Sunday, April 29, 2012

3 Weeks after Asia Championships 2012.......

And I'm bored! Well because I'm also broke thats why.

Belated congrats to Jeff Soh Jun Yuan for defending his title as Asia Champion!

Also to Kenneth Koh A.K.A Plant for becoming Singapore's Champion and 2nd in place in the Asia Championships!

Moving along...

When you are bored....

You make new decks!

And so I made a Books of Spell deck online on Dueling Network!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tournament Report on Weekly Card Master Tournament held in Dhoby Gaut J-Cube

Hey guys! Been awhile since the last update! Lesser crap talk and get on with the main topic!

Deck used: HERO Beat

First Match VS Winson (Laval)

First Game - Totally got owned by [Rekindling] and lots of Synchro friends.

Second Game - I wasn't actually prepared to fight [Laval] as I hadn't had much practise against them, but what to do, none of my side deck cards came out even though I placed them in the deck. =(