Monday, June 11, 2007

Card Review: D-Hero Disc Guy

Hi all! Sorry for the late card review as I've been busy wif my own blog and stuff...

Ok, so today's card review is on.... D-Hero Disc Guy or as what they call it in TCG, Destiny Hero - Disc Commander.

「D-HERO ディスクガイ」
WC07-JP003 D-Hero Disc Guy
DARK/Warrior - Effect/1/300/300
When this card is successfully Special Summoned from your Graveyard, draw 2 cards from your deck.
Many people either hate this card or love this card.
Basically this monster is a pure card drawing machine and what we players just need to have during games is: hand size.
This card is just the perfect card drawing card for any deck. Well you can always use "D-hero Doomguy"'s effect or jus the plain old staples like "Early Burial" or "Call of the haunted" or the famous way in OCG is by "Light & Darkness Dragon".
You could always discard this card on a "Destiny Draw" and set a face down "Call of the haunted" or "Early Burial" it, draw two cards and sacrifice for a Monarch or anything else. And guess what, your hand size didn't decrease at all but theres field presence. Need I say more about how broken this card is? Looking at its SMALL disadvantage about being 300 attack and 300 defence is actually no problem at all. As I said earlier, u can always tribute this card away for a bigger monster or just use 'Crush Card Virus" as a tribute. You drew cards and your opponent has lesser cards.
We can expect this card to be played commonly in the upcoming June tournament. So plesae prepare your D.D. Crows, Dissappear, Karma cut, Kycoo or whatever way you can remove this card away from game while its in your opponent's grave whenever you can before it will be abused right in front of you making you hate this card so much you might just wanna snatch it from your opponent and tear it to pieces.
Rating for this card is 9.5/10
I guess I don't have to explain much why I give such a high rating right?

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