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Thoughts On The World Championship Held On The 24th Of June.

HEY ALL!!! GOULIAN HERE AGAIN!!!! K guys this time its really really exciting about this tournament, there was really alot of people taking part in this tournament and so there were 4 elimination rounds being held. I went through the first elimination round and was waiting for my 2nd elimination round later in the afternoon(my 2nd elimination round will be held after all 4 of the elimination rounds are finished), which our 2nd blog master didn't have much luck with him that day @!#!@$!%$!@#@!#@!#... Well Then when the 2nd elimination rounds are held, I pass through again, which means the swiss parrings will be next!!!!!

And so during the swiss parrings , the first round for me was quite an ok one, my opponent was very friendly too =) ... Which i pass him and 2nd swiss parrings i met xiao mei =X, Which first of my round i lost to her cos of her "out of game" deck... Which my deck really fears the most!!!! But i managed to pass her as well. Which then on to the 3rd swiss parrings where i met jeryl!!!!!!
Him being a gadget deck is already a tough feat for me to handle, and so he won me in the first round, which i side decked and won in the 2nd round, in the 3rd round it was really a tough match, which i was floating with 400 lifepoints and Jeryl wif 3400 life points. But after doing so much moves, hehe i still lost to him thou BUT HEY!!! This was the greatest duel i ever played in my entire dueling life. Thx Jeryl for that experience!!! Serious lol...

And so after that i met another duelist and won, after which the last round i lost again, so in total of the 5 swiss rounds, i only won about 3 rounds lol... Hard to get into top 8 le... BUT I GOT INTO TOP 16!!!! NOT BAD LE HOR!!!!

Ok guys, here below will be the pictures of the top 4 ppl =) do play a few rounds with them to see their playing skills(highly recommended to play with the 4th place mwahahahahahahaha)

4th Place
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3rd Place
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2nd Place
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1st Place!!!! ( o.O)
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A Picture of the organiser and the top 4 ppl and World Of JJ de boss
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Which after this photo taking session we were abit dismissed, our 4th placed friend got a few things that were quite funny lol.... His prize was... One box of POTD booster packs, one zombie structure deck, one black box( =.=) and protectors i think lol... Here are the pics below

o.O nice black box... wonders what is inside it...
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..... Its... EMPTY!!!!
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And we whacked his booster packs and got all these foils

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Jumbo Drill , E-HERO Flare Neos, Neos- Spacian Flare Scarab, Neos-Spacian Aqua Dolphin,
Neos-Spacian Black Panther and that "Godzilla" LOL!!!

Which after this, Its time for my deck to play a part in it!!!! The deck i used for the tournament is the "Protector Of The Sanctuary" Deck... Which controls the opponent's hand completely once used...

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1st Blog Master's Pic(me) wif the protector of the sanctuary in hand

Ok here is a closer look of it
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And below is the decklist for my deck that i used in this tournaments... Any suggestions to improve it is greatly welcomed!!! (post at tagbox ya!!!! >.<)
Monsters: 20

1x Protector Of The Sanctuary
1x Morphing Jar
1x Neos-Spacian Ground Mole
1x Frost Emperor Morbius
3x Card Gunner
1x E-HERO Airman
2x E-HERO Wildman
1x Treeborn Frog
2x Giant Rat
1x Sangan
1x Magician Of Black Chaos
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Exiled Force
1x D.D Warrior Lady
1x Wind Emperor Rizer

Magic: 13
1x Card Destruction
1x Magical Stone Excavation
1x Early Burial
1x Shrink
1x Heavy Storm
1x ScapeGoats
1x Reinforcement Of Army
1x Smashing Ground
1x Cyclone
1x Confiscation
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Snatch Steal
1x Brainwash

Traps: 7
2x Spiritual Art "Kurogane"
1x Ring Of Destruction
1x Mirror Force
1x Cry Of Living Dead
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Dust Tornado

Side Deck: 15
1x Frost Emperor Morbius
2x Magic Striker
1x Thunder Emperor Zaboog
1x D.D Assaliant
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Jinzo
1x D.D Crow

Magic: 6
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Metamorphosis
1x Nobleman Of Crossout
1x Giant Trunade
1x Brainwash
1x Reinforcement Of Army

Traps: 1
1x Waboku

The main point of this deck is to discard all your opponent's hand using morphing jar or card destruction, and unabling him to draw anything out of it using Protector Of The Sanctuary.
And it seems I'm the only one that built this deck in this whole tournament lol... But it put up a very good fight!! The Sidedeck is for incase u are facing decks like uh... Out of game? Just change the whole deck into a warrior emperor deck and go in for the kill !!!!!

The protector's effect is btw..

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"Protector Of The Sanctuary"
Attribue:Earth , Type: Fiend
Effect Monster 4 stars Attk 1100/Def 1900
As long as this card is face up on the field,
Your opponent cannot draw cards outside the draw phase.

So just use card destruction and chain call of the haunted and call back pots(for short) and make your opponent's hand handless!!! Well thats my strategy for this tournament anyway lol... Anyway do post up any ideas u have at the tagbox ya... thx..

And photo taking again wif taiwan jimmy, gigi and 4th place!!!!

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Well Cya guys.. And good night!!!!!! This was a great tournament... And the most memorable duel was the one with Jeryl(that took alot out of me!!!!) Till then stay tuned pals!!!

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