Sunday, August 12, 2012

World Championships 2012! Finally Over~!

Hi guys! As you all have known, Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2012 was finally concluded today on 12th of August and the new World Champion is Akikazu Saito from Japan! Lets make it a little more 'formal' shall we?

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2012

Champion - Akikazu Saito from Japan (Inzektors)
2nd - Stefano Memoli from Italy (Inzektors)
3rd - Joshua Schmidt from Germany (Inzektors)
4th - Wesley Seek En Wei from Singapore (Inzektors)

Well thats it! If you would like to know on who are the other players in the other standings, Junior Class as well as coverage for the event itself, do visit Dueling Days for more info!

If you would like  to watch all of the featured matches of the World Championships 2012. Visit here!
And Wesley has done a great job representing Singapore and giving his best even though he did not get to be first. However lets give him a round of applause to congrats him for making it this far! =)

On a side note, have you guys been visiting Shriek's website for the latest YGO products? Well the latest information about the new Kaito Duelist Pack seems to be quite delicious! Especially with all that new [Galaxy] and [Photon] cards!

Personally I'd love to get the [Photon Satellite] from that pack because its effect makes it quite simple to XYZ summon a variation of high ranking XYZ monsters like [No. 61: Volcasaurus], [Photon Streak Bouncer] and perhaps [No. 9: Canopy Star Dyson Sphere]?

Photon Satellite
Effect Monster/ Light/Machine/Lv 1
ATK 0/ DEF 0
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by selecting 1 other [Photon] monster you control. The levels of this card and the selected monster becomes equal to their combined levels.

Best and easily summoned out rank would be rank 5 XYZ monsters. Why?

- Special summon [Photon Thrasher] and normal summon [Photon Satellite].
- Use  Satellite effect and target Thrasher, pray for no irritating [Effect Veiler].
- If all goes well, overlay for a rank 5 XYZ monster!

As for the other cards residing in the pack. I'll leave it to you guys to decide whether it is junk or good.

Till the next update!



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