Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tournament Report @ SG CardMart 25/11/2012

Been pretty bored of always using my Hero Beat deck for tournaments so decided to spend more time with my Mermail deck instead =D.

Tournament: SG CardMart Casual Tournament
Format: 4 round swiss, cut off to Top 8 elimination
Participants: 16
Deck used: Mermail

First Match VS Rong Jie (Machiners)

Got owned pretty badly in the first game because he had so many Machina Fortress on the field and I didn't have anything to keep up my defenses.

Second game was pretty fast cause I zoomed zoomed him back!

Third game was won by time out after he couldn't find a way to reduce my life to be lower than him.

Second Match VS Jia Jie (Magical)

First game I died to the invincible [High Priestess of Junon]  , plus being controlled by all the other spellbooks that he had and the amount of advantage generated from it.

Second game was won fast after I farmed quick enough to perform a summon of [Elemental Lord Moulin Glace] and zoomed zoomed him for the win!

Third game was also won by time out since he didn't have anything to stop my [Abyss-Sphere] and break through my defenses to reduce my lifepoints further.

Third Match VS DSummon (Photon Machines)

First game I had totally no idea how to fight against [Orbital 7] and the countless of reverse cards that he had set behind.

Second game is almost the same as all the other games I fought, just had to farm fast enough for Moulin and Megalo for the kill.

Third game he decided to be a little greedy and did a first turn [EvilSwarm Ouroborous] on me. But without any reverse cards, I was able to push him back by farming. Without anything to defend against during his next draw, I was able to win during my turn.

Fourth Match VS Wesley Seek (Wind-Up)

Since we were both going up, I let him win so that we could pull one of my friends up to the top 8 elimination.

Top 8 Pairings

Top 8 First Match VS Jeryl (Fire Fist)

First game was through careful planning against his traps that I was able to break through his defenses. I swear the defenses of Fire First decks is so tough =/

Second game was the secret art of [Flame Dance - Tenki] + [Vorse Raider] + [Deck Devastation Virus] that I totally died to~

Third game was damn hard cause he already has 3 of the [Flame Dance - Tensen] set face down on his field. I had no choice but to wait for cards to destroy his monsters and aim for a direct attack. After many turns it was a fight of Time out and we only have a remaining of 4 turns to see whose life will be lower to lose the duel. Since he summoned out [Number 16: Shock Master] and declared monster, but I had a cover monster plus a face down [Abyss-Sphere]. Without anything to counter my sphere. I was able to keep up my defence and win the game through a mere 200 - 300 lifepoints difference with Jeryl's.

Top 8 Second Match VS Bahamut84 (Chaos Dragons)

First game, [Scrap Dragon] + [Abysscone] is so good!!!!!!!

Second game, I hate your [Deck Devastation Virus] Baha! =(

Third game was a fight for time out but I escalated wrongly trolololol. Went greedy and did the [Tech Genus Hyper Librarian] + [Armory Arm] combo. Which totally got destroyed by one [Tragoedia] and more escalations that happened after that.

Top 8 Third Game VS Wei Ann (???)

Since Wei Ann wanted the fire structure deck as his prize and I wanted the 10 packs. We didn't play ^^

End Result: 3rd/4th

Prize: After opening the 10 packs, I got one [Number 92: False Skeletal God Dragon, Heart-eartH Dragon] and one [Terrorfang Wolf Direwolf]~~~ So Happy~!

Will probably post up my decklist for this tournament tomorrow, stay tuned!


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