Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Painful Choice (Its not a card review)

Ok the only painful choice I'm having is what kinda deck to play this sunday!!!
I've been testing out D-Monarch, D-Machine, Gadget rush, Gadget control...
I think the tournament would be mainly D-Hero based deck, with all the destiny draw and diskguy stuff, and Gadget decks. There'll be very unique lock decks like Horus and Protector of Sanctuary deck too or even a deck with 3 Phoenix? Of course there would be OTK decks like Demise or Machine... but they really die badly often due to the very bad draw unless you've got the skills to play them like DS.
Weaknesses of
D-Monarch: Trap Dustshoot, No D-Heros wif Destiny Draw in hand & Vice-versa, Crush Card Virus, D.D. Crow.
D-Machine: Card gunner drops important revival cards like Premature Burial and kill cons like metamorphosis, D.D. Crow
Both D-Hero based decks have possibilities of drawing more than a copy of your D-Hero Diabolic guy/Malicious.
Gadget Rush: Spell Canceller, Full gadget draw, D.D. Designator, Trap dustshoot, Mind crush
Gadget Control: Full gadget draw, D.D. Designator, Trap dustshoot, Mind crush
I can't help but thinking of all these cons, however, if these decks can draw well, den its not a problem at all. I'd probably do some last min decisions though. I usually do that and it never works out. So I'm doing some training this week regardless of having school everyday from 9 to 4.30. Well, I hope everyone going for this tournament will be ready for it. The side deck for that day would be equally as important as the main deck. I'll see you all this sunday. Good luck =)

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