Bloo-D" signature skill!!! BLOODY SPEAR!!! Or was it BLOODY SPHERE!!! Well whatever it is lol... K cya all next time!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

First Review!: Ultimate Gem God Rainbow Dragon

Yo!!! Its the very first post of this new blog!
This blog is a joint project by me (Ken) & my very best yu-gi-oh fren Colin.
This blog will be dedicated to all our Yu-Gi-Oh happenings and card reviews.
It may seem like another DS & Baha, DMcomet, or even Manjyoume/Shriek blog, but we would definitely try to make it as good as those mentioned blogs or even better!(dreaming)
Ok! Heres the first card review of this new Yu-Gi-Oh blog!
Its none other than my favourite anime card, Rainbow Dragon!
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Heres the full effect of it.
究極宝玉神 レインボー・ドラゴン
TAEV-JP006 Ultimate Gem God Rainbow Dragon
LIGHT/Dragon - Effect/10/4000/0
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except when there are 7 types of [Gem Beast] cards on your field or your graveyard. The following effects cannot be activated during the turn this card was Special Summoned:
- Send all [Gem Beast] monster on your side of the field to the Graveyard. The ATK of this card is increased by 1000 points for each card sent to the Graveyard in this way. This effect can also be activated in your opponent's turn.
- Remove from play all [Gem Beast] monster in your Graveyard to return all cards on the field to their owner's decks.

Ok firstly, the summoning requirement of this card. Many people would think that 7 Gem Beasts on the field/graveyard is gonna be hard but it always isn't the case UNLESS you're running less than 3 "Gem Beast Sapphire Pegasus" in your regular Gem Beast deck. You can also use "Foolish Burial" or "Gem Guidance" to speed up the summoning requirement of this card.
Now lets look at the stats. 4000 attack and 0 defense. It really is a BIG beatstick and I doubt anyone would place this card in the defense mode. Well of course, there is a famous saying of having an opponent to enemy controller it to def mode and for a "Treeborn Frog" to kill it.
And being a special summon means you can summon 3 copies of this card if you have them in your hand on the same turn! Ok now for the two optional effects.
The first one is to send all your Gem Beast Monsters on the field to the grave for its effect to trigger. By doing so, this card's attack will increase by 1000 for each sent. Lets say you have 4 other Gem Beasts, you could actually make this card have 9000 attack! BUT, you won't have any other monters after that.
The second effect is to somewhat restart the field by returning everything to the deck and by removing from the game ALL the Gem beasts in your Graveyard. This is VERY costly supposingly you actually summoned your "Rainbow Dragon" by having ALL 7 Gem beasts in your graveyard. Also meaning you wouldn't be able to summon another "Rainbow Dragon" or revive any important Gem beast like "Sapphire Pegasus" or "Ruby Carbuncle". I really wouldn't suggest using this effect at all unless in desperation of clearing your opponent's field and having a killing condition on your hand.
Now for the ways to combo for this card. I personally like to play "Gem Abundance" before summoning this card as it clears your opp's field making sure he takes the full 4k damage after your summon your Rainbow Dragon.
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FOTB-JP035 Gem Abundance
Magic - Normal
Send 4 [Gem Beast] from your Magic & Trap Card zones to your Graveyard to activate this card's effect. Send all cards on the field to the Graveyard. Afterwards, equal to the amount of cards sent from the opponent's field to the Graveyard, Special Summon that amount of monster with [Gem Beast] from your Graveyard onto your field.

Another way, is to do the usual "Ring of Destruction" + "Barrel Behind the Door" combo.
"Ring of Destruction" would make both players take 4000 damage but "Barrel Behind the Door" would reflect the damage you take to the opponent making him take 8000 damage for the win.
Or, by using "Metamorphosis" to change it to "Cyber End Dragon" for its trample effect. Please note I'm only using "Metamorphosis" as an example as its Colin favourite kill con. I would probably never do it anyway. You can expect most of Colin's card reviews to end with a "Metamorphosis" and "Cyber Twin Dragon". But most of the time this card is summoned. I would rather use it as a beatstick rather than to use either of its effects espcially the second one.
I run 3 of it in my Gem Beast deck too.

Well thats my FIRST card review. Hope its ok as I have NEVER done any card reviews before.
Lol. Colin will do another card review 2moro. So wait for it!

- Gem in TCG is translated as Crystal
- Foolish Burial is not released in TCG