Thursday, May 31, 2012

World Championships Qualifiers 2012 (Singapore) registrations starts on 1st June!

Hey guys! Been awhile since I posted, been so ever busy at my army camp! Relating to the above title, have you guys in Singapore decided on the decks that you would want to play? And have you all had enough practice so far? Well good luck for the World Championships then!

Decks that you could always count encountering them would be:

1) Inzektors
2) Laggia
3) Hieroglyphs
4) Gadgets

I could have missed a few other kinds of deck archtypes, but you could also do more research over the internet yourselves to see how can you prepare yourself for the upcoming qualifiers.

Also to mention that the new booster pack [Abyss Rising] has a new archtype that might be fun to play with! MERMAILS!

Compared to the [Book of Spells] archtype that I was testing in Dueling Network, this new archtype probably has more support than [Books of Spells] reason being that it has "generic" cards that can be used together with it!

Cards that causes you to discard from your hand.

[Raigeki Break]
[Phoenix Wing Wind Blast]
[Karma Cut]
[Dark World Dealings]

and well the list goes on!

Not to mention that there will be an upcoming new structure deck that revolves around the WATER attribute!

And I think the main star of the deck would just probably be [Armed Soldier of the Sea Emperor], but it has nothing to support [Mermails] because it just supports Sea-serpent type monsters, however there are [Mermail] monsters which are Sea-Serpent and can have this card support them. Other than that I think the deck has nice reprints such as

[Chain Disappearance]
[Eel of Greed]
[Dark Hole]
[Snowman Eater] =D

Well thats all today! I shall post up the details of the upcoming world championships Singapore qualifiers tomorrow!


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