Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 - A Brand New Year!

Yo duelists! Happy new year! Lets hope everyone has great wishes and dreams in this new year!!

-New Starter Deck And Duelist Genesis
Like what Ken said, there is going to be a new monster type making its appearance into the game pretty soon! Lets hope that those new types will be really cool!

-March Banlist 2008
Well, this might be the most exciting part of our Yu-Gi-Oh! Life right? Hoping what broken cards will be banned/restricted, or cards that will be unbanned/unrestricted. Lets hope that this time, the banlist will affect one of the strongest deck in the current metagame. The [Light And Darkness Dragon] deck.

-Asia/World Championships
Lets hope that everyone will do their best in the upcoming championships this year. Sure will hope that a few expected players will make it into the top of the country/world! Everyone do your best!

-Light Of Destruction
Hmmmm... This pack sure does looks powerful for Light Attribute or Angel type decks. Will it give us another deep impression about it's impact on the current metagame? Lets see then!

-Premium Pack 11
Quite a good pack to buy, I personally like the [E-HERO Voltech] because I have some deck ideas for it already hehe =X... The angel support cards are quite powerful. People using angel deck.. Do try to get ur hands on those cards? It'll help alot.. But... Its still is quite expensive nowdays T_T...

And in this coming new year... We Duel Society... Will bring you more fun and exciting cards reviews! Combos! Decklists! Anything out of your mind! In this little blog of ours... We will bring you further into the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game... In this year 2008!

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