Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Card Review : Crystal Fortune Teller

Hihi all!!!! Goulian here again to present you guys with another card review =X, Well today's review will be about another of one of the 4 common rare cards of the Tactical Evolution Booster Pack. And here she is!!! The "Crystal Fortune Teller" card!!!!! Here below is the effect for it and the picture for reference.

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"Crystal Fortune Teller"
Attribute: Water, Type: Magician
Effect Monster 1 stars Attk 100/Def 100
Flip: Reveal the top 2 cards of your deck, choose 1 to add into your hand and the other to the bottom of the deck.

As the art tells you, its a magician holding a crystal ball trying to predict the outcome of your life/destiny/fate or whatever she is trying to predict LOL!!! With such a relevant effect to its art, here is a good thing why it is being placed in the set as a common rare card. When you take a look at the top 2 cards of your deck, chances is that you will have 1 turn earlier of adding a certain card into your hand and also at the same time, avoiding a certain card that you would not like to see in the next 2 turns.

Being a small monster with stats like Attk 100/Def 100 is really very pain if a monster tramps it in defense position or when a big monster blasts it when its in attack position(but most of the time it will be face down right? LOL!!!) BUT GUYS!!! Look at it's level, type and attribute!!! It is a level 1 magician type monster with the attribute of WATER!!!! Being a level 1 Magician type monster is a great partner to "Apprentice Magician" as it can be searched out by him, or just being just a magician type monster is meaning that it can also be used with Dimension Magic and Magician's Circle!! . Being a Water attribute monster meaning that it can be used for the "Water Spiritual Art" for hand control techniques.

Well what if you really would not want to use its effect and saw some cards that you really wanna have both but have no choice to select both and place them in your hand. There is a really old card that not many people will use for it but hey!! Its still an idea right? This old card is the "Big Eye". This monster which when flip, take a look at the top 5 cards of your deck and rearrange it in the order you want. Sounds quite ok to me =) Or maybe some lame combo like... Looking at the top 2 cards which happens to be... 1: "D-HERO Diamond Guy" ,
2: "Ojama Delta Hurricane!" , place the "Ojama Delta Hurricane!" card below the deck and activate a card that allows both players deck to be upside down.
Use "D-HERO Diamond Guy" effect and reveal "Ojama Delta Hurricane!" and send it to the graveyard, which in the next turn... THERE WILL BE A HUGE DESTRUCTIVE EFFECT BEING ACTIVATED!!!!( This sounds lame but hey its still an idea!!!! =X)

This card can really bring forward your victory of the duel or the loss of the duel, depending on the method on how you use this card. Too bad that this card cannot be used for the coming world championships this Sunday the 24th of June. Or you'll see some violent stunts being pulled out in the most unfavourable situations. K guys... Thats the end of my review for today, I will update more about the grand tournament's details by this Thursday. Till then...
Stay Tuned And TAG!!!!!

Rating : 7/10
This is a really good card , why I did not give it a 9/10 is because of its stats >.< (Being tramped by a "Majestic-Mech Goryu" IS NOT FUNNY!!!! OUCH!!!)


Ron said...

7/10 is still to high!
yes its true its good.. but only in the early game.. only at the most 3 copies in a whole box that what i heard.. cuz its a rare within the common.. great with apprentice but hu would 1 2 use it when they can still use OVM which is good both in early game and late game? its not like OVM is limited..
to me its only worth 5/10
good to have in a casual deck, but not yet up to the for tourny

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