Saturday, June 16, 2007

Card Review : Warfront Revival Compensation

B][U]Warfront Revival Compensation[/U][/B}By Zheng Yang
Hi again people. ZY here. On DS' reccomendation today I am reviewing a card that came up in the recent booster: Tactical Evolution. I am talking about 1 of the 4 normal rares in the set: Warfront Revival Compensation.
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( AKA the dogchain, Taken from manjyomethunder website)

Equip Magic :Send one normal monster from your side of the field to the graveyard. Select one monster in a graveyard and special summon it to your side of the field and equip it with this card. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the equipped monster.

About the art, its actually is the name tags soldiers carry with them when they go to war. They carry 2 at all times, 1 is to be put into the mouth of the corpse to identify it, while the other is to be returned to the family member to let them in about the poor chap that died.

At first glance this card's effect, it looks very similar to 2 of its precessor: Monster Reborn and Premature Burial. Like premature burial, it has a cost to be payed when activated (in this case, its sending a normal monster from your field to the grave) and stays equipped to the monster. But out of this bargin you get the ability to select any monster in any graveyard like monster reborn.

This is one of the few new cards that is introduced in the set to make dual (and normal monsters in a whole) much more stronger and rewarding to play. Its not very hard to play if you really think about it. Dual monster that has yet to be 'Awakened' can be sent to the grave. And other small normal monsters can be used to sent to the grave as well.( note that tokens cannot be used for this as tokens do not enter the grave to fully meet the requirements.)
At first it seens abit off to pay 2 cards to get a monster back, but with proper application, its well worth the cost. What possible monsters you could bring back you ask? One of the best targets is... (The officially most broken D-HERO printed. Nuff said)
...D-HERO Diskguy! Nothing like drawing 2 cards, and then proceeding to giant trunarde and repeat it again with another goat token =x Or... (the king kong of Invasion of Chaos is back)
...another rather rewarding target is MOBC, especially if its your opponents! Getting back a broken spell and dishing 2800 can be really traumatic to the opponent. Not to mention is opponent kills it, he aint getting back this game barring any O.o.G (Out of Game) tricks. Or... (The Legend lives on!)
... you could try to be some1 and go to house with the current king of normal monsters: BEWD!!! Ok I'm kidding, but its a possibility, and if you are gonna take a might as well make it the BIGGEST.
Another interesting note is that this is an Equip Spell, meaning you can use Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu to tutor it to go along with your snatch steals and premature burial. Its also works with Benkai and Maha Valio and wadever that digs on equipments, but I'll leave its up to you readers' imagination. (Forge me one of those dogchains asap XD)
Overall, this is a card which has some great potential, and is a very good idea for a fun deck to be around. With some luck we might see some interesting cards coming out in Gladiator Assault that may go well with this. Hope you all have some inspiration on this card and if possible, share the idea with me =x

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