Monday, December 31, 2012

Fire! FIRE EVERYWHERE! Part 2 for Fire Kings

Continuing from part 1 which was about Fire Fists that were printed in the recent Cosmo Blazer booster pack. Part 2 will be about the cards printed in the latest structure deck. "Assault of the Fire King".

Fire! FIRE EVERYWHERE! Part 1 for Fire Fists

Been about a month and a half since the release of Cosmo Blazer and the fire structure deck. And we all know ever since the release of the Machina Structure deck, just by buying 3 decks can already get you started in playing "well". Last post of the year! Here it goes!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday Night Yu-Gi-Oh! at SG Cardmart! An Introduction to Haze Beasts

Been 2 weeks since the last post. Since these days I'm pretty bored playing with "meta" decks, I decided to have a little fun with the new Structure deck "Assault of the Fire King" as well as cards from the newly released booster pack "Cosmo Blazer" known as [Haze Beasts]. Credits entitled to my friend Albert a.k.a Turboham for play testing with me after work on one fine day and inspiring me to give this archetype a try.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun day at SG Cardmart mini "Friday Night" Tournament

Since it was just a small mini tournament for fun and laughter, I decided to build up a "Orbital 7" deck~! So don't expect the tournament report to be exciting!!!! =X

Tournament: SG CardMart "Friday Night" Mini Tournament
Format: 3 round swiss
Participants: 8
Deck used: Orbital 7! Duplication!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tournament Report @ SG CardMart 25/11/2012

Been pretty bored of always using my Hero Beat deck for tournaments so decided to spend more time with my Mermail deck instead =D.

Tournament: SG CardMart Casual Tournament
Format: 4 round swiss, cut off to Top 8 elimination
Participants: 16
Deck used: Mermail

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm just inactive! Not Dead!

Well decided to post something up since its already 1 month after the Asia Plus Qualifiers in Singapore. And also because a friend in Malaysia who is the author of Dueling Legacy says that I'm dead. *bitch!*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tournament Report on Asia Plus 2012 Singapore Qualifiers

Hey guys been a month since the last update. Had been pretty busy preparing for Asia Plus with my team members. Unfortunately we did not qualify to get into the seeded top 8 teams during our top 8 elimination selection. However still have to say "Good Job" to my team members for allowing the 3 of us to make it this far. =)

Team Name: Random Force
Format: 4 rounds Swiss followed by 1 round of Elimination to join the other 4 seeded teams.
Number of Teams Participated: 23
Deck used:
Team Leader (Leo) - Hero Beat
Player A (Myself) - Mermail
Player B (Winson) - Junk Doppel

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tournament Report @ Active Game Collections 1/9/2012

Been a long day so I'm going to cut this report short!

Tournament: Weekly Tournament at ACG
Format: 5 rounds Swiss, cut off to Top 8 elimination
Participants: 31
Deck used: Retard Beat (name given by Kurova)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Full List of the Banlist (September 2012 - March 2013)

Taking Effect on 1st of September. For those that have not tuned up your decks to this new list. Do it so now! Full list for reference right below!

Legend - * is newly added cards

Forbidden/Banned Cards 「禁止カード」:
The following cards cannot be placed into a deck:

Substitoad 「イレカエル」
Victory Dragon 「ヴィクトリー・ドラゴン」
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 「混沌帝龍 -終焉の使者-」
Sinister Serpent 「キラー・スネーク」
Witch of the Black Forest 「黒き森のウィッチ」
Dark Magician of Chaos 「混沌の黒魔術師」
Fishborg Blaster 「フィッシュボーグ-ガンナー」
Mental Master 「メンタルマスター」

Glow-Up Bulb [グローアップ・バルブ]
Thousand-Eyes Restrict 「サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス」
Cyber Jar 「サイバーポッド」
Makyura the Destructor 「処刑人-マキュラ」
Magician of Faith 「聖なる魔術師」

Trishula - Dragon of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の龍 トリシューラ」
Brionac - Dragon of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の龍 ブリューナク」*
Dark Strike Fighter 「ダーク・ダイブ・ボンバー」
Goyou Guardian 「ゴヨウ・ガーディアン」

Destiny Hero - Disk Commander 「D-HEROディスクガイ」
Cyber-Stein 「デビルフランケン」
Tribe-Infecting Virus 「同族感染ウィルス」
Fiber Jar 「ファイバーポッド」
Magical Scientist 「魔導サイエンティスト」
Yata-Garasu 「八汰烏」
Rescue Cat 「レスキューキャット」

Mirage of Nightmare 「悪夢の蜃気楼」
Delinquent Duo 「いたずら好きな双子悪魔」
Temple of the Kings 「王家の神殿」
Confiscation 「押収」
Painful Choice 「苦渋の選択」
The Forceful Sentry 「強引な番兵」
Giant Trunade 「ハリケーン」
Snatch Steal 「強奪」
Pot of Greed 「強欲な壺」
Change of Heart 「心変わり」
Raigeki 「サンダー・ボルト」
Dimension Fusion 「次元融合」
Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」

Future Fusion 「未来融合-フューチャー・フュージョン」*
Brain Control 「洗脳-ブレインコントロール」
Butterfly Dagger - Elma 「蝶の短剣-エルマ」
Graceful Charity 「天使の施し」
Harpie's Feather Duster 「ハーピィの羽根帚」
Premature Burial 「早すぎた埋葬」
Mass Driver 「マスドライバー」
Metamorphosis 「突然変異」
Last Will 「遺言状」

Imperial Order 「王宮の勅命」
Royal Oppression 「王宮の弾圧」

Trap Dustshoot 「ダスト・シュート」
Exchange of the Spirit 「現世と冥界の逆転」
Crush Card Virus 「死のデッキ破壊ウイルス」
Sixth Sense 「第六感」
Time Seal 「刻の封印」
Ring of Destruction 「破壊輪」
Last Turn 「ラストバトル!」

Restricted Cards 「制限カード」:
Only 1 copy of the following cards can be placed into a deck:

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」
Chaos Sorcerer 「カオス・ソーサラー」*
Elemental Hero Stratos 「E・HEROエアーマン」
Dandelion 「ダンディライオン」
Gladial Beast Bestarori 「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」

Inzektor Dragonfly  甲虫装機 ダンセル」 *
Inzektor Hornet   甲虫装機 ホーネット」 *
Sangan 「クリッター」
Summon Priest 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」

Spore 「スポーア *
Plaguespreader Zombie 「ゾンビキャリア」
Tech Genus Striker [TG ストライカー]
Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」
Lonefire Blossom 「ローンファイア・ブロッサム」
Night Assailant 「深淵の暗殺者」
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole 「N・グランモール」
Necroface 「ネクロフェイス」
Honest 「オネスト」

Evigishki Gustkraken イビリチュア・ガストクラーケ*
Tech Genus - Hyper Librarian 「TG ハイパー・ライブラリアン」
Formula Synchron 「フォーミュラ・シンクロン」
Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En 「真六武衆-シエン」

Exodia the Forbidden One 「封印されしエクゾディア」
Right Leg of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右足」
Right Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右腕」
Left Leg of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左足」
Left Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左腕」

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon  レッドアイズ・ダークネスメタルドラゴン」*
Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane 「BF-疾風のゲイル」
Emissary of Darkness - Gorz 「冥府の使者ゴーズ」
Mezuki 「馬頭鬼」

Morphing Jar 「メタモルポット」

Tsukuyomi 「月読命」* 
Burial from a Different Dimension 「異次元からの埋葬」
Infernity Gun 「インフェルニティガン」
Foolish Burial 「おろかな埋葬」
Black Whirlwind 「黒い旋風」
Advanced Ritual Art 「高等儀式術」
Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
Primal Seed 「原初の種」
Scapegoat 「スケープ・ゴート」
Mind Control 「精神操作」
Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
Cold Wave 「大寒波」
Card Destruction 「手札抹殺」
Pot of Avarice 「貪欲な壺」
Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
Charge of the Light Brigade 「光の援軍」
Dark Hole 「ブラック・ホール」
Monster Gate 「モンスターゲート」
Allure of Darkness 「闇の誘惑」
Limiter Removal 「リミッター解除」
One for One 「ワン・フォー・ワン」
Book of Moon 「月の書」

Solemn Judgment 「神の宣告」
Ceasefire 「停戦協定」
The Transmigration Prophecy 「転生の予言」
Wall of Revealing Light 「光の護封壁」
Magical Explosion 「マジカル・エクスプロージョン」

Ultimate Offering [血の代償]*

Semi-Restricted Cards 「準制限カード」:
Only 2 copies of the following cards can be placed into a deck:

Archlord Krystia 「大天使クリスティア」
The Agent of Mystery - Earth [神秘の代行者 アース]*
Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow 「BF-月影のカルート」*
Card Gunner 「カードガンナー」

Debris Dragon 「デブリ・ドラゴン」*
Tragoedia 「トラゴエディア」

Reborn Tengu 「輪廻天狗
Rescue Rabbit「レスキューラビット」*
Summoner Monk 「召喚僧サモンプリースト」

Lumina - Lightlord Summoner 「ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス」
D-HERO Diabolicguy 「D-HERO ディアボリックガイ」

Tour Guide From the Underworld 魔界発現世行きデスガイド」 *
Dewloren - Tiger King of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の虎王ドゥローレン」
Chain Strike 「連鎖爆撃」
A Hero Lives「ヒーローアライブ」*
Royal Tribute 「王家の生け贄」
Magical Stone Excavation 「魔法石の採掘」

Pot of Duality 「強欲で謙虚な壺」*
Shien's Smoke Signal 「紫炎の狼煙」
E - Emergency Call「E-エマージェンシーコール」*
Hieratic Seal of Convocation  召集の聖刻印」 *
Reasoning 「名推理」*
Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア -ミラーフォース-」*
Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
Ojama Trio 「おジャマトリオ」
Bottomless Trap Hole 「奈落の落とし穴」
Mind Crush 「マインドクラッシュ」
Solemn Warning 「神の警告」

Released from the Banlist/No longer restricted 「準制限」:
3 copies allowed per deck:

Necro Gardna 「ネクロ・ガードナー」*
Marshmallon 「マシュマロン」*
Emergency Teleport 「緊急テレポート」*
Destiny Draw 「デステニー・ドロー」*
Swords of Revealing Light 「光の護封剣」*
Level Limit - Area B 「レベル制限B地区」*
Magic Cylinder 「魔法の筒」*

So tune up and play fair! Till next time! =D

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts about the Banlist for September 2012

Been a week since the end of World Championships 2012 and here we are again in this time of the year, waiting for the confirmation of the new forbidden/restricted list for this card game. And after getting confirmation from Bahamut84's Dueling Days and Shriek, the list is as follows as well as my views on it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

World Championships 2012! Finally Over~!

Hi guys! As you all have known, Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2012 was finally concluded today on 12th of August and the new World Champion is Akikazu Saito from Japan! Lets make it a little more 'formal' shall we?

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2012

Champion - Akikazu Saito from Japan (Inzektors)
2nd - Stefano Memoli from Italy (Inzektors)
3rd - Joshua Schmidt from Germany (Inzektors)
4th - Wesley Seek En Wei from Singapore (Inzektors)

Well thats it! If you would like to know on who are the other players in the other standings, Junior Class as well as coverage for the event itself, do visit Dueling Days for more info!

If you would like  to watch all of the featured matches of the World Championships 2012. Visit here!
And Wesley has done a great job representing Singapore and giving his best even though he did not get to be first. However lets give him a round of applause to congrats him for making it this far! =)

On a side note, have you guys been visiting Shriek's website for the latest YGO products? Well the latest information about the new Kaito Duelist Pack seems to be quite delicious! Especially with all that new [Galaxy] and [Photon] cards!

Personally I'd love to get the [Photon Satellite] from that pack because its effect makes it quite simple to XYZ summon a variation of high ranking XYZ monsters like [No. 61: Volcasaurus], [Photon Streak Bouncer] and perhaps [No. 9: Canopy Star Dyson Sphere]?

Photon Satellite
Effect Monster/ Light/Machine/Lv 1
ATK 0/ DEF 0
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by selecting 1 other [Photon] monster you control. The levels of this card and the selected monster becomes equal to their combined levels.

Best and easily summoned out rank would be rank 5 XYZ monsters. Why?

- Special summon [Photon Thrasher] and normal summon [Photon Satellite].
- Use  Satellite effect and target Thrasher, pray for no irritating [Effect Veiler].
- If all goes well, overlay for a rank 5 XYZ monster!

As for the other cards residing in the pack. I'll leave it to you guys to decide whether it is junk or good.

Till the next update!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Abyss Rising Unleashed!

Yes guys! Abyss rising is now out in most stores through out Asia even though its not yet the official release date of 21st July!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tournament Report on World Championships 2012 Singapore Qualifiers! (Updated with own decklist)

Woke up so early to attend the tournament, but scrubbed at the end! Tournament report just right below =)

Tournament: World Championships 2012 Singapore Qualifiers
Format: 6 rounds Swiss, cut off to top 16 elimination
Participants: 87
Deck used: Asceticism Six Samurai

Thursday, May 31, 2012

World Championships Qualifiers 2012 (Singapore) registrations starts on 1st June!

Hey guys! Been awhile since I posted, been so ever busy at my army camp! Relating to the above title, have you guys in Singapore decided on the decks that you would want to play? And have you all had enough practice so far? Well good luck for the World Championships then!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

3 Weeks after Asia Championships 2012.......

And I'm bored! Well because I'm also broke thats why.

Belated congrats to Jeff Soh Jun Yuan for defending his title as Asia Champion!

Also to Kenneth Koh A.K.A Plant for becoming Singapore's Champion and 2nd in place in the Asia Championships!

Moving along...

When you are bored....

You make new decks!

And so I made a Books of Spell deck online on Dueling Network!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tournament Report on Weekly Card Master Tournament held in Dhoby Gaut J-Cube

Hey guys! Been awhile since the last update! Lesser crap talk and get on with the main topic!

Deck used: HERO Beat

First Match VS Winson (Laval)

First Game - Totally got owned by [Rekindling] and lots of Synchro friends.

Second Game - I wasn't actually prepared to fight [Laval] as I hadn't had much practise against them, but what to do, none of my side deck cards came out even though I placed them in the deck. =(

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Full List of the Banlist (March 2012 - September 2012)

For those not updated with the recent changes to the banlist starting effect from today March 1st 2012. I've compiled instead, the full list of the banlist right below, so take a look and start tuning your decks!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Asia Championships 2012 held in Singapore!

Hi guys! As you all might have known, this year's Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championships will be held in Singapore on the 15th of April 2012! Singapore's own qualifiers will be held on the same day, after which the Asia Championships will be held immediately after it. Below here are the info that has been provided to me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts about the Banlist for March 2012

Hey there to all readers out there! Ever since the leak about the banlist has appeared for around 1 and a half weeks or so. Many had a lot of disbelief for the scans at Shriek's website about whether it was real or not. But too bad to say people, it is real and we have to face it! Hard times are ahead! (Well perhaps not too much to duelists that uses more of Inzektors since its one of the most powerful and autopilot decks around!)


Spore [スポーア]
Glow-Up Bulb [グローアップ・バルブ]
Trishula , Dragon of the Ice Barrier [氷結界の龍 トリシューラ]
 - Perhaps Konami is trying to put an end to all the decks out there that is still trying to abuse Synchro monsters to its fullest, example would be like [Debris Junk Doppel] and decks that like to use [Phantom Skyblaster] for easy tuning with [Spore] or [Glow-Up Bulb] for synchro summoning out [Trishula , Dragon of the Ice Barrier]
But with this done, your graveyards are probably much much safer with the disappearance of Trishula. Inzektors will be able to rule the world with much more ease.

True though people will say that Junk Doppel decks can still have [Effect Veiler] around as their level 1 tuner monster. But still though, it will not be as fast as it is now with effect from 1st of March 2012!

Trap Dustshoot [ダスト・シュート]
- Personally I feel its good that this card is banned. I feel so much safer now having 4 or more cards in my hand without the fear of my opponent having the chance to peak at it! This allows Control type decks to try to predict more on what do you have in your disposal before trying to make any wrong moves that will lose their control over the field with you.

Restricted to 1:

Tech Genus Striker [TG ストライカー]
The Agent of Mystery, Earth [神秘の代行者 アース]
- The above 2 has just spouted the end of T.G Angel decks as it wouldn't be as consistent as before with these 2 cards both restricted to 1 copy at the same time. Reason being you won't be able to spam [Tech Genus Striker] for ease of special summon and to synchro for various synchro monsters but mainly being [Tech Genus Wonder Magician]. Or to even pair up with [Tech Genus Warwolf] perfectly!

With [The Agent of Mystery, Earth] to 1 copy, consistency of the deck will be that [The Agent of Creation, Venus] will not be so frequently seen on the field that quickly because it will not be able to be searched out by Earth as soon as possible. While this also means 2 lesser banishing fodder for [Master Hyperion]! Whether it would be banishing Earth for its summoning or for its destruction effect, it still proves to be a big hit for Agent Angel type decks now.

Restricted to 2:

Marshmallon [マシュマロン]
- Um... I've no comments about this really. Would you prefer playing [Spirit Reaper] or this card? Perhaps you can place this card in your Agent Angel decks as replacement for[The Agent of Mystery, Earth]! *laughs*

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner [ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス]
- Looks like Konami would like to bring back Lightsworn decks with a little more buff than before! How about mixing in the new archtypes brought in by [Galactic Overlord]? The [Lightray] theme sounds cool!

Emergency Teleport [緊急テレポート]
- This card was very good about 4 years ago when Tele DAD decks were rampaging around. However, even with this card back to 2 copies. It'd probably will not be seeing as much play as the era 4 years ago. Or even a year ago when [Mental Master] was still around. But now that its banned. The few good psychic type monsters to call upon would be like [Krebons]. Other than that, I could be wrong about the lesser play but.. it would be fun to see psychic decks trying to make their revival debut into the meta! =D

Shien's Smoke Signal [紫炎の狼煙]
- This increases consistency for the Legendary Six Samurai decks! However with Inzektors coming about with even more resources and advantage generating effects. Even with this card back to 2 copies. The Legendary Six Samurai will still find it harder to gain the edge over the Inzektors in speed for control.

Level Limit Area B [レベル制限B地区]
- The same when [Gravity Bind] gained its freedom. With cards like [Mystical Space Typhoon] at 3 copies. I don't really feel that this card will make any impact towards the current meta. With Xyz monsters not affected by this card as well.

Torrential Tribute [激流葬]
- More upon-summon destruction traps would be useful against Inzektors or The Legendary Six Samurai to prevent them from trying to gain the edge over you. However, will this encourage more people in placing [Starlight Road] in their main/side decks?

Ultimate Offering [血の代償]
- Offering Gadgets decks will slow down just by abit. They'd probably would be able to kill even without the final copy of this card.

Reborn Tengu []
- Even though the OCG hasn't gotten this card into our arsenal. By restricting this card first beforehand could be a good move as this means that this card will not be as powerful as it should be when it enters the OCG.(Means that it will be so much cheaper to get in 2s rather than 3s! Oh yea!)

No longer restricted/Released from Banlist:

Call of the Haunted [リビングデッドの呼び声]
- More Inzektor love! Enough said.

Well thats it for today's post! Been trying out the new archtype released in [Galactic Overlord] recently! Hope that it will be good enough for me to publish it soon! See you guys soon!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Deck Review: Dragon Ninja

All right people! This is going to be the first and last post for the month of January by me, Dogchain! Sorry for this late post as I was busy testing out different builds for the recently released improved [Ninja] monsters.
As seen much in Shriek's website of the different decklists tested in Japan for the [Ninja] series. Most of them are being paired up with Dinosaurs type monsters such as the [Jurac] series because of their ability to quickly Xyz summon the formidable walking negation monster, [Evolzar Laggia].

I'm sure that many have tried to test out what can the [Ninja] series pair up with because of their newly released trap card in [Order of Chaos], the [Ninja Art of Super-Transformation]. If you do not know the effect of this trap card. Here it is below!


忍法 超変化の術
Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation
Continuous Trap
Target 1 face-up [Ninja] monster you control and 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; send them to the graveyard, then Special Summon to your side of the field 1 Dragon, Dinosaur or Sea-Serpent type monster from your deck whose level is less than or equal to the combined level of the sent monster(s). When this card leaves the field, banish that monster.

I've decided to pair the [Ninja]s up with Dragon type monsters to see how will they fare with each other. Which, at the right timing. New allies from the new structure deck [Dragonic Legion] provides the deck with even more powerful Dragon type monsters. Deck list right below!

Deck Name: Dragon Ninja

Monsters: 18

1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
1x Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
3x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
2x Lightpulsar Dragon
2x Darkflare Dragon
3x Eclipse Wyvern
3x Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo
2x Upstart Golden Ninja
1x Summoner Monk

Magic: 12

1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Monster Reborn
1x Different Dimension Reincarnation - D.D.R
1x Future Fusion
1x Foolish Burial
1x Allure of Darkness
2x Pot of Duality
2x Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps: 10

3x Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Dimensional Prison
2x Call of the Haunted
1x Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck: I'll only list down those that are a "must" in this build

1x Five-Headed Dragon
1x Lavalval Chain
1x Daigusta Emeral
1x Armored Ninja - Blade Heart

Through many days of testing for the build of this deck. This is one of the most consistent and stable build that I've found out by trial and error. These are the various points of the deck that I'm going to point out for easy reference.

1. [Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo] is here because of its ability to search out the [Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation] or when special summoned, is able to search out for [Upstart Golden Ninja]. Because of its searching ability and a decent atk strength of 1800, it is a very versatile beat-stick plus being able to use for the [Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation] for its own protection to call upon a higher-level Dragon Type monster after searching this trap card out.

2. [Upstart Golden Ninja] is able to discard a unusable trap card which does not favor your situation into calling out [Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo] for easy Xyz Summoning of a Rank 4 Xyz monster such as [Lavalval Chain], [Daigusta Emeral] and a warrior exclusive Xyz monster, the [Armored Ninja - Blade Heart]

3. [Summoner Monk] is the versatility of this deck. It does not restrict itself to summoning only level 4 monsters such as the [Ninja] series. It is the only one card that is able to bring out [Eclipse Wyvern] as well as a Xyz Summoning material.

4. The Chaos Summoning series such as the [Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning], [Lightpulsar Dragon] and [Darkflare Dragon] are the only ones that can fully utilise the effect of [Eclipse Wyvern]. For those that do not know the effect of [Eclipse Wyvern] , here it is below!

Eclipse Wyvern 1

Eclipse Wyvern
Effect Monster/Light/Dragon/LV 4
ATK 1600/DEF 1000
If this card is sent to the graveyard; Banish 1 level 7 or higher Light or Dark Dragon-Type monster from your deck. If this card in the graveyard is banished; You can add the monster banished by this card's effect to your hand.

So why does the Chaos Summoning series work well with this card? Well, their ability to remove 1 Light and 1 Dark monster for summoning is helpful for [Eclipse Wyvern] as removing this card as a Light Material while in the graveyard is able to retrieve the Dragon-type monster that was removed previously by [Eclipse Wyvern]'s effect. A good monster to remove for [Eclipse Wyvern] in the deck would probably be [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon]. As since the Chaos Summoning series are mostly dragons in the ratio of 4:1. After removing [Eclipse Wyvern] and retrieving [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] would be a good chance to summon it immediately to swarm up the field with another Dragon-Type monster.

Plus [Eclipse Wyvern] is a good Rank 4 Xyz summon material because even as a Overlay-Unit, once it is sent to the graveyard, it's effect will still be activated nonetheless.

5. The new Dragonic Legion Allies : [Lightpulsar Dragon] and [Darkflare Dragon]. Before the explanation of this 2 monsters. Lets have a description of their effects right below!

Lightpulsar Dragon 1

Lightpulsar Dragon
Effect Monster/Light/Dragon/LV 6
ATK 2500/DEF1500
This card can be Special Summoned from the hand by removing 1 light and 1 dark monster respectively from your graveyard. You can Special Summon this card from your graveyard by sending 1 light and 1 dark monster from your hand to the graveyard. When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard, you can target 1 level 5 or above Dark Dragon-type monster from your graveyard, Special Summon that target.

Darkflare Dragon 1

Darkflare Dragon
Effect Monster/Dark/Dragon/LV 5
ATK 2400/DEF 1200
This card can be Special Summoned from the hand by removing 1 light and 1 dark monster respectively from your graveyard. Once per turn, by sending 1 Dragon type monster each from your hand and deck to the graveyard to target 1 card in either player's graveyard; Banish that target.

Now that we've seen the respective effects of these 2 above Dragon monsters. Lets give an explanation to their abilities.

For [Lightpulsar Dragon] its ability to send 1 light or dark monster to the graveyard is very useful and can be linked up to its 3rd Revival ability. This also brings about why [Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo] is also useful because when it is Special Summoned, it is able to search out another [Ninja] monster in the deck other than itself to be added to the hand. In this case for this deck, the only other [Ninja] target would be [Upstart Golden Ninja]. Then [Upstart Golden Ninja] can be a fodder from the hand to send to the grave for [Lightpulsar Dragon]'s self revival effect. A good dark monster fodder could be either [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] or [Darkflare Dragon] as once they are in the graveyard, it makes your opponent think twice about trying to get rid of [Lightpulsar Dragon] from the field and send it to the grave as if it calls upon [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] out, it may begin a infinite loop for a never-dying [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] and [Lightpulsar Dragon] combo, provided that cards like [Macro Cosmos], [Dimensional Fissure] or [D.D Crow]s do not break it.

For [Darkflare Dragon], its a personal favourite of mine because it has the ability to send 1Dragon type monster each from my hand and deck to the graveyard! Not caring about whether the banishing effect resolves. The only strong part is about the cost of activating the effect as it allows me to send [Eclipse Wyvern] or [Lightpulsar Dragon] to the graveyard for easy setup of future turn combos.

6. [Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon] is only there for fun as it is a 4th target for [Eclipse Wyvern] provided that all of your [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] are no longer in the deck for [Eclipse Wyvern] to benefit from. Plus having this card in the deck will make your deck pretty immune to the effects of cards like [Wind-Up Zenmaines] and [Gachi Gachi Gantetsu]

7. [Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning] , it is the strongest Chaos Summoning Monster, enough said! However as it is not a Dragon Type monster. It'd probably won't be able to continue anymore combos rather it will just be a huge threat to your opponent, distracting him/her from your other combos.

Cards that can be added to the deck

1. [Divine Dragon Apocralyph] can be a good addition to the deck as it can be a good setup to the never-dying [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] and [Lightpulsar Dragon] combo. Simply just discard [Lightpulsar Dragon], select a [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] in your graveyard and add it to your hand, then removing [Divine Dragon Aprocralyph] and summoning out [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] then reviving out [Lightpulsar Dragon] does it! If you guys have not discovered what [Divine Dragon Apocralyph] is. Here it is below!

Divine Dragon Apocralyph 1

神竜 アポカリプス
Divine Dragon Apocralyph
Effect Monster/Dark/Dragon/LV 4
ATK 1000/DEF 1500
Once per turn, you can discard 1 card from hand to activate this effect. Target 1 Dragon Type monster from your graveyard; Add that target to your hand.

2. [Dragon's Mirror] is a good card paired up with [Future Fusion]! However why I did not add that card to the deck is because by removing the other 2 more dragons with the [Eclipse Wyvern] does bring about 3 more hand cards advantage. However the other 2 dragons that were removed along with [Eclipse Wyvern] may be important pieces for swarming the field. So this is a good card, however you must be careful when using it.

3. [Escape from the Dark Dimension] is also another good card, however I chose [Different Dimension Reincarnation - D.D.R] over it as [D.D.R] is more generalised and it allows me to discard 1 card from my hand to activate. That means being able to discard cards such as [Eclipse Wyvern] and [Lightpulsar Dragon]. However [Escape from the Dark Dimension] is also good as sometimes you don't really want to discard important cards and would like to revive cards that were banished by your own [Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation]'s negative effect like [Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] and [Darkflare Dragon].

Alright! That marks the end of today's long post! If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to talk to us at our tagboard or even at the comments section of the post. You could even send us an email! Till next time, cya!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey friends!

Happy New Year all! Wishing you all a good 2012 ahead.

Rare post from me. Although I never really post up anything useful anymore, I do hope to contribute to the blog somewhere in the near future.

Till then, I hope you guys look forward to an epic year.