Saturday, June 9, 2007

Card Review On The Ultimate Destiny-HERO!!! "D-HERO Bloo-D"!!!

Well ladies and gentleman.... Since i can't sleep , I'll Write about a card review about the everyone's recent favourite card.. The Ultimate D-HERO!!
"D-HERO Bloo-D"!!! And here below is the picture for it and its effects are stated right below.. Enjoy(Picture of Bloo-D taken from Dm Comet)

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"D-HERO Bloo-D"
Attribute: Dark, Type: Warrior
Effect Monster 8 Stars Attk 1900/Def 600
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sacrificing 3 monsters on your field. Select a monster on the opponent's side of the field and equip it to this card. This effect can only be used once per turn and only one monster can be equipped to it at a time. This card's attack is increased by half of the equipped monster's attack. As long as the card is face-up on the field, all face-up monsters on the opponent side of the field has their effects negated.

And ya... This card is also used by a famous character in the Yu-Gi-Oh!GX anime, His name is "Edo Phoenix"!!! And below here is his picture =D

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Well besides being a high level,low attack,low defence and the dumb "cannot be normal summoned" thingy... This card sure seems quite hard to summon out onto the field lol... But hey!!! The key word is that it can be special summoned by sacrificing 3 monsters!!! So what do you think, if I sacrifice 3 scape goat tokens? 3 Ojama Tokens? Its really that easy these days to summon this cool card out onto the field.

Worried that it's attack points is too low for a level 8 monster? Well not to worry!! It has an activated effect of grabbing one monster on the opponent's side of the field and equipping it to itself,taking half the strength of that monster and absorbing it for it's usage. So what if I get this "HERO" out and grabs... uh.. hmmm...let me see... a... "Blue Eyes White Dragon" ? Wow... Certainly this card's attack points will increase by 1500!!! So if I do my maths... Its new attack will be 1900 + 1500 = 3400!!! Wow it really packs high powered ammo... And besides its monster grabbing ability... It also has an in-built "Skill Drain" effect, making your opponent's monsters effectless as long as it is there face-up on the field(but this effect does not stop effects that happens in the graveyard nor isit able to stop monster effects from triggering, meaning that if i have an "Exiled Force" on my side of the field and i activate its effect while my opponent has Bloo-D on his side of the field, since the cost is to sacrifice "Exiled Force" , after i sacrifice it , it will not be face-up on the field anymore and so its effect will still go through. Thats the only loophole =X)

And also another awesome thing about this card is that it is a "HERO" monster, which makes it searchable by "E-HERO AirMan" or "E-HERO Stratos"(as thats how TCG calls it)
and it will be added into your hand in a quick flash. And after this card has been summoned , I can only imagine that your opponent will be thinking of what cards to use to destroy this card except by using monster effects. As it will be too big and fat to be destroyed by battle already LOL!!!

It does not have a destuction effect to boast about but at least it can activate its priority to grab one monster incase it dies(being tidal wave or bottomless trap hole away) So maybe if you wanna have this card safely on the field, you should clear the magic and trap card on the opponent's side of the field first. Since protecting this card will be a great priority after it touches the field.

And hmmmm... maybe after the release of this card, cards like "Thousand-Eyes Restrict" and "Tsukuyomi" might not be unbanned? due to OCG already having a new monster grabbing monster(just a harder to summon version) and not unbanning "Tsukuyomi" might be a good thing as it will prevent
"D-HERO Bloo-D" from re-using it's monster grabbing effect(well there is always a one time usage "Book Of Moon")

Ah speaking of "Book Of Moon" , it can really help you in using
"D-HERO Bloo-D" much much better =D. Here below is the picture for it and it's effect stated right below

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"Book Of Moon" Quick Play Magic
Select one face-up monster on the field and flip it into face-down defense position

Well this card will let you be able to reuse the effect of "D-HERO Bloo-D" again and grab another monster =X... Well thats all for today's review on this awesome "HERO" card. Keep staying tuned to this blog for more Yu-Gi-OH! Card Reviews... Well I'm off to sleep Zzz.... Good Night All!!!
And Sayonara!!! And last but not least... "D-HERO Bloo-D" signature skill!!! BLOODY SPEAR!!! Or was it BLOODY SPHERE!!! Well whatever it is lol... K cya all next time!!!