Thursday, June 21, 2007

Confirmed Details for Grand Tournament Held On The 24th Of June(Sunday)

Here below are the confirmed details for the tournament this sunday.... If you have any doubts, do post your questions at the tagbox ya...

Venue: Suntec City Conventional and Exhibition Centre , 3rd floor , room 307
Date: 24th June 2007
Time: 9am start register, 10am start fight
Min. Requirements: Deck size min 40, Max is unlimited.
Side deck must 15 or no side deck.
Fusion Deck Max is 30
NO Japanese Promo Cards allowed unless
upperdeck entertainment has english copies of it
(example: E-HERO Airman has an english copy
called Elemental Hero Stratos)
Cards from the newest booster Tactical Evolution
or TAEV as you know it cannot be used in this
Things to bring: Please bring papers and pens to calculate your lifepoints on sunday(as calculators are not allowed, but bring them too ba =X)

Well the authors from Duel Society wishes everyone taking part in this grand tournament good luck!!! Have fun and play fair!!! IF there is further updates, I will continue to post it up here.

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chiam said...

Hihi, i wanna ask if the cards i wanna use which is already available in English Upperdeck..but are quite RARe (example: Ultra Rares in Champion Packs of CP2...)

Can this be used...

Card # CP02-EN001
Card Name Magical Stone Excavation
Card Type Spell
Is Continuous No
Is Equip No
Is Field No
Is QuickPlay No
Is Ritual No
Discard 2 cards. Add 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard to your hand.

Also, do one need to have a UDE Number to join this tourney, since its a TCG tourney...?