Thursday, February 23, 2012

Asia Championships 2012 held in Singapore!

Hi guys! As you all might have known, this year's Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championships will be held in Singapore on the 15th of April 2012! Singapore's own qualifiers will be held on the same day, after which the Asia Championships will be held immediately after it. Below here are the info that has been provided to me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts about the Banlist for March 2012

Hey there to all readers out there! Ever since the leak about the banlist has appeared for around 1 and a half weeks or so. Many had a lot of disbelief for the scans at Shriek's website about whether it was real or not. But too bad to say people, it is real and we have to face it! Hard times are ahead! (Well perhaps not too much to duelists that uses more of Inzektors since its one of the most powerful and autopilot decks around!)


Spore [スポーア]
Glow-Up Bulb [グローアップ・バルブ]
Trishula , Dragon of the Ice Barrier [氷結界の龍 トリシューラ]
 - Perhaps Konami is trying to put an end to all the decks out there that is still trying to abuse Synchro monsters to its fullest, example would be like [Debris Junk Doppel] and decks that like to use [Phantom Skyblaster] for easy tuning with [Spore] or [Glow-Up Bulb] for synchro summoning out [Trishula , Dragon of the Ice Barrier]
But with this done, your graveyards are probably much much safer with the disappearance of Trishula. Inzektors will be able to rule the world with much more ease.

True though people will say that Junk Doppel decks can still have [Effect Veiler] around as their level 1 tuner monster. But still though, it will not be as fast as it is now with effect from 1st of March 2012!

Trap Dustshoot [ダスト・シュート]
- Personally I feel its good that this card is banned. I feel so much safer now having 4 or more cards in my hand without the fear of my opponent having the chance to peak at it! This allows Control type decks to try to predict more on what do you have in your disposal before trying to make any wrong moves that will lose their control over the field with you.

Restricted to 1:

Tech Genus Striker [TG ストライカー]
The Agent of Mystery, Earth [神秘の代行者 アース]
- The above 2 has just spouted the end of T.G Angel decks as it wouldn't be as consistent as before with these 2 cards both restricted to 1 copy at the same time. Reason being you won't be able to spam [Tech Genus Striker] for ease of special summon and to synchro for various synchro monsters but mainly being [Tech Genus Wonder Magician]. Or to even pair up with [Tech Genus Warwolf] perfectly!

With [The Agent of Mystery, Earth] to 1 copy, consistency of the deck will be that [The Agent of Creation, Venus] will not be so frequently seen on the field that quickly because it will not be able to be searched out by Earth as soon as possible. While this also means 2 lesser banishing fodder for [Master Hyperion]! Whether it would be banishing Earth for its summoning or for its destruction effect, it still proves to be a big hit for Agent Angel type decks now.

Restricted to 2:

Marshmallon [マシュマロン]
- Um... I've no comments about this really. Would you prefer playing [Spirit Reaper] or this card? Perhaps you can place this card in your Agent Angel decks as replacement for[The Agent of Mystery, Earth]! *laughs*

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner [ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス]
- Looks like Konami would like to bring back Lightsworn decks with a little more buff than before! How about mixing in the new archtypes brought in by [Galactic Overlord]? The [Lightray] theme sounds cool!

Emergency Teleport [緊急テレポート]
- This card was very good about 4 years ago when Tele DAD decks were rampaging around. However, even with this card back to 2 copies. It'd probably will not be seeing as much play as the era 4 years ago. Or even a year ago when [Mental Master] was still around. But now that its banned. The few good psychic type monsters to call upon would be like [Krebons]. Other than that, I could be wrong about the lesser play but.. it would be fun to see psychic decks trying to make their revival debut into the meta! =D

Shien's Smoke Signal [紫炎の狼煙]
- This increases consistency for the Legendary Six Samurai decks! However with Inzektors coming about with even more resources and advantage generating effects. Even with this card back to 2 copies. The Legendary Six Samurai will still find it harder to gain the edge over the Inzektors in speed for control.

Level Limit Area B [レベル制限B地区]
- The same when [Gravity Bind] gained its freedom. With cards like [Mystical Space Typhoon] at 3 copies. I don't really feel that this card will make any impact towards the current meta. With Xyz monsters not affected by this card as well.

Torrential Tribute [激流葬]
- More upon-summon destruction traps would be useful against Inzektors or The Legendary Six Samurai to prevent them from trying to gain the edge over you. However, will this encourage more people in placing [Starlight Road] in their main/side decks?

Ultimate Offering [血の代償]
- Offering Gadgets decks will slow down just by abit. They'd probably would be able to kill even without the final copy of this card.

Reborn Tengu []
- Even though the OCG hasn't gotten this card into our arsenal. By restricting this card first beforehand could be a good move as this means that this card will not be as powerful as it should be when it enters the OCG.(Means that it will be so much cheaper to get in 2s rather than 3s! Oh yea!)

No longer restricted/Released from Banlist:

Call of the Haunted [リビングデッドの呼び声]
- More Inzektor love! Enough said.

Well thats it for today's post! Been trying out the new archtype released in [Galactic Overlord] recently! Hope that it will be good enough for me to publish it soon! See you guys soon!