Monday, June 18, 2007

World Championships Tournament Held On The 24th Of June

Hey all... Today my post will be about the world championships 2007 tournament held on the 24th of June, below are its details, any further updates will be posted here after i receive them.

Venue: Suntec City Conventional Centre, 3rd floor, room 307
Date : 24th June
Time : 9am start register, 10am START FIGHT AR!!!
Fee : 10 dollars or more( hope not T_T)
Min. Requirements: Deck of 40(duh) , There is no maximum card limit(just updated), Side deck of 15 cards( duh again)
No Japanese promo cards allowed in this tournament except if upperdeck
entertainment has english copies of it( example: E-HERO Airman has an
english copy called Elemental Hero Stratos)

For information on the prizes that will be given out.. Do visit your nearby card shops to take a look at the posters about this tournament. If i have the time again i will post about the prizes being given out in this tournament ya... K guys.. Good Night and Take Care!!!


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