Sunday, January 13, 2008

Deck: Shining Dragoon And Looking Back On Tournament on 13/1/07

Hey guys! Its been a long time since I posted a decklist! Well since I've got quite a few deck ideas up my sleeve, I decided to try 1 of it out! But this deck was built already by a Japanese guy on frontier! Lost the page so.. Maybe try finding it yourselves when you have the time guys! Okay! I shall post my decklist now lol!

Decksize: 40

Monsters: 17

3x Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
1x Dark Magician Of Chaos
1x Envoy Of Hades - Gors
1x E-HERO Airman
3x E-HERO Prismer
1x Knight Of The End
1x Magical Warrior Breaker
1x Dandelion
1x D-HERO Diskguy
1x Treeborn Frog

Magic: 18

2x Burst Stream Of Destruction
2x Arms Hole
2x Trade In
2x Reinforcement Of The Army
1x Pot Of Avarice
1x Foolish Burial
1x Warrior Returning Alive
1x Golden Chest Of Sealing
1x Dragon's Mirror
1x Heavy Storm
1x Cyclone
1x Enemy Controller
1x Early Burial
1x D.D.R

Traps: 5

1x Holy Barrier - Mirror Force
1x Waboku
1x Cry Of Living Dead
2x Solemn Judgement

Fusion: 6

1x Master Of Dragon Knight
3x Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
2x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Side Deck: 15

Monsters: 5

1x D-HERO Bloo-D
3x Cyber Dragon
1x Card Gunner

Magic: 8

1x E- Emergency Call
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Warrior Returning Alive
1x Foolish Burial
1x Future Fusion
1x Scapegoat
1x D.D.R

Traps: 2

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Divine Wrath

Okay! This deck combos [E-HERO Prismer] and [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] together to give the opponent some headache and some smacking! But of course cards like [Bottomless Trap Hole] does the job fully of destroying the whole deck! And this deck also has some elements for Baha's Emobc deck! It can also do the [Dark Magician Of Chaos] , [Arms Hole] and [D.D.R] combo! *Evil Laughter* Okay time for some looking back!

First Round Swiss VS Jeff(Emperor Light And Darkness Dragon)
OXX 1:2 Lose

LOL! Won him in the first round because I managed to do the deck's combo of summoning out [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] ! He was just a little stunned but ya... After he side decked a few cards. He managed to kill me in the next ongoing 2 rounds. And I didn't even draw my [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] for the next 2 rounds lor T_T

Second Round Swiss VS Wen Xian(Light And Darkness Dragon)
OO- 2:0 Win

Won him because I did the combo straight in the 2 matches! Quite a friendly guy! =D

Third Round Swiss VS Fish(Destiny Dark Armed Dragon)
OO- 2:0 Win

Woot... This might be the toughest match that day! His [Dark Armed Dragon] really stressed me alot lor! I had to [Solemn Judgement] every single [Dark Armed Dragon] that he played! Manage to win the second round due to the ever consisting Emobc combo!(I think that Baha at least left some of his aura with me! LOL!)

Fourth Round Swiss VS Kenneth(Ocean Beat)
OXO 2:1 Win

Quite a tough match too! Got a little stressed on seeing his set cards! And as we were playing... It seems the heavens started to whip up a storm! Got lightning ar... Thunder ar... Rain ar... Wind ar... Almost everything you can expect to see in a storm! Friendship battles! Anyway I won with [Burst Stream Of Destruction] And [Dragon's Mirror]. Almost Succeeded in calling out [Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon] T_T... Thanks Ken for the excitement!

Top 8 First Round Elimination VS Yong Siang(Special Deck!)
OXX 1:2 Lose

Won him in the first round due to the Shining Dragoon combo again! Died the next 2 rounds because of all his [Solemn Judgement] and I din get to draw my own lor! Nevermind.. It was a nice match! And a challenging one too!

Okay... Overall this deck has very little defenses and quite a high offense.. Depending on the draw rate of the deck.. Doing the [Blue Eyes Shining Dragon] combo is quite easy if you are able to get them in your hand in the first place! So ya... Do try out the deck if you guys can.. And if there is anymore improvements for this deck... Do send us a email! Or just tag at the Duel Chat! box at the right hand side of the blog! Thanks! Till then to my next update.. Goulian Signing Off!

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