Friday, June 22, 2007

Card Review: Trade In

"Trade In" By Zheng Yang...
Hi people ZY here again.
Today its my turn to do a card review.
Today's card review will be from the new structure deck: Revival of Grand Dragon, Trade In.
Trade In
Magic - Normal: Discard a level 8 monster from your hand. Draw 2 cards from your deck.

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As simple as it is, most people will relate this card to Destiny Draw. Cause both require a discard of a type of monster in exchange for drawing 2 cards. There's no inherited card advantage but rather seeing 2 new cards in your hand as well as going deeper into your deck.
If all would notice, this card specify that a Level 8 monster has to be discarded: no more no less. This does restrict what kind of monsters you can use, but there's afew people are commonly play:
-Magician of Black Chaos (easier recursion from grave)-Light & Darkness Dragon (to get out of stucked hands)-D-HERO Bloo-D (If you like playing more than 3 Destiny Draw)-Hell Dozer (For Demise deck cycling)-Demise, King of Armegeddon (same as above)-Hinokage-Tsuchi (the next big thing)-God Beastking Barbaros (yet to come out, but worth mentioning)
From my opinion, they release Trade In so some decks that are prone to bad hand will get a better chance, and I can think of a deck that might abuse Trade In like Destiny Draw (not gonna tell you folks about it yet =x). Overall this is an alright card, not too broken, and for more dedicated decks. Expect to see more of this card for weeks to come in OCG games.

Rate: 7/10

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