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Rulings: E-HERO Prisma

Its a miracle! I've posted again in such a short time! Well had been playing for the past 2 days trying to refresh my skills on the game. So at that same time, the rulings for [E-HERO Prisma] was questioned. Since I've been playing on the rulings that it was not a cost, which is actually following TCG rulings. I found out that the OCG rulings was that [E-HERO Prisma] effect is a cost. This is going to be so fun! =X Anyway below are some rulings belonging to [E-HERO Prisma]

1st Question

Question: 「E・HERO プリズマー」は、融合モンスターを相手プレイヤーに見せて、そのカードに記載されている融合素材モンスターを墓地に送る行動が、効果を発動するためのコストになりますが.

Translation: Is the effect of [E-HERO Prisma] a cost to reveal a Fusion Monster and select a Fusion Material Monster stated on the card to be sent from the deck to the grave?

Answer: 「E・HERO プリズマー」の効果を発動するためのコストとして、デッキから墓地へ送る事ができるモンスターカードは、融合モンスターカードに融合素材モンスターとしてカード名が記載されているモンスターカードのみになります。

Translation: It is a cost to send a Fusion Material Monster card from your deck to the graveyard. stated on the Fusion Monster card in order to activate [E-HERO Prisma]'s effect.

2nd Question

Question: 「E・HERO プリズマー」の発動コストとして、「F・G・D」等のような、記載されている融合素材モンスターとしてカード名が記載されていない融合モンスターを相手に見せて、「F・G・D」に記載されているドラゴン族モンスターをデッキから墓地へ送る事はできますか?

Translation: To activate [E-HERO Prisma]'s effect, if [Five God Dragon]'s Fusion Material Monsters with no specific name is being selected. Can I send a Dragon Type monster from my deck to the graveyard?

Answer: 「E・HERO プリズマー」の発動コストとして、融合素材モンスターとしてカード名が記載されていない「F・G・D」を選ぶ事ができず、ドラゴン族モンスターを墓地に送る事もできません。

Translation: To activate [E-HERO Prisma]'s effect, a monster such as [Five God Dragon] cannot be selected because it does not have a Fusion Material Monster with a specific name, thus you are unable to send a Dragon Type monster from your deck to the graveyard.

3rd Question

Question: 「禁止令」の発動時に、「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」と宣言されている場合、フィールド上に存在する「E・HERO プリズマー」や「ファントム・オブ・カオス」の効果によって、「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」のカード名を得る事はできますか?

Translation: When [Prohibition] is declared on [Gladiator Beast Bestiari], can [E-HERO Prisma] and [Phantom Of Chaos] activate their effect and gain [Gladiator Beast Bestiari]'s name?

Answer: 「禁止令」を発動する前から、「E・HERO プリズマー」等が、既にフィールド上に存在する場合、「禁止令」の発動時に「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」が宣言されている場合でも、そのカード名を得る事ができます。また、「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」のカード名を得た場合でも、「E・HERO プリズマー」にて攻撃宣言を行ったり、表示形式を変更する事ができます。

Translation: Before [Prohibition] was activated and [E-HERO Prisma] was on the field already. When [Prohibition] is activated and declared on [Gladiator Beast Bestiari]. [E-HERO Prisma] name can be changed to [Gladiator Beast Bestiari]. If [E-HERO Prisma] did not change its name to [Gladiator Beast Bestiari] , it can declare an attack and change its battle position.

4th Question

Question: 「禁止令」の効果が適用されている時に、「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」のカード名を得た「E・HERO プリズマー」等は、攻撃宣言や表示形式の変更等のカードのプレイを行う事ができますか?

Translation: After [Prohibition] is activated. Can [E-HERO Prisma], whose name has been changed to [Gladiator Beast Bestiari]. Declare an attack and change its battle position?

Answer: 「禁止令」の効果が適用された後に、召喚・反転召喚・特殊召喚された「E・HERO プリズマー」の効果によって、「禁止令」の発動時に宣言された「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」のカード名を得る事ができます。しかしながら、カード名を得る事によって、「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」と同名扱いの「E・HERO プリズマー」をプレイする事ができなくなる為、攻撃宣言や表示形式の変更を行う事ができなくなります。

Translation: After [Prohibition] is activated and [E-HERO Prisma] is being summoned. If [E-HERO Prisma] has its name changed to the declared [Gladiator Beast Bestiari], it is unable to declare an attack or change its battle position.


Right! The above are the rulings for [E-HERO Prisma]. Sorry I've just only learnt my Japanese for 2 weeks! So my translations may be wrong! Do correct me if it is wrong. Thanks alot! Well heading back to school tomorrow. May I have the time to update again then! Ja Na!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts on Banlist (09/2009)

Ok we are abit late in posting reviews about the new banlist! But here is the update that I promised after all my projects are done! =D. If you still haven't seen the latest changes to the September banlist, then I will suggest that you readers visit shriek's website or even duelingdays for more information! Right, lets get the review going on!

Newly Banned

Card of Safe Return [生還の宝札]
- Well with the combination of [Level Stealer] and this card that is going on, though not that popular yet. Konami will see this as one of the top combos to be commonly used in the future? No doubt that they will ban this card with crazy draw power! Not to mention with the return of [Mezuki]! Seems that decks that are based on revival effects are going to slow down =(

Crush Card Virus [死のデッキ破壊ウイルス]
- With this card gone, how are we going to stop high attack powered decks like the famous [Emperors] or even the [Black Feathers](I don't know if this card actually stops them LOL!)? But ya, it actually reduces support cards for dark decks even further.

Dark Dive Bomber [ダーク・ダイブ・ボンバー]
- No more FTK/OTK decks circling around this card again! However they banned this card when it ain't even one year old yet! Konami totally gives no chances! =X

Monster Reborn [死者蘇生]
- What comes out has to go in again! (this excludes the business from your ever daily life!) But ya with such a imbalanced revival card. It will have to be banned again sooner or later. It was fun while this card lasted =) (./hate people to revive my neos to their field!)

Newly Restricted to 1

King of the End Demise [終焉の王デミス]
- Yes, I agree with DS. Why do they even want to restrict this card to a single copy? Perhaps there is a sort of hidden OTK deck that features demise in it?

Mental Master [メンタルマスター]
- Same as the above, I have no idea why would they want to restrict this card to a single copy. Perhaps I haven't been seeing the world much!

Rescue Cat [レスキューキャット]
- With this card in the restricted to 1 section, it would seem that alot of decks that features this would lose out in speed again. Such as [Gladial Beasts], [Cat Synchro] etc. But I don't think there will be anymore [Cat Syncro] around anymore?

Mind Control [精神操作]
- Stealing your opponent's monsters is bad! Konami wishes to reduce theft! Well not that actually, by restricting this, you are actually slowing down Synchro summons.

BF Gale of the Hurricane [BF-疾風のゲイル]
- Lets see how well [Black Feathers] will go on while this card is being restricted to 1. [Vayu] based [Black Feathers] deck will still go on well I guess?

One for One [ワン・フォー・ワン]
- Oh shiat! My [Kuriboh] deck! Perhaps this card was collaborating with [Mental Master]?

Solemn Judgement [神の宣告]
- Uh.... Control decks sort of lost their "control" ? Well its really the first time (for me) that this card has been touched on. Well it is godly considering the cost of activating this card while your life is really at its lowest peak.

Summon Priest [召喚僧サモンプリースト]
- Same comments with [Rescue Cat]

Cold Wave [大寒波]
- Once at 3, very spammable! Now at 1, not so spammable! Think about when to use this card to grasp the control for that turn!

Black Rose Dragon [ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン]
- A level 7 synchro monster, very easy to summon!(or not sometimes) With a powerful field clearing effect. Restricting this card to 1 makes this emergency button have only a one time usage!

Call of the Haunted [リビングデットの呼び声]
- With [Monster Reborn] gone, I supposed they will have to allow this trap revival to return. Not as fast as [Premature Burial] or [Monster Reborn], but still as powerful with the ability to chain! Visit duelingdays for more information!

Newly Restricted to 2

Bottomless Traphole [奈落の落とし穴]
- Though I always play 3 copies of it in any control decks that I possessed. Still playing at 2 makes me able to put in some other cards! (2 is really quite enough =X)

King Tiger of the Ice Boundary Dulauren [氷結界の虎王ドゥローレン]
- Right! Thats it for frog OTK! No more [Seal of Heritage] nonsense!

LoneFire Blossom [ローンファイア・ブロッサム ]
- Lesser speed for plant control decks. With like the above, lesser [Seal of Heritage] nonsense!

Chaos Sorceror [カオス・ソーサラー]
- My [Kuriboh] deck is very happy! Really! Making this card at 2 can cause some kind of chaos by removing monsters that you do not want to see on the field! Examples like [Black Feather - Armored Wing], [Gigantech Fighter] and more!

Mezuki [馬頭鬼]
- Woot! Zombie meta beat anyone? Oh craps [Solemn Judgement] is at a single copy! Ok then! Zombie Synchro anyone? (Is it possible?!)

Newly Unrestricted/Released from Banlist

Wind Monarch Raiza [風帝ライザー]
- With this card at 3 copies, I think we might be seeing more of [Level Stealer] based decks? Back to the days when this card is totally irritating!

Destiny Draw [デステニー・ドロー]
- With [D-HERO Diabolicguy] at 2 copies, it is still good at 3 copies! [D-HERO Diamondguy] anyone?

Fissure [地割れ]
- [Scapegoat] is the way to allow all your goat tokens to die under the earth!

Magical Warrior Breaker [魔導戦士ブレイカー]
- 3 is very strong and very favourable! Combo with [Apprentice Magician] for better effects! [Endymion] decks also anyone?

Forest Guardian Green Baboon [森の番人グリーン・バブーン]'
- After the errata....? Uh... I don't think anyone would want to play it anymore lol

D.D Warrior Lady [異次元の女戦士]
- Yes you go girl! This card will be able to get rid of irritating monsters with irritating effects like... same as [Chaos Sorcerer].

Well my overall thoughts for this banlist is that its disappointing to see [Judgement Dragon] not being touched here. So it will seem that [Lightlords] will be the most unaffected decks in this new format that we will be facing this coming september. Well lets see what kind of fresh ideas does everyone here have when its time! Thats all for my updates for today! See ya all!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yes yes this is from Duel Society! Singapore is another day older! And lets hope that Singapore's champion Benjamin wins the world championship for Singapore!

For those that wants to know more about the status of the World Championships, above is a link to it =)