Monday, April 9, 2012

Tournament Report on Weekly Card Master Tournament held in Dhoby Gaut J-Cube

Hey guys! Been awhile since the last update! Lesser crap talk and get on with the main topic!

Deck used: HERO Beat

First Match VS Winson (Laval)

First Game - Totally got owned by [Rekindling] and lots of Synchro friends.

Second Game - I wasn't actually prepared to fight [Laval] as I hadn't had much practise against them, but what to do, none of my side deck cards came out even though I placed them in the deck. =(

Second Match VS Baha (Dragunity)

First Game: Tried to survive long enough before drawing onto my [Miracle Fusion] which allowed me to summon out [Elemental Hero Shining]. He did not have [Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier] in his extra deck so he was unable to get rid of it easily. He in end summoned out [Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana] in order to kill it first. However I think I drew into another [Miracle Fusion] and manged to win.

Second Game: It was to a point that I wasn't able to kill [Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon] because it was too fit and I had to count on [Elemental Hero Shining] to help me kill it. But Shining was bounced away by Baha's [Sacred Ptolemys Messier 7] and I got rushed in for the loss.

Third Game: Yes, [Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier] is very important in an extra deck whose deck has tuners available for easy access to level 6 synchro monsters! =X

Third Match VS Plant Kenneth (Wind-Up)

First Game: Blame [Elemental Hero Shining] for its tremendous attack strength that the [Wind-Up]s had problems dealing with.

Second Game: I got my whole hand totally sent to the grave and I blame myself for only putting 1 copy of [Elemental Hero Bubbleman] which I didn't had the luck of drawing it for some ray of hope =(

Third Game: [Effect Veiler]s and [Torrential Tribute]s used at the right time can help you to win against these self-touching [Wind-Up] decks.

Fourth Match VS Marcus (Hieratic/Hieroglyph)

First Game: I drew upon 2 copies of [Torrential Tribute] but I did not set any of them down for the fear of getting [Heavy Storm]ed in my opponent's turn. So I just set down a [Book of Moon],[Mystical Space Typhoon] and had a [Elemental Hero Stratos] summoned there. On Marcus' turn, he special summoned out [Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit] and used [A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon] in an attempt to try to clear all of my magic/trap cards. However I chained towards the card's activation by using [Book of Moon] to flip Tefnuit into face-down defense position. That resulted in a "target lost" for [A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon]. However he then proceeded to do the One turn kill combo of that deck and I died terribly to it lol.

Second Game: Having [Skill Drain] early on the field and having enough [Gemini Sparks] with [Hero Blasts] to kill [Koa'ki Meiru Drago] is good! Not to mention that before I activated [Skill Drain], I already had a [Thunder King Rai-oh] standing fit there to stop Marcus' [Pot of Duality] and more.

Third Game: [Elemental Hero Shining] was not the only fusion monster that I could rely solely on to win me games. [Elemental Hero Absolute Zero] was the other fusion monster that got me my win.

With 3 wins, I managed to get up to the Top 8!

Top 8 Matches

First Match VS Sam (Laval)

First and Second Game: The exact same thing happened with my match against Winson's Laval deck. Damn! Blamed myself for not siding enough things to counter Laval Decks!

Second Match VS Bryan Ball-Snow (Inzektor)

First Game: With me drawing upon 3 copies of [Gemini Spark], it was hard for a [Inzektor] deck to have control over me. So in this first game, I managed to gain all the control needed against a [Inzektor] deck.

Second Game: Died terrible when my [Elemental Hero Shining] wasn't able to retrieve back any HEROs when battling against a [Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter] due to a mis-timing issue.

Third Game: Identical to the first game, I managed to snatch upon the tide of control.

Third Match VS I don't know who I was supposed to play against lol. Immediately the prizes were given out

Final Conclusion: 5th/6th placing

Prize: Numbers 50 - The Black Corn


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