Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Card Review : Snipe Hunter!!!!

Hey all!!!! Sorry that i'm a little late in posting a new review these days >.<... Was a little busy preparing my deck for the world championships coming in June 24th... (more information about the tournament will be posted in this blog soon) And ya.. As what Ken said... It is an OTK deck.. But a different version =X.. Do play a few rounds with me to find out this deck of mine ^_^. Ok enough of my own things.. Today's review is one card that needs every single luck that you have to use it well!!! Presenting ladies and gentlemen... The card.. "SNIPE HUNTER"!!! Here below is the picture of it and it's effect stated below for reference.

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"Snipe Hunter"
Attribue: Dark, Type : Fiend
Effect Monster 4 stars Attk 1500/Def 600
Discard one card from your hand. Select a card on the field and roll a 6 sided dice once. If number besides 1 and 6 is rolled out, the selected card is destroyed.

Cards that roll dice are not really that favourable to some people right? LOL!! But for this case.. besides rolling a dice to decide the outcome of its effect , you would also need to discard a card to activate the effect first thou( which if you really destroy the card you targetted, it will be a 2 for 1 cost). Which is the bad point about this card, and ya I do have some bad experiences when using this card's effect... Want to know why? It is because everytime i roll the dice.. It always appears 1 and 6 for me =.="" which makes my hand discarding worst if i still want to continue to try to destroy that card that I eyed on. But hey!!! There are such cards in the world that are treated as "Free Bullets" for this card to use.. Some cards like this are "Treeborn Frog", "Dandelion" and one of the famed "HERO" cards, "D-HERO Dashguy"... And this card can be also used to discard high level monsters to the graveyard for revival when you don't really want to sacrifice some precious monsters on your field but you really would need the attack power right?

It is also a 1500 attack monster, which makes it able to destroy quite alot of monsters by battle these days( example would be like gadget monsters). And for it to be a dark fiend type monster would also give another reason why it is very good too. Reasons is that is can be used as a card to out of game for the descending new chaos emperor dragon demon or the new chaos sorcerer
to appear on your field =D. And being a 600 butt monster would mean that rarely people would put it in defense mode right?(unless you are really going to die by one more attack or really that desperate for defense)

And another good thing about this card is that , it can target any card on the field... Which means, I can target my own cards too!!! Idea is that maybe you can try targetting your own "Phoenix God Of Nephthys" and hope it destroys the card and it will revive the next turn and take care of all the magic and trap cards on the whole field( provided if your opponent do not remove the phoenix out of the game in the graveyard before it returns to your field).

This card can really sometimes make you very pissed off at the dice for rolling out 1 or 6 when you don't really need those numbers LOL!!!! So ya my rating for this card is 7/10. Why do i give such a "high" rating? The destruction power is ok , discarding a card which i really can discard those high level monsters for revival and at the same time destroy a card to make an opening for a direct attack to the opponent's lifepoints. So ya.. Overall its ok, just needs a whole lot of luck at your side while using this card at your disposal... But without luck while playing this card game.. It won't be Yu-Gi-Oh! right? So do wait for my next review ya.. Cya next time !!!!

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