Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts about the Banlist for September 2012

Been a week since the end of World Championships 2012 and here we are again in this time of the year, waiting for the confirmation of the new forbidden/restricted list for this card game. And after getting confirmation from Bahamut84's Dueling Days and Shriek, the list is as follows as well as my views on it.


Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier [氷結界の龍 ブリューナク]
- Forbidding this card will prove to be a big impact befalling upon the newly released [Mermail] mixed with [Atlanteans] archetypes! As well as one lesser good level 6 synchro monster to be in your extra deck that can easily remove your opponent's powerful/irritating monsters. No more bouncing your own cards back from your field in order to recycle them too! *cough* call of the *cough* haunted.

Future Fusion [未来融合-フューチャー・フュージョン]
- No more generating a filter of 8 cards from your deck when using this card to send 3x [Eclipse Wyvern] and 2 other dragons to the grave and additionally using Wyvern's effect to remove away 3 other dragons from your deck. As well as no more sending a [E-HERO] and [Blackwing Zephyros] to the grave for [E-HERO Escuridao]! And this also means no more OTK using this card by having the above stunts removed!

Restricted to 1:

Inzektor Dragonfly [甲虫装機 ダンセル]
Inzektor Hornet [甲虫装機 ホーネット]
- This means that Inzektors are dead! This means you can only get to choose between using Hornet or [Inzektor Gulf] for destroying or bringing out high ranking XYZ! Lesser OTK retardation! Hornet at 1 means 1x [D.D Crow] can just make your other cards safe against Hornet.

Evigishki Gustkraken [イビリチュア・ガストクラーケ]
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity [発条空母ゼンマイティ]
- Combos that allows you to let your opponent start with 3 or less hand cards at his/her first turn is totally retarded. Enough Said. Though perhaps fobidding [Wind-Up Hunter] would be a better choice in totally killing off the Wind-Up combo =P

Chaos Sorcerer [カオス・ソーサラー]
- This card is now seen used much more than [Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning] because mostly it is at 3 copies and also it is at level 6. The availability of this card with cards such as [Light Pulsar Dragon] is good because both are at level 6, both are able to overlay to XYZ summon cards such as [Photon Streak Bouncer] and [No. 25: Focus Force] With Spore's return, there will be a lesser chance to summon [Arcanite Magician] as well.

Spore [スポーア]
- Yay lets all play Junk Doppel decks again! Wait a minute.... [Glow-Up Bulb] aint around! Still, with this card's return, we can expect more Junk Doppel/Plant related decks appearing.

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon [レッドアイズ・ダークネスメタルドラゴン]
- The heart and soul of Dragon-Type decks. With this card restricted to 1, the [Lightpulsar Dragon] loop will be harder to perform. As well as 1 lesser target for [Hieratic Dragon King of Atum].

Tsukuyomi [月読命]
- Sure, flipping monsters face down can be a good effect such as flipping your own [Spellbook Magician of Prophecy] and then flipping it up again to search for another [Prophecy] card. Or you can always flip your opponent's [Monarch] cards face-down since most of their DEF are at 1000. Not sure how good will this card perform in this format, we'll just have to wait for people to exploit its powress!

Ultimate Offering [血の代償]
- Reduced chance to allow Gadget and Madolche decks to OTK!

Restricted to 2:

Mirror Force [聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース-]
- I heard chaining this card to [Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En] is good. Though if this card sees [Starlight Road] then you'll probably have to tear your hair out!

Reasoning [名推理]
- I'd just leave it to you guys on deciding how good will this card be at 2 copies this time. Though I would like to use this card for my upcoming [Photon] deck for some fun and laughter.

A Hero Lives [ヒーローアライブ]
E - Emergency Call [E-エマージェンシーコール]
- Lesser Consistency contributed to the [E-HERO]s? Rubbish! HERO forever!

Pot of Duality [強欲で謙虚な壺]
- Happy! Because all the time I only had 2 copies of this card so it doesn't really affect me since I've always been playing with 2 copies. Though having 3 copies will maximise the consistency of certain decks such as [Inzektors], [Dark World] and more.

Hieratic Seal of Convocation [召集の聖刻印]
- cards that allows you to search for combo pieces are too broken at times. Reduced amounts helps to contribute to reduced OTKs.

Rescue Rabbit [レスキューラビット]
- anyone noticed the poor japanese kid crying because his taiwan opponent did a first turn [Evolkaiser Raggia] because of this rabbit during World Championships 2012? Its not funny though, really. =/

Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow [BF-月影のカルート]
- Return of [Black Wing] decks? We shall see!

Debris Dragon [デブリ・ドラゴン]
- As naive as I may be, I will definitely relive the art of Debris Junk Doppel! Oh shit no more [Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier].

The Agent of Mystery - Earth [神秘の代行者 アース]
- Yes with this card at 2, it is more playable for [Agent Angel] decks. Even while at 1 copy, some [Agent Angel] decks are still going strong!

Tour Guide From the Underworld [魔界発現世行きデスガイド]
- Too strong card, just like [Reborn Tengu], this card was restricted to 2 before it officially hits the OCG card arsenal.

No longer Restricted/Released from banlist:

Necro Gardna [ネクロ・ガードナー]
- more protection cards for [Lightsworn] themed decks as well as [Grave Blackwing] decks?

Marshmallon [マシュマロン]
- about time, doesn't have much use to be deserved to get the chains of the forbidden/restricted list held onto this poor guy.

Emergency Teleport [緊急テレポート]
- Tele DAD people? or just pure [Psychic] decks even with the absence of [Mental Master]?

Destiny Draw [デステニー・ドロー]
- moar draw power for [D-HERO]! or [Plaguespreader Zombie] + [D-HERO Diamond Dude] sounds awesome.

Swords of Revealing Light [光の護封剣]
- wow there is 3 [Mystical Space Typhoon] around!

Level Limit Area B [レベル制限B地区]
- will see more play than [Gravity Bind].... Hopefully.

Magic Cylinder [魔法の筒]
- yum yum! more damage to your opponent!

With all that is said, decks that you can try or continue using in this format would be...
- Dark World ( especially with tourguide appearing in the OCG soon, so strongggggggg]
- Agent Angel
- Mermail
- HERO (Airman/Stratos cannot be defeated! Visit Dueling Days for more info)
- Tele DAD
- Debris Junk Doppel
- Black Wing

So, what will be your choice for this format? Share your thoughts!

Till next time!


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