Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tournament Report @ Active Game Collections 1/9/2012

Been a long day so I'm going to cut this report short!

Tournament: Weekly Tournament at ACG
Format: 5 rounds Swiss, cut off to Top 8 elimination
Participants: 31
Deck used: Retard Beat (name given by Kurova)

First Match VS Poh Seng (Offering Gadget)

First game was because I wasn't able to draw upon any monsters. Sad case!
Second game was I did not draw all my sided cards and died. Even sadder case! =/

Second Match VS Shaun A.K.A Zippy (Six Samurai)

First game was having [E-HERO Alius] on the field for control even though he had [Gateway of the Six] and [Six Samurai United] set up on the field already. When he tried to special summon [Elder of the Six Samurai], I negated it with [Solemn Warning] and it went downhill for him then.

Second game was Shaun's turn to go first, he opened up with Gateway and United and normal summoned out [Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan] first. Knowing that he would probably special summon more stuff after having Kizan there means that I would need to activate [Maxx C] straight away. He then proceeded to special summoning [Grandmaster of the Six Samurai] and then using United to draw upon 2 cards. Then setting down X number of cards(I forgot that part lol) and ended his turn.

I drew upon [Mystical Space Typhoon] and aimed it straight at his gateway. I summoned out Alius and he warninged it away. Set 2 cards and ended my turn. He then started off summoning out [Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki] and wanted to use its effect, I chained with [Effect Veiler], stopping it's special summoning ability. Slowly he punched my lifepoints with Kageki and Kizan, while declaring an attack with Grandmaster lead me to opening my facedown [Dimensional Prison].
After this I kinda forgot what happened next, only remembered that I had nothing to stop him from swarming and killing me!

I started off Third game with an opening of [Thunder King Raiou] on my field and set face down a [Mystical Space Typhoon] and [Torrential Tribute]. He activated United and summoned out Kageki, activating his effect he summoned out [The Six Samurai - Yaichi], I activated [Mystical Space Typhoon] and destroyed that United first. Before then he procceeded to using Yaichi to destroy my facedown Torrential Tribute. He also then overlay both Yaichi and Kageki to XYZ summon [No. 30: Acid Golem of Destruction] which I negated using Raiou's effect. After this I proceeded to controlling him with Alius and Alius support magic/traps. Ending the game with an [E-HERO Shining].

Third Match VS Cassandra (HERO Beat)

Cassandra started off her turn summoning out [Thunder King Raiou] and setting 1 card facedown. I started to summon out [E-HERO Alius] and tried to declare an attack against Raiou but met with a [Honest]. With nothing much to do I set down my [Hero Blast] and [Starlight Road]. A couple of turns went pass without anything exciting happening except for the exchange of blows to our lifepoints. Till the turn came when a direct attack from Alius would end that game, which she activated her own [Hero Blast] and tried to retrieve her Alius from the grave for an attempt to destroy my Alius. I chained to her [Hero Blast] by responding with a [D.D Crow] and removing away her targetted Alius. Without retrieving the monster, my Alius was free to carry on with the attack and win that game.

Second game started off with Cassandra summoning out [E-HERO Stratos] and I did not have any Effect Veiler to negate its effect with. A few turns later my downfall came when she summoned out [No. 16: Shock Master] and keep declaring spells as her choice for negation. With all the [Miracle Fusion]s and [Dual Spark]s that I have in my hand and was unable to use, I had no choice but to keep defending. The turn came when I had drew upon [Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning] and I summoned it out, attemping to try to clear her remaining 3000 lifepoints. However upon summoning, she activated Torrential Tribute and cleared out my Black Luster Soldier. Seeing that there was nothing I can fight back with and that I had low lifepoints, I scooped!

I started off the third game summoning out Alius and setting down my Dual Spark before ending my turn. She proceeded to setting down one card and setting down a monster. My turn came and I summoned out another Alius, declaring an attack against her facedown monster which was revealed to be [Honest] I then overlay my 2 Alius to XYZ summon out [No. 50: The Black Corn] but she destroyed both her own Honest and my Black Corn with her face down [Torrential Tribute]. A few turns passed with me having lowered her lifepoints to a mere 4100 with her having a Alius standing. I proceeded to summon out Black Luster Soldier and went to dish out the remaining 4100 after destroying her Alius and using Black Luster Soldier's effect to declare a second attack.

Fourth Match VS Jun Yong (Agent Angel)

First game was so game because I had no answer for [Archlord Krystia].
Second game was a quick one because He had no answers for my [Skill Drain].
Third game was another quick one due to lucky [Super Polymerization] and [Miracle Fusion]s.

Fifth Match VS Jonas Tai (Arrive HERO)

First game was a constant pounding on his lifepoints as Jonas activated 2 [A Hero Lives] in that game. Which gave me a pretty good edge in terms of lifepoints as I only deducted 2000 for [Solemn Warning] and 1000 for [Seven Tools of the Bandit]. I then ended the game with Stratos and Alius.

Second game was nearly a loss for me as I didn't activate [Super Polymerization] when I had the chance to do so while he had [E-HERO Bubbleman] and Alius on his field. Due to that, he overlayed and XYZ summoned out [Armored Ninja - Blade Heart] and aimed for my lifepoints for 4400 for that turn. I set down my [D.D Crow] and hope for the best. (And yes I forgot to use Effect Veiler on his Blade Heart that turn as well). It was his turn and he attempted to use Blade Heart's effect which this time I remembered to activate Effect Veiler from my hand to stop the dude from attacking me twice. He destroyed my crow and ended his turn.

Came my turn when I activated Heavy Storm and passed the priority of chaining over to him, with nothing to chain the priority was passed back to me. I activated Hero Blast to retrieve my Alius from the grave and then all the magic/traps were destroyed. I normal summoned my Alius and activated [Monster Reborn] to special summon out Jonas' Alius from his grave. I then XYZ summoned out Blade Heart using the 2 Alius I had and removed my Alius as an overlay unit for Blade Heart's effect. After which I activated [Miracle Fusion] and fusion summoned out [E-HERO The Shining]. Both attacked and destroyed his Blade Heart while dishing out more than half of his lifepoints. The game then ended 2 turns later when Jonas had no answer to my Blade Heart.

Then it was off to the Top 8 pairings!

Top 8 First Match VS Sam Kee (Wind-Up)

Died due to unable to stop him from Swarming in the first game.
Second game was good cause I had Raiou and his HERO friends to clear board for game.
Third game I died to Sam's Self-Touching with the Windup combo!

Top 8 Second Match VS Daniel (Offering Gadget)

First game I died to Daniel without drawing any monsters to defend myself, and he removed my only Dark Attribute monster that I had at the moment, which was [Emissary of Darkness - Gorz]. Without him residing in the grave instead, I had no options to summon out the [Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning] which was stuck in my hand.

I won the second game because he side decked wrongly! Thinking that I was playing [Six Samurai] because I was unable to reveal any monsters that I was playing in the first game. >=D

Third game went downhill after he knew what to side against my deck. I had a chance to win if I lucksac that draw to be [Miracle Fusion]. But that chance went by when I drew [Mystical Space Typhoon] instead, which then I had no chance of victory afterwards. Great game though!

Top 8 Third Match VS Jonas Tai (Arrive HERO)

We decided to share the prizes which was [Photon Strike Bounzer] and [No. 50: The Black Corn], he wanted the Corn and I wanted the Bounzer so yes there was no fight!

End result: 8th

Alright thats all for today's post, I shall post up my decklist probably tomorrow when I'm free! =)


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