Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tournament Report on Asia Plus 2012 Singapore Qualifiers

Hey guys been a month since the last update. Had been pretty busy preparing for Asia Plus with my team members. Unfortunately we did not qualify to get into the seeded top 8 teams during our top 8 elimination selection. However still have to say "Good Job" to my team members for allowing the 3 of us to make it this far. =)

Team Name: Random Force
Format: 4 rounds Swiss followed by 1 round of Elimination to join the other 4 seeded teams.
Number of Teams Participated: 23
Deck used:
Team Leader (Leo) - Hero Beat
Player A (Myself) - Mermail
Player B (Winson) - Junk Doppel

My score board will be as normal. My team members' score board will be determined by the first icon as Player B's score and the second icon being the Team Leader's score.

First Match VS Player A of Team TDD (Prisma Gladial Beast)

Managed to dominate the first game through the Combo of Marksman and Megalo, which he did not have any set [Gladial Beast Chariot] for countering as well.

Second game after siding was much easier. Saving up Megalo after confirmation that all his Chariots were "used up" was a good choice.

Team Members score: OO

Second Match VS  Team Bad Boys' Kenneth Tan (Hero Beat)

First game after escalating from a zero monster field to a field with Abysspike, Genex Undine, Megalo and Moulin Glace is pretty much awesome field to win!

Second game after siding was much harder knowing that I have to try to read on which card I had to use my [Mystical Space Typhoon] on. As he first activated [Dimensional Fissure] on his first turn gave me quite a big problem. As he proceeded to xyz out [Blade Armor Ninja] and assaulted my lifepoints twice. In the next turn I overwhelmed Blade Armor Ninja by activating [Dark Hole] He then proceeded to try to use [Miracle Fusion] on the [Elemental Hero Stratos] as well as [Elemental Hero Alius] to summon out a fusion monster. However I stopped that by activating [Transmigration Prophecy] and proceeded to shuffle back his Alius and my Dark Hole. From there I then continued to summon out small monsters such as [Genex Controller] and more friends to head in there for his lifepoints. At the most crucial stage my [Mystical Space Typhoon] aimed for his correct set card, which was [Soul Drain]. Megalo never appeared at all that game T_T

Team Members Score: OO

Third Match VS Team Tian Yu Di's Yi Jie (Dark World)

I totally got hand death by Yi Jie through [Dragged down the Grave] and 2 [Mind Crush]! However I used the rulings of misplay for [Mind Crush] to my advantage. Really Sorry Yi Jie! After that I continued to control the field by setting and summoning cards that he might have already known.

Second game had quite a funny ending since He already knew my hand. I was at a dying point which I went to be a genuis and activated [Allure of Darkness], He then mind crushed my hand for genex controller and I also had one controller in the grave which means Good Game! =D

Third Game I started first which was good as I was able to farm up with Genex Undine and by setting down [Dark Absorbing Mirror] to counter his dark world cards gave me a even bigger edge over his deck. Through several sounds of dealing damage to his lifepoints through direct attack and no [Grapha, Dragon Lord of the Dark World] to stop me in my tracks, finally I went over for the win!

Team Members Score: OX

Fourth Match VS Team All Mango Are Plant ^^ 's Tan Wan Xin (Hero Beat)
- - -

Since both our teams are confirmed to be in the top 8 for the elimination matches. We decided to roll dice to decide whose team will win this round and go eat lunch together. Results was me and wan xin rolled and I won~~~  Which actually should not be celebrated because......

Top 8 Elimination First Match VS Team Tian Yu Di 's Yi Jie (Dark World) YES AGAIN!

Similiar to the first game of the previous match however this time Yi Jie knows about Mind Crush's misplay and played correct this time. However since He didn't had a chance to use Dragged Down against my cards and only Mind crush. I had a better chance to launch my cards successfully.

Second game is not so cool when your [Skull Meister] got discarded to the grave by Dragged Down and you draw into [Gemini Imps]. Talk about reversed luck!

Third game was decided quickly as I countered against Yi Jie's Dragged down by using Gemini Imps and started to control his field from then on. I knew that the only card left in his hand was Grapha so I stalled my [Water Spiritual Art - Aoi] to the point when he had 2 cards and I used it. Revealing Snow and Grapha, which I took out Snow to send it to the grave and continued the beating with the lower attack points monsters. Great Match Yi Jie! Really sorry for the misplays as well!

Team Score: XX

And conclusion: Yes we died at top 8~~ Guess I'm still destined for 8th and this time I dragged my team down with me trolololololol. Well it was still a good try so yea~~~

I'll update my decklist soon maybe tomorrow or something. For the meantime for the more important decklists of the various seeded teams. Do visit Dueling Days!


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