Thursday, February 23, 2012

Asia Championships 2012 held in Singapore!

Hi guys! As you all might have known, this year's Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championships will be held in Singapore on the 15th of April 2012! Singapore's own qualifiers will be held on the same day, after which the Asia Championships will be held immediately after it. Below here are the info that has been provided to me.

acs 2012

Date: 15 April 2012(Sunday)
Venue: SCAPE warehouse, level 2
Registration time: 0930hrs - 1000hrs

Note: Late comers will not be entertained

1st Place: Rights to represent Singapore in the Asia Championships 2012 regional finals held immediately after the Singapore qualifiers
Remainder prizes to be updated

Entry Fee per player: Free
Door Gift for all participants: Asia Championship 2012 Goodie Bag

Format for Singapore Qualifiers

Single Elimination
*For seeded players, information as follows

Division D Seeded players will enter round 3 of the Single Elimination directly
Division C Seeded players will enter round 4 of the Single Elimination directly
Division B Seeded players will enter round 5 of the Single Elimination directly
Division A Seeded players will enter round 6 of the Single Elimination directly
Note that all seeded players are still required to do online registration as per normal. Failure to register online will be treated as no interest to participate

Seeded players are as follows: (To check, view )
Division A - 333-XXX-963 ANG CALVIN
Division A - 333-XXX-852 HO SHU MIAO
Division B - 333-XXX-175 CHEW KAH MENG
Division B - 333-XXX-502 LEE LIANSENG
Division C - 333-XXX-852 BRYAN CHUA
Division D - 333-XXX-659 BRANDON CHEW
Division D - 333-XXX-828 CHUAN ZHI
Division D - 333-XXX-677 CHOO WEE MIN
Division D - 333-XXX-816 MICHAEL SANTOSO


1. Deck Construction Rules
Deck must be between 40 to 60 cards, inclusive.
Extra Deck, while optional, must be between 0 to 15 cards, inclusive.
Side Deck, while optional, must be between 0 to 15 cards, inclusive.

2. Time limit of each match: 45 mins

3. No Fake cards or Proxys allowed in the event.

4. 1st MAR 2012 OCG Ban and Restricted list used in Tournament.

5. 19th March 2011 Priority Ruling in effect.

6. Card Legality
Only legally distributed Japanese cards are legal for use in sanctioned tournaments in Asia (excluding Japan and South Korea), namely:

* Booster Pack
* Duelist Pack
* Extra Pack
* Gold Series
* Tournament Pack
* Premium Pack 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14
* Yu-Gi-Oh: Super Fusion! Bonds That Transcend Time Movie Pack
* Starter Deck / Structure Deck
* Video Game Promotional Cards
* World Ranking Promotional Cards
* OCG Duel Terminal 1 & 2
*OCG Duelist Box 2012

Asian English cards are legal.

The following are illegal (unless reprinted in at least one of the above*):

o Premium Pack 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 11, 12
o Limited Edition Pack
o Duel Disk Promotional Cards
o OCG Duel Terminal 3 and onwards
o Anniversary Pack
o Shueisha Promotional Cards
o Weekly Jump
o V Jump
o Valuable Book
o Master Guide
o Video Game Guide
o Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga
o Yu-Gi-Oh! R Manga
o Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Manga
o Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D Manga
o Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Manga

*If the card is reprinted in at least one of the legal sets, you may use any version of that card. For example, Jurrac Guaiba was reprinted in Tournament Pack 2011 Vol. 3, hence you’re allowed to use the Duel Terminal version of Jurrac Guaiba.
**Even though Return of the Duelist is released on 14 April, it will not be legal to be used in the Asia Championships 2012

7. Any players who are found cheating or changing of cards during the tournament will be disqualified immediately.

8. All players are to submit their deck list online to register for the tournament prior to the event and ensure that their decks fulfill the rulings above.
*All players are to note that submission of decklists does not mean that responsibility of having a legal deck or not goes to the judges. Players not complying to the deck legality as per above rulings may be disqualified even if already mid game.

9. Only original Konami Deck Protectors can be used with the exception of deck protectors from Duel Disks or character deck protectors which are not allowed to be used in the tournament. [E.g. no Prisma or Starlight Road duel disk deck protectors]
*Will be strictly enforced as we will be hosting the Regional finals this year, please take note.

10. Double layer deck protectors are allowed, provided the outer layer must be a transparent deck protector. Players must use same color protectors for their decks, extra deck and side deck. No markings are allowed on protectors

11. Judges have the right to disqualify duelist who misconduct or violate rules

12. Judges decision is final

More rules and regulation can be found in

13. Players who join must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR. You may participate if you are none of the above mentioned but you will NOT be allowed to represent Singapore in the event that you win.

14. Players are reminded to bring along the following

. Pen
. Paper
. Playmat
. Duelist ID card
- Decklist
. Calculator
*Players are reminded to bring either pen and paper or calculator to calculate life points.


Hope this helps people! I will update again if there is any occurring changes!
If not, you can always visit this link here to get the information yourself too!


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